Beware of mobile spam

Last Update: January 14, 2016

Beware of online spam spreading through your handsets.

In the past week, I received identical whatsapp message with same external link from different friends suggesting to click the link attached for new FREE emoticons. I didn't click any of them as I recalled what had happened to my high school buddy two months ago. In that situation he also received a Whatsapp message with link claiming to lead to free emoticon, on the condition that he would forward the message to 10 other people.

He did so and I was one of the 10 to whom he forwarded the message. His Android phone was ended up spammed and lost phone book data and emails that he stored there. I was lucky because I didn't follow the suggestion completely; I forwarded to 10 non-existed person (i.e. blank email addresses) and thus I was immuned.

For the Whatsapp message I received during the past week, the only action I took was to ask the friend who forwarded the message to me to verify with their source of the message to see if they followed the instructions. Yet none of them has replied. Good luck to them.

Dear fellow friends, please be careful of messages with link even though the messages are from people you know world and are trustworthy in your mind. Your handset is too important a tool that you have to maintain its wellbeing (and yours as well).

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Maxiam59 Premium
whatss upp is thank you for the heads up that is whatts upp all the best Max
mtatar Premium Plus
Hi chengchalex, thank you so very much for passing this on. that was thoughtful of you and that is appreciated alot . Michelle
denisef112 Premium
Thanks for letting up know.
ConeyM Premium
Appreciate the heads-up. More power to you!
PIOFJR Premium
Thanks for the information. Better safe than sorry.