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September 21, 2017
Usually at this juncture I would summarize the accomplishments I have made since my last recognition. But, today is my first day back after having to take an extended break to take care of several personal matters that have been hanging over my head. Missions accomplished.One thing I learned during this hiatus is that we cannot stop working on and constantly building on our websites and promoting our brand. I went from a rank of 160 to 722. Everything began slowing down immediately, so my ad
It has literally been weeks since I have been able to work on my website daily. One situation after another has occurred. One after the other after the other. From finalizing a divorce, to finding out my health insurance had been wrongfully terminated, to meeting with occupational therapists and speech therapists concerning evaluations and treatment for my son for the new school year, arguing with insurance claims adjusters and filing appeals to make sure my son gets the treatment he is enti
One of my posts "Introduction to Healing with Meditation" is ranking no. 6 on Google (I checked it incognito this time!). But I have a question. My keyword is "healing with meditation." WA Keyword Tool has it a 445 and QSR of 144. Keyword tool has "Introduction to Healing with Meditation" as less than 10. If I Google Healing with Meditation (the actual keyword) I don't know where I rank. I quit looking at page 10.I think there is a lesson here, but I don't know what that is. If my actual ke
I have searched the WA website for this individual but I cannot locate him (and I must go for now). Christopher blogs on the Island of Rhodes, Greece. Does anyone know his user name?Also, if there are webmasters in or around Athens, I have information that ACS (American Community Schools) is looking for a web developer. ACS is my alma mater!!
June 26, 2017
While divorce is never a positive topic in most cases, if you recall my former blogs, today was a day completely filled with mixed emotion. I have been distracted the past two weeks with running numbers and organizing evidence. Today at 1:30 CST my divorce was finalized. That precise time reading on the digital clock signified the beginning of new ventures with new friends. It was the filing of the divorce last September that eventually led me to WA, so I was introduced to many new friends befo
June 18, 2017
Wishing all Fathers a day filled with all you deserve.
I read blogs, comments and training every day relating to Google guidelines, many of which don't specifically mention Google but are presented as tips, tricks, proper protocol and etiquette. I guess I just presumed this information came from those with extensive experience, or someone studying statistics from Google Analytics for years and years. I have never heard anyone mention that Google actually hires "raters" to browse, read and rate websites from "all over the world," to assist Google
Keep in mind that I have a total of 15 visitors to my website. I sent in my sitemap two weeks ago and just added my first affiliate link a couple of days ago. I'm not sure of the date I registered my Google+ account but it was obviously around the third week of May. I then posted one blog per day until they were all posted on each of my social media accounts except LinkedIn. On May 21st the fourth blog I posted was shared by one of my new followers. This evening I googled one of the keyword
Last time I remember looking I was like 394 and today I am in the top 200!!
May 30, 2017
After posting my Memorial Day 2017 blog yesterday, I read through some recent posts discussing rankings. So, I thought I'd check Bing and there I was in the first spot. I didn't get too excited because I had recently read that if you search yourself you do not get exactly the most accurate information. But Triblu and Loes confirmed it for me.Say what???? I just finished the second level of training and I don't even have my affiliate links ready - or a glossary - or an email/subscriber list. T