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January 14, 2016
Beware of online spam spreading through your handsets. In the past week, I received identical whatsapp message with same external link from different friends suggesting to click the link attached for new FREE emoticons. I didn't click any of them as I recalled what had happened to my high school buddy two months ago. In that situation he also received a Whatsapp message with link claiming to lead to free emoticon, on the condition that he would forward the message to 10 other people. He did
This is my first blog in the new year. I wish everyone at WA a happy new year that filled with joy, prosperity and of course, wealth.I just wanna write out the acquaintance I got before the holiday which I hope, can be helpful to other members to this direction. Over the past 12 years as Linkedin member, I've expanded my network to more than 3000 connections. Frankly, when I say connection, the only time when we were really "connected" was the moment we first connected. The relation remain dorm
November 22, 2015
Hello everyone.It’s been weeks since my last posting. I trust everyone is well.I read other fellow member writing on social media this morning (Hong Kong time) and shared their bad experience being spammed by others people on the social media platforms. I want to write here to express my feeling and opinion.I've been with Linkedin since 2003 and FB since 2008.I can barely say so far so good in terms of privacy/security. There has not been too many unwanted approaches from people with unw
October 09, 2015
I've recently read a few blog concerning social media. One of the question that I come across is the extent and depth to which we should involve in social media. I think there is no absolute answer to this question and it is a kind of case-by-case situation. But I wanna share my experience here with our fellow friends here.I'm not as active as many of my social media activist friends. I became member of IM services such as MSN and Yahoo shortly after they inaugurated in the mid 90's. I joi
October 01, 2015
It has been more than a week since my last blog. And I think I need to update on my progress (or standstill) so far.First of all I must say I've been contented with the development here at WA so far in the last two months. I had built 3 websites (2 of them are respectively for my own trial and my daughter, lucky enough to find a website that bear exactly her name). I'm still thriving to touch up my own website. I've been moving too fast in the past and overlooked some of the procedures in K
September 22, 2015
I've just read a question within the community asking if and where in our post should we put the keyword and if the exact keyword need to be found within the post.I wanna share my experience 3 years ago when i performed the role as result page rater with Google after I was made redundant by my former employer. In a nutshell, the job was to evaluate the relevancy of search result Google had presented to its customer against their intent. Google employs (I think they still do) raters with diffe
It has been almost two months since I joined WA. I've been very satisfied with what I've learned here. I'm proud to be a member of this helpful and friendly community in which I come across many fellow members who selflessly help other members to progress.I'm writing this blog post today to ask for opinion for me to identify more niches. I'm taking the advantage of being a local resident here in Hong Kong to visit the Hong Kong Electronic Fair (
September 20, 2015
Dear WA friends,I've been in WA for almost 2 months. Although the time is short, I've been able to capture quite a lot of knowledge which I probably wouldn't have been able to capture elsewhere or needing a fortune to do so.The more important reward (although I haven't started to make money yet, probably because I'm slow or omitted something), is that I make a huge invaluable network which would take me more than a year to build elsewhere. I want to leverage my WA network with my other socia
I read this from a Facebook sharing today. I translated the Chinese posting and share it here. It is educative and inspiring.Mr T.M. Kuo is the founder of Foxconn, the largest contract manufacturer which makes every iPhone and iPad that we use. He is recognized as one of the wealthiest Chinese entrepreneurs in the world. In the Q&A session of a recent meeting with his staff, one of the design engineers within his company asked him,“Why is it always me who exhausted the effort, but
I recently followed a new WA member who is primarily involved in humane activities in improving the wellbeing of the members of vulnerable segment in the developing countries in Asia.His work triggered my interest to follow further.I suggested to him that what he is doing can be a niche.However, he seems to be a bit hesitate to use it as a niche because of a general understanding and common goal in WA community that we’re all in WA for making money.On the front of “making money&rdqu