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Greetings WA-ers.Lately I've started looking to hire freelance writers for some of my websites and what better place is there to find a writer than WA?All of you (I hope) have gone through the training here at WA so I'm sure you know the basic content writing principles and some SEO.Before you ask...Yes, this is a paid job and yes this is a recurring thing so if you're interested in making some money writing on the side (while building out your business), get in touch with me via a private mess
Today, the 9th of May 2018 marks my 5 year anniversary from when I first made my first "dollar" online with affiliate marketing thanks to WA.Actually, it was $0.84c and I've just remembered becasue I had published a blog post here on Wealthy Affiliate on this very same day in 2013. What a journey this has been. Unbelievable. I still remember the moment I opened up my Amazon Associates account and saw that I had made my first sale - it was an incredilbe feeling.From then onwards, I kept building
I've been having an exceptionally great May so far but this update I have for you is the cherry on the cake this morningI just came across something on my "Webmaster Tools" that shocked me (in a good way) this morning.The Webmaster Tools screenshot you are seeing above is from a small niche review site that I was working on last year,but let go because it wasn't something I was really passionate about. I had totally forgotten I even had Webmaster Tools installed on this site but I noticed somet
One of my goals for 2016 was starting a Facebook group for my readers and subscribers on my blog, and I've finally got around to it.(I don't know what took me so long since it only took a few minutes to get it up online).Anyways...Now that it's up, I'd like to invite you to join along with all the other amazing WA members, my students here and all the other successful people that would make a great addition to the group! This is the link for the group. It's a private group so I would need to ac
I can't complain.I've been following WA and the training laid out here for years now and I make a comfortable income from my affiliate commissions each and every month.Recently however, I've added a new way to make some extra money on the side and it's working wonderfully for me, so I thought I'd share it with the WA crowd.This is not a method that has been thought in Wealthy Affiliate, but rather an opportunity that came "on its own" as my audience / readership keeps getting bigger and bigger.
March 18, 2016
I know this has been said a lot, especially in WA.I'm sure I heard it more times than I can count but believe it or not, after all these years doing online marketing, I've just realised this NOW, today!Today I would like to share with you some proof that success really does take time. Hopefully this quick post will help you understand this concept a little bit better and helps you "ride the wave" till you reach your own success(es).Here is an image of my Google Analytics of the past 2 years:Thi
Greetings WAers.It's safe to say that a lot of bloggers here (and outside of WA) have a problem with creating consistent content.Constantly publishing content is no easy task and it's safe to say that the "bulk" of your work as an online marketer will be to create content for your site(s).I've struggled with this for a long time (and sometimes I still do) but I have found one great tip that helps me be consistent in my writing efforts.I've decided to share this with the community here at WA. It
Wow. Just Wow. Today marks my *3rd year inside Wealthy Affiliate!*Actually I was a member before but like an idiot, I dismissed it and went chasing "easy money". *sigh*Anyways....Seeing as it is my "WAnniversary" here, I figured it'd be ideal to post a new blog about my progress.So what have I been up to in the last 3 years here?It's been a great journey so far and I have no intention of ever leaving this community.Even if I ever learn all I need to know about online business (highly unlikely),
Fellow WAers. I have a question for you today.I've recently been experimenting with placing ad banners inside the content on my pages and posts.I'm curious to know what you think will work best? Right now I'm doing Adsense (only because I set a goal to get a cheque from Adsense in 2015 lol) but I kinda feel Amazon banners will get more profit per click. Let me know of your thoughts and experiences below. I'd highly appreciate it. ThanksChris LeePS: I'm about $40 in Adsense so I'm less than half
What's up WA?On thing that I am noticing happening now that my website is getting some authority is how much free stuff I am getting.I'm getting contacted about 2 to 3 times a week by companies asking me to review their product, service, program and everything in between.Obviously, they're offering their services free of charge for me to review them!So far I've gotten 3 free WP premium themes, blogging tools and programs and also I could be getting some free t shirts soon haha (maybe)! It just g