Is Our Wealthy Affiliate Community HURTING Or HELPING You?

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Even A Good Thing Can Be A Bad Thing

My maternal Grandmother always said that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I learned how profound that is the hard way.

We were warned about spending too much time with others, eating too much, drinking too much, spending too much, sleeping too much, trusting too much.

In essence, just becoming too consumed with anyone one thing - or person, for that matter.

And it is true.

A strength can in fact become your biggest weakness.

Our Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Community is a living example of that.

How We Can Hurt You

Our WA Community is addictive and it can be a maze that you never get out of.

So many people start off with great intentions and excitement.
They have all these hopes and dreams.
They set their time and money goals.
They sign up for Premium/Premium Plus Membership.
They choose a Niche.
They launch their 1st website.
They write a few pieces of content for it.

And then . . .

They get caught up in simply "hanging around".

Or worse . . .

They become overwhelmed and frustrated and run away.

Time and money wasted!

How We Can Help You

Then, there are those who enter with an intense focus and purpose.

They ask questions when they do not know.
They step in and out of Live Chat if needed.
They seek out those who are knowledgeable and successful and study how they "made it".
They attend classes regularly.
They follow the training and implement it as they go.
They share what they are learning and what they know.
They do their own research.
They do not wait for overnight success.
They invest their own time and effort.

These are the members who receive the help they need from our WA Community. These are the members who find success . . . little by little . . . and grow their online business.

Everything You Need Is HERE!

Our business is not rocket science or a get-rich-quick scheme.

WA offers you everything that you need to learn, create, build and scale an online business.

But, it will take time.
It will take effort - from you.
It will take consistency.
It will take openness to learn.
It will take being selfish and resilient.
It will take humility because there is A LOT that you do not know.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours to make.

If you are not where you want to be then, "Change Your Script!"


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Recent Comments


@CassiOfTroy an excellent reminder of how easy it is to get lost. As a newbie, I have found that setting your tasks/goal weekly helps to keep on track with training. This includes making time for the chats and blogs. These prove to be quite insightful as well.
Developing a balance is key!

Balance and consistency are key, Siti.
The earlier that you get a handle on this the better.

Some days, you will do more for one thing on your scale and sprinkle the others.
Invest more in what benefits you the most.

Thank you for sharing.


Balance and consistency are key, Siti.
The earlier that you get a handle on this the better.

Some days, you will do more for one thing on your scale and sprinkle the others.
Invest more in what benefits you the most.

Thank you for sharing.


Great post, Cassi! Thank you for sharing.

I am sure you've also seen the changes this community has gone through over the years. Some of them have been very good and others not so much. I'm speaking strictly about the members of WA, not the offering WA has always improved on.

As community members we have a responsibility to each other, at least that's what I believe. Almost like the Hippocratic oath "First do no harm".

Unfortunately, there are some members who are active within WA for their own gratification (ego maybe) and they have the potential to do harm.

There have been times when I have stayed out of the community in order to not be distracted by some of the nonsense. That may be advice worth sharing here too.

Thank you again for your positive contributions to this community! You're one amazing lady!

Louise 🤍

Hi, Louise,

I know what you are referring to and it is an unfortunate aspect of our WA Community's culture.
My way of managing it is by exercising my personal power of discernment and choice.

Even in the training that I share, and certainly in my WA blog posts, I emphasise that we are here to create, build and scale our business.
We are here to achieve success.

Along the way, we support each other and I value that highly in our WA Community.
Remember, just like it is in life, there is diversity.
You choose how you want to structure your own. 😉🙂

Thank you very much for all of your support, encouragement and support along my journey.


Good morning Cassi,

Thank you for another excellent blog post, such true and honest words!

"They get caught up in simply hanging around"! That's so true, Cassi! I think this happens a lot and probably more than what we could ever imagine. It's great to spend time on the platform and comment on member's blog posts etc. But the reality is are we spending time on our own online business, or are we just spending time on the platform?!

I have seen so many ambassadors who have been so busy keeping their ambassadorship that they forget about their online business! That totally defeats the object! I'm also seeing a lot of blog posts written by AI, it's not what you have learnt; it's what the AI told you! That's not being real, blogging is about real-life experiences and helping others!

Many of us really do need to change our script and we have to remember that any business takes time to build!

A very happy Sunday to you.


Roy, you make an excellent point here:

"I'm also seeing a lot of blog posts written by AI, it's not what you have learnt; it's what the AI told you!
That's not being real, blogging is about real-life experiences and helping others!"

We will be discussing the impact of AI for a while I think.
But, for those now entering, I am predicting that AI will result in them missing a lot of the necessary foundation.
That will have a negative impact on their business sometime in the future.

Enjoy your Sunday also!


Thank you, Cassi, I feel a blog post coming on!!

One of the many things that makes Wealthy Affiliate so good is the honesty factor and being real! It would be a great shame to see that disappear!

I believe exactly the same, Cassi! Members will miss the necessary foundation, which will be a problem further down the line. I could kind of see this happening when AI first arrived. However, at least here at Wealthy Affiliate, we are being taught the correct way to use AI, rather than abusing it.

An interesting thread, Cassi.

Have a fantastic week.


Once we appropriately work with AI, we will be fine, Roy.
It is another TOOL to help us work smarter and be more efficient and effective.

Our weekend was lovely.
I hope yours was too.

Have a good week.


That's very true indeed, Cassi! Another tool to help us move forward.

I'm glad you had a good weekend, it makes the rest of the week go smoother!

It was a friend of mine's birthday so four of us went to London for a sightseeing trip and a trip down the river Thames! It was a perfect day for it as the temperatures reached 33° C, which is warm for the UK, especially for September! Good fun was had by all!

Have a great day.


33° C in the UK, in September, Roy?!

I would be basking in the sun too.

We are having between 34° C to 38° C here and it feels more like 40° C to 43° C with the dense humidity.
It is going to be like this until October. 🙄



It's just started to cool down today, Cassi, but it's still been pleasantly warm. It is very unusual for the time of year; however, July and August were very poor months weatherwise. In England, we normally have a way of making up for our weather, which can be good and bad!

That sounds warm, Cassi, but I guess you are kind of used to it, or perhaps not! Do you have air conditioning, as that helps a lot, although some people don't like air conditioning? I'm also guessing that you don't have too much of a winter.

Just for your interest, I wrote a blog post this morning about our conversation. I have also linked to your blog post, Cassi, as that was what inspired me to write it!

Enjoy the rest of your day.


We are 10° N from the Equator so temperatures are usually between 75° F to early 80s.
During the Hurricane Season, June to November, (Rainy Season, as we call it) temperatures may drop slightly.

However, last year into this year, our temperatures have risen to mid-80s to high 90s with little rainfall.
All part of Mother Earth showing us who is in charge of Nature.

We humans have not been kind to Her, Roy.

Thank you for sharing about the WA blog post.
I will have a read of it now.

"We ARE Wealthy Affiliate!" ❤️

That's interesting, Cassi! It's amazing or interesting how different parts of the world have different seasons!

The British weather has always been all over the place, hence why we talk about it so much! Every month or year is different from the previous one?

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog post, it's appreciated.

A very happy Friday to you.


You are welcome, Roy.

Wishing you a very good week ahead.


Hi Cassi,
I'm the one who ran and lost in the maze...
I'm glad I checked out WA today and found your post.

It's time for me to seriously "Change My Script!"
I will start with following your training:)

Thank you.

You are welcome, Ryo.

It is good to have you moving forward again. 🙂


That is what I do here, Cassi. Just as you said. My presence here is intense focus, and I learn from the training and expert classes and apply them to my online business. I remember how hard it was for me four years ago. I could not benefit from the training. I stayed on, mostly learning from WA bloggers and responding to them. I remember starting my site as a review-only site. I realized that after the closed captioning came on this platform, I was doing it all wrong because I did not know what I was doing. Now, I have a clear idea of how to build my topical authority, which I am working on with E.E.A.T. I am growing in that aspect. I am thankful for all the expert classes for that. It's also closed captioned, so it helped me as a Deaf person to catch up on what I missed four years ago. Thanks for sharing this.

It is good that we have all the improvements that we do, Brenda.
Closed-captioning must have been a game-changer for you.
I am happy fo that.

You contribute a lot in WA - training, blog posts, comments and support.

Thank you.


Yes, if it wasn't for that, I would not be here. I almost left WA until Kyle convinced me that they were working on enabling the closed captioning feature so I did stay. Sure enough, he kept his word.

Wonderful, Brenda!

👍. Have a great weekend! 😀

You too, Brenda. 🤗

Steady, steady, and FOCUS. You're spot on, Cassie...Thanks for a great post!

You are welcome, Joe.

Good Morning, Cassi.

Thank you for sharing your resonate words of wisdom and preaching to the choir PSA. Sometimes, I feel like I am always in competing mode trying to out post other members and it so frustrating. It takes away from productivity, if that makes sense.

I second an emotion to what your maternal grandmother said " too much of a good thing is a bad thing." I am going in full force right now because come 2024 I won't be as active.

I think, too, that is why there are WA dropouts. They may feel intimidated if they don't interact and the community participation backfires. It becomes non-productive.

There are members who get tied up in community comments, etc., instead of working on their online businesses. I agree, that we should nurture our websites first and get established first before we start splurging on more socialization.

After all, we are all here for the same thing, to obtain financial freedom. That is why all this time and effort should be spent building our website, optimizing it, and creating content that readers will love.

This way our businesses can reach its full potential, while we still socialize in the community. This is where prioritizing comes into play. It's a fine balance, but one worth working for. Thank you for your words of encouragement!

I'm sure everyone here would agree that it is important to stay active in the Wealthy Affiliate community. We need each other's support, resources, and encouragement to help us reach our goals.

However, if we tarry in the community and our website is hurting, we must change our script and realize the reality here - "if the shoe fits, wear it," right?
After all. the WAC is extremely addictive. Right now, I am in need of a detox (lol).

For example, I was looking at your posts, trainings and the courses you have completed and this is mind-blowing. You have put in the Time and Energy to build your empire, and simultaneously, you stayed connected to the WAC community. This is truly commendable. Phenomenal!

You have proven yourself and self-worth, time and time again! Now, you are reaping the fruits of your labor. I love it! Affiliate marketing is a lot to take in and it does take a lot of work. Whether we make it to the finish line, only time will tell.

I plan to put my pedal to the metal and keep moving forward. Thanks for setting an awesome example of leadership, consistency, and perseverance for all of the newbie affiliate marketers in the making. YOU are a Super Star in my book and whatever vitamin, elixir or energizer you take, I want it! ASAP!!!

Everything Gonna be Alright,
TheRachele of CA❤️

". . . whatever vitamin, elixir or energizer you take, I want it! ASAP!!!"


You have me cracking up, Rachele.

Actually, I was thinking this about Frank (@FrankB-1) recently. Frank attends all the classes, sees about his website(s) and still has time to help others and socialise in our WAC.

That is impressive.

My secret sauce was COVID.
We were in lockdown from the end of 2019 to the end of 2021.
Those 2 days worked for me, BIG TIME!!!

"I feel like I am always in competing mode trying to out post other members in WA"

I wrote about this in June 2020: Your only competition is being better t than you were yesterday. 🤗

Thank you for sharing.


Hi there, Cassi.

You got everything covered, even if FrankB-1 Ranks right under TheAbieP+, attends the classes assiduously, responds to all comments, I am flummoxed, too of how he leans in on our questions and comments. It must be his unique upbringing.

I am not 100% sure but I think this is called Depth Psychology. This is when people explore the unconscious thought, humor, dreams, and coincidences in talk therapy.

As you may know, Frank reminds me of my Psychologist, Dr. Sloan because they lean in to what you're saying and shows so much interest in what you say, that you feel validated and it's actually healing.

Talking to Frank is like talking to a best friend. You feel like you could tell him anything. Empaths make great doctors, social workers, and therapists because they provide a safety net. The similarities are astounding. Frank married his office manager, as did Dr. Sloan.

However, Cassi, what I am experiencing with correlating a WA member with my psychologist is called Mirror Neurons at work. That is a whole other blog post.

I know it sounds far-fetched but it's good to know what's going on in our interrelationships with people. The WAC is very therapeutic, I think, in many ways. There are pros and cons, however.

In undergrad, I also experienced mirror neuron syndrome. I managed to find a pseudo daughter on campus. It was almost like a mother/daughter experience. She accredited me for saving her relationship with her mother. That's what I do best.

Right now, my pseudo daughter is Shakida. My bestie is Slavka. These are replications of my outside relationships. I am very must aware of my mirror neuron networks. However, I try to also maintain my affiliate marketing obligations as well.

My hubby, Scott activates his mirror neurons all the time. Since he was extremely close to his mom, I notice that he talks to his mom's older sister whenever he can. It is obvious that his aunt is filling the void since my M-in-L is no longer here. He is replicating his mom in his aunt.

I believe that the WAC here has a therapeutic element to it. Not only do we have mentors, but we also now have friends in here as well. I feel like I can be real with my life stories and share them without judgement.

This is essential for anyone who wants to move along in their lives and progress further into personal development. No matter what we do, it is important to have good relationships with others. It can be challenging but it can also be rewarding.

I am grateful for Slavka, Kida, and Scott in my life - they are truly blessings. I know that they will help me grow and reach my goals one step at a time. Having supportive people around you is essential for success. That is why I value my time here at Wealthy Affiliate Community so much.

It's important for me to have a team that can help motivate and inspire me in times of need, while also providing valuable advice when I need it most. This is something that I believe everyone should look for when becoming part of any online community - especially the WA Community.

So I would like to thank Slavka, Kida, and Scott for being part of my journey. I thank our Wealthy Affiliate Community for providing such a valuable platform full of support and guidance.

Happy Friday!
p.s. You are a gift to us.

i like it

Thank you, Khaled.

Great post, Cassi! 👍

I sit somewhere between these two groups of people, as I suspect many other WA members do.

It's such a great community that it's hard to resist a certain amount of "hanging around." Lol 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

I really get that, Frank, honestly.

But, for those who truly want to succeed with their online business, they have to be a little selfish and make some initial sacrifices.

Buckle down in BootCamp, I say! 🤣


Haha, Very true, Cassi! 👍

Happy FriSatSu! 😎
Frank 🎸

Enjoy your FriSatSu, Frank!

Sometimes, there is just that one post that is so timely you have to wonder.
As I was sitting here looking at changing the script or deciding to continue when my first year concludes in November, this post came across my feeds.

Thank you for sharing, Cassi.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Regards, Matt

You are very welcome, Matt.

I did a quick check on your Profile and found this:

"Now I want to learn how to earn enough income to continue my travels and be healthy and happy for my family.

At this point in my life, I am eager to find a new challenge where I can continue to improve my leadership skills and provide a positive impact in all my interactions."

Approach the end of your year the way you would a corporate SWOT analysis.
Be clear but most of all, be HONEST with yourself.

Did you invest the consistent time and effort required?
Are you committed to what you SAY you want to achieve in WA?

This recent training may provide some more depth of thought: Thank you for sharing.


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