Countdown #4 - Why WA Is My Ticket Out

Last Update: March 21, 2019

Reason # 4

Work vs. WA: Just wanted to offer another work meme as something to think about and motivation to continue with building your business. What is your relationship with your job? If it is not a good one, you have to have an exit strategy and work toward something different. This is where my online business comes into play, the cornerstone of my exit strategy. I'm heading toward the Exit, what about you? How much longer do you plan to be working at your current job? If you are already retired, any advice to get there sooner?

Have a great day!

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AffMktgRt Premium
Great reminder Claudette.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

singaompong Premium
If the current job is just as described " abusive relationship", then WA is one of the best and hard to find one that better way out. Even if the current was so much confortable and good in result, I believe "adding" WA would also one of the best decision, no doubt. Because the way WA works wouldnt interrupting any job that currently at hand. You've done well Claudiette, hope anything will go smoothly for you here. I hope the same for everyone here.
ClaudetteT1 Premium
Thank you for the encouragement, and I wish you the best as well.
KenShaddock Premium
Good question Claudette. It does take time to build a day job income. I see members who are there, earning full time money in their on line efforts write a real lot, daily and then some. That's a key.
I see some focus on one channel and others take several attacks.
Read up on the top leaders and see what you think.
I suggest don't unlike your job as it provides for you in the mean time. And as you "like" it, it will reward you too in many ways.
Your time will come.
Most say it will take a year to two and even three.
So be consistant and busy contributing and I'm sure the inspired ideas will flow to moving forward in a wanting way, not a needing way.
The former is healthiest.
ClaudetteT1 Premium
Thanks for the advice and you are so right about the mental and emotional feelings as it relates to a job. Although I am appreciative for the income from my job, I look forward to the day when I have financial independence from it.
GinaU1 Premium
Hi, Claudette. If I could share a meme, it would be of me growing old sitting in Houston traffic. I definitely have an exit strategy that heavily involves WA, and I can't wait to say goodbye to my long commute forever.

Have a great day and wishing you much success!

ClaudetteT1 Premium
Oh yes. I don't live too far from Atlanta and commuter traffic is a nightmare so I can relate. Here's to the days of no traffic :-)
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Claudette
It's sad how many people are conditioned into staying in a lifestyle that is not what they would want for themselves. At the vision board workshops I am giving the most common response I receive is that blank stare of - what, there's another way to live my life? Quite amazing how many of us just live our lives with no sense of direction or mindfulness.
Good for you that you have an exit strategy! Even better than you are doing this at a younger age than I am :-)
ClaudetteT1 Premium
You are absolutely correct about how many of us are just conditioned and groomed into working mindlessly. I applaud you for also making a change no matter the age.