Announcement! Time's Changing! Time to Fall Back or is it?

Last Update: November 04, 2017

Spring forward and Fall back!

Daylight savings time ends at 2AM Sunday morning. Those of you still awake, don't forget to set your clocks back tonight before going to bed. It is 11:37PM here where I am in the U.S.. Normally I am in bed well before now but it is Saturday night and I keep telling myself I have an extra hour! I'm in Kentucky working and I am missing home in Florida terribly. My dogs, my chickens, my ducks and my front porch with a view in the evenings!

We either get an extra hour of sleep or we get to start "earlier" to work on whatever we have that needs to be done. Right?

To me this time change is a sign for sure winter is coming! I dread the shorter days of sunlight as I don't enjoy the darkness interrupting my long days of sunshine. Tends to be very depressing for me, not my favorite time of year!

Fall is my favorite and I will enjoy that thoroughly for the short time remaining.

I'm gonna try to use this time change as a spring forward for my goals!

One of my favorite all time quotes I use often is "Time changes everything" It is so true!

Irregardless of an extra hour in a day a shorter hour in a day, time itself marches on.

Make the best of it!

Time Changes Everything

Everything will change with time, life will change on a dime,
if your not careful, time will pass you by
leaving you lost and wondering why.
Time never stops and never slows
day after day that is how it goes.
We race to beat that ticking clock
give me a minute thats what we hollar
but time shows up on the dollar.
It's time we all try to borrow
yes, today and even tomorrow.
Wait just a sec that's what we plead
but time knows nothing about your need
it just keeps moving with all it's speed.
Time never stops and it never slows
day after day that's how it goes.
Once we are young, then we are old
it's your own life time has stold.
Everything changes with time,
everything that is, except for time.
Time runs with the clock
forever together, never missing
not one tic-toc.
What is time and where does it go?
Only time itself will ever know.

Poem by: Tina Nelms

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Joyce122 Premium
Great poem, and it's so true! Thanks for sharing!
Cindyda1 Premium
Thank you, Joyce, yes I think it is true!
Sftat Premium
Thanks Cynthia- I love it...
This time of year is pretty brutal nearly anywhere in the US,
but Florida is much gentler about these changes than Ky...
I imagine you have good reasons to do this to yourself.

Thanks for the reminder and the poem and for shining a light on
TIME - what we all wouldn't give for a bit more of it...
Cindyda1 Premium
Oh, it is so true what you say, "What we all wouldn't give for a bit more of it". Thanks for reading and I wish lots of light shining on you for a long time Steve!
YvetteC2 Premium
Nice post and poem. Thanks for sharing.

Cindyda1 Premium
Thank you for taking the time to read Yvette! Have a nice evening..what remains of it!
subcpo14 Premium
Nice poem. thanks, Jay
Cindyda1 Premium
Thanks, Jay, I can't take credit but I thought it was nice too. Glad you enjoyed.
JamesJB Premium
Who's Jay? :)
MKearns Premium
I love you as a poet Cindy The official change for us is at 0200 turn it back to 0100!
Cindyda1 Premium
I love that you love the details, always count on you for that! Thanks a bunch! If I am a poet, I didn't know it, Mike!
MKearns Premium
And I love your budding talents! :))
Cindyda1 Premium
Thank you, more like an "iffy" sprout..but I truly appreciate the support.