Ridiculously Simple - What's Keeping You?

Last Update: May 25, 2014

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Every day I research surf, add a bookmark of stuff I come across to delay distraction. A place of no return, until I make time.

Call it my 'Jacques Cousteau don't know how deep cove' ever since my first trip to the southernmost tip of Baja California.

Before the Hilton built their huge monstrosity, they had to level ground before building. Where did they put all the dirt? Into the cove where no one knows how deep it is.

Killed a bunch of fish. The cove was full of the floaters. No good to eat fish, that was the sickening part. To this day, I won't set foot into a Hilton.

Every day I make time to comment, again I add a bookmark of stuff I hope to make time for. Another cove.

Today I want to make a point - to all the newbies, to all those stuck, to the proverbial chatters asking the same questions when the question box to the left of the star is a surf zone. Another cove.

With changes, takes time to notice 'them' coves of bookmarks. With all the articles and trainings, the same topics are regurgitated into something new.

Lots of infographics are making these topics another regurgitation from something stated to a restatement of an important visual list to remember, or bookmark. Yes, another cove.

A cove of all the ways to get information on fast tract to spend less time to make more time to write content. That's the priority.

Well, I opened one of those coves of bookmarks and found inspiration. Now I know some of us don't get into the inspirational stuff, we just want the stuff without it.

My father would tell me, you don't need the inspiration when you know yourself. You know inside to just do it, so do it. He was an army sargeant-major, and ridiculously simple. Everybody I knew loved him. I loved him more.

So here are the 9 Ridiculously Simple Steve Jobs' Stuff to Remember or Post.

  1. Follow Your Heart
  2. Trust Yourself
  3. Love What You Do
  4. Go For A Home Run
  5. Pick Carefully
  6. Work Hard to Make it Simple
  7. Steal Great Ideas
  8. Your Goal Isn't to Make Money
  9. Don't Lose Faith
Sorry, Chris C. for another list. And now another bookmark for your cove. But I don't think so. This one is now at the top of my inspiration list of a very few.

-------> http://goo.gl/Wb2mUW <-------

Now my addition - #10 - Laugh. If you make life to serious it will pass you by.

CTA? Sure, would love to see comments. If not, like me? Or, at least add this to your cove!

For one of the best places on earth - the WA community. ^_~Lynn

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amethystmoon Premium
great list caylynn.i have been asking myself the question what's keeping you? i plan on retiring soon
tntgoodrich Premium
Very cool. I always hesitate before asking a question thinking it just may already be available. So I've been staving off of that.

Love the Steve Jobs inspiration. Very simple and useful/practical/doable/proven advice.

Happy Memorial Weekend.

drago1168 Premium
caylynn great content thanks for a great list!!
caylynn Premium
Job's totally changed how we think and do things today. What a goal that would be. ^_~
arick Premium
Excellent post caylynn! Thanks for sharing!
scottyb2good Premium
"Work hard to make it simple". "Steal great ideas". I love those words. Now MY words. "Put enough effort into it and know it then DO IT!" Scotty B