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The #1 Reason Why WA is my Ticket OutThis says it all. I appreciate employment but know there is a better option to living the life I desire; one that is flexible and leads to financial independence. If you feel the same way, keep working your plan and you too will reach your goals.Have a great week!
Reason #2Yippee the last day of the work week. I can't wait to finish my work and other peoples work so I can hurry home to enjoy the weekend... feeling quite sarcastic this morning.Happy Friday!
Reason #3Work vs. WA: I'm sure everyone at your place of work is pretty mature, and there is no whining and bickering there. Everything runs smoothly, everyone gets along, and there are not problems whatsoever. Hey, that was sarcasm. Perhaps you are fortunate and don't have to deal directly with that kind of drama that makes you wonder if you are surrounded by adults or children. If you are at a company with poor management and makes lots of unnecessary changes then I'm sure you have had these
Reason # 4Work vs. WA: Just wanted to offer another work meme as something to think about and motivation to continue with building your business. What is your relationship with your job? If it is not a good one, you have to have an exit strategy and work toward something different. This is where my online business comes into play, the cornerstone of my exit strategy. I'm heading toward the Exit, what about you? How much longer do you plan to be working at your current job? If you are already
Reason #5Can you relate to this? hahaha. I had an extremely busy work week, but so happy it's Friday. Thought this image will serve as laughter therapy. It portrays yet another reason why choosing WA is so much better than the 9 - 5 rat race. I hope this meme motivates you to press on and to find a way to make extra time this weekend to build your business. Have a successful weekend!
Reason # 6Work vs. WA? The opportunity for bigger paychecks is worth the risk and a greater reward with WA.Happy Sunday!
Reason # 7Laughter is good for the soul and an excellent stress reliever. Don't forget to laugh today.
February 28, 2019
Today is the last day for my Success series. I've enjoyed focusing on one topic and putting those principles into action. It seems February has come and gone so quickly. I surely miss those extra 3 days (29th - 31st); now I am scrambling to meet my end of the month goals. I got a little behind but should be able to meet all of my goals for the month. I wish to leave you the above quote to ponder. I don't feel I need to expound on it. Happiness is the ultimate reward and state of being. I wish y
February 26, 2019
One moment at a time,One step at a time,One inch at a time,One day at a time,It really doesn't matter how fast you move as long as you are moving forward.
When we train and complete tasks related to our goals, what we are really doing is two fold: (1) we are in the midst of readying ourselves to receive that goal, and (2) we are creating opportunies to receive beyond what we are working towards. There are so many opportunities to achieve our desires, so many options, and so many decisions that it sometimes seems overwhelming to know which way to go. The key is to Ask, Seek, and Knock, and do it continually. Be on guard for your opportunities. Som