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Hi Everyone!

Today I am going to be outlining a band new, significant, and very exciting platform that we have just released to the entire WA community. This platform is for both Starter and Premium members alike...we call it...SiteContent!

Let's talk about what we define Internet business as here at Wealthy Affiliate. Since 2005 we have been offering anyone wanting to have an internet presence with a place they can learn, interact, get help, and build that presence to any level they wish. I'm talking about building websites here!

Everyone is aware that building websites actually means "publishing content". This is one reason why mid 2016 we started a project to create something truly innovative in the content publishing space.

Introducing...The SiteContent Platform!

The goal with SiteContent is to provide an editor that is not just easy to use, but allows tracking of progress, indexing status in Google, setting of goals, easy publication to websites, content metrics, and organization (among much more). We want to streamline your writing for ultimate efficiency! Use of templates where you can include content and give yourself layouts to simply fill in and add unique content. Easy management of revisions, real-time content calculations and auto saves, and a long list of unreleased features that will place this platform in a league of it's own!

We wanted to provide a platform whee you work toward goals, see progress as you type each word, and strive forward to meet your productivity goals in terms of publishing content on websites and word goals. Kyle and I are huge advocates for setting goals, we do this weekly and monthly. We work toward our goals, we achieve them, and set new ones - a practice that you can apply directly to creating and publishing content!

In this first phase of the project we've implemented the ability to send your contend directly to any website that is listed within your account here at WA. You can organize your content by "Buckets" build out many pieces of content, then publish to your chosen website at any time! This is intricately integrated into WordPress.

Choose the WordPress author, set the permalink, publish, then edit your content directly within your website to add images, video, or specific plugin elements like Star Ratings, Forms, Buttons etc.

Centralizing your content management is a big part of being efficient and productive. It's cumbersome if you have more than one website to be logging into each site, browsing to your posts area, then trying to find your content that you have in "Drafts", then work on that content.

SiteContent provides you with one place to author your content, it's truly going to streamline everything in regard to building out websites, growing your content base, and ultimately your traffic, rankings, and revenue.

Status and Credibility

As you continue to build out your content within the SiteContent platform, you are going to gain writing status within the community. This will lead to "many benefits and opportunities" in time. These two sentences were taking directly from the SiteContent tour that you will be presented with as you enter SiteContent for the first time. If you think this is vague, it's meant to be because we cannot show our full hand of cards just yet!

That said, you are going to be gaining status within this platform, a status we call Writing Levels. Everyone starts off at Level 1, and as you publish content you are going to gain status and move to higher levels. Writing levels are calculated based on published content within the past 30 days. So, you move up and down based on your consistency with publishing. A benefit of achieving higher writing levels is to give you a goal to strive for, then maintain!

...Of course, we have much bigger plans that involve writing Levels, and other elements will be built vs only unique content published.

Creating Great Content

Aside from the goals and writing efficiency and centralizing of content to keep you organized, SiteContent offers a great editor! A fun and easy to use editing space is something that took many revisions and months worth of USE.

Kyle and I have been using this platform for months and we've now got it to a stage where we look forward to using it to generate content.

Powerful grammar and spelling checking has been built into this from the start. This is something that will become better, smarter, and more helpful over time and as more words are published within the platform. We want your content created within SiteContent to be the best of your ability, and this starts with being grammatically correct and spelling error free.

Upon publishing your content we will check it against the major search engines and do our best to determine if any areas of your content is copied or by chance "duplicate" of another published resource on the Web. Yes, we're aware that some content will have elements that are duplicate "like quotes", but we will warn you about this at the time of publication. You can rest assured that content published through SiteContent is not going to be blacklisted or "dinged" by Google for being unoriginal.

SiteContent is meant to be where you work on your content, refine it, perfect it, and when it's ready, publish to a website. You will notice that there is no way to "publish as draft". This was done on purpose because once your content leaves SiteContent, it's on your website an you can continue editing there if you wish to further enhance the content or modify it after the fact. Once published, you will not have the ability to republish - we've done this to protect you from making the mistake of publishing duplicate content!

Is SiteContent the End of Rapid Writer?

Yes... Rapid Writer, which is still available at the current time within the main menu under the "Tools" heading, is going to sunset in the near future. SiteContent is much more than just an editor and there is no need to have both platforms within WA.

In the coming month the Rapid Writer link within the main menu will no longer exist. At that time we will be moving all saved content from that platform, over to SiteContent - no need for you to do anything, it'll just happen and you'll be better off being able to work on your content within SiteContent instead!

What's Next for SiteContent?

You'll notice that in this initial phase of SiteContent you cannot manage images...this was not overlooked! We have something truly groundbreaking coming to SiteContent in the next planned update of this multi-phased platform.

When I say multi-phased, we have massive plans to build something that truly doesn't exist in the publication and content creation world.

We've got a much bigger picture platform that is being built, and you can look forward to seeing many more iterations be rolled out in the coming weeks and months.


SiteContent is a tool that Kyle and I love to use, and it's now ready for YOU to get involved with! Brand new training is coming out for both The Certification set of courses, and Affiliate Bootcamp. We suggest SiteContent as the place to create and manage ALL your content within this new training.

As with all of our major update, we like to blog to let everyone know, as well as provide insight into the WHY behind our platforms. We've got loads more coming for SiteContent as this is just the first phase to get things rolling!

We would love feedback!



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Hi Carson,Thanks for this it looks awesome!
and while grammar is still a fresh comment see below....
We wanted to provide a platform whee you work toward goals
I cant talk auto correct is my friend..
thanks again for implementing this i look forward to giving it a go.
Best regards.Matt.

Just noticed - maybe you did it deliberately to see who is actually reading and taking note! :-)

Here are two erros I found for you:

1/ I believe the first should read 'content' not contend

2/ Grammatically, 'be' should be 'being'

Let me know your thoughts! I don't mind if I'm incorrect! :-)

Yet another valuable addition to an already valuable platform Carson. I for one will look forward to using Site Content from now on. With three websites to manage, a central content production tool could not have come along at a better time for me.

A big thank you to yourself and Kyle for making this available to all of us.

Awesome! I will be using SiteContent from now on as my only writing tool.

I love the fact you've included a grammar check so that essentially means Grammarly - wich has been my loyal companion from the start - will have less work to do :)

Looking forward to the further development of this platform!


I've already started working on a post and on a new template too. It will be great to stick mostly in WA, rather than going back and forth to other platforms and programs. This is a wonderful advancement and I look forward to what's coming next. Many thanks to you and to Kyle for continuing to make this community even greater.

"Brand new training is coming out for both The Certification set of courses, and Affiliate Bootcamp"

Having finished Certification, will the addition of this training make itself known via "you are here" or something similar to let us know where it is located? Will our certification no longer show as complete until we do this lesson?

I just don't want to somehow miss it when it is released.

Sounds awesome, Carson! Can't wait to try it for my next post! This sounds like a great way to stay more focused and save time as well. Looking forward to the next updates as well...they all sound amazing!

Thanks for all you guys do, Carson and Kyle! I should know better by now, since you guys always have something good up your sleeves, lol. But, Wealthy Affiliate continues to amaze me still!
Best wishes :) ~Sherry

really excited about site content and it is truly a blessing to see WA ahead of the game with other internet marketers.

Thank you kyle and Carson to continue making this platform works without charging higher- definitely it is a community and family that I can depend on my internet marketing business.

I can't wait to write something about engineering a bit of technical know how,, not sure if that's okay?

The competition these days is quality service with low monetary charge.

That's true - little-by-little it will become a hill that surpasses the rest - and I mean a hill of gold that will have an ever lasting traffic flows through organically.

I like it so far but I would like more editing features for it, like more header selections than just to level 3 two more levels would be nice. I would also think u should be able to change the font color and size. If those were to be implemented that would be great. As of right now, I have to publish through site content then go back into the WP editor and change heading sizes, font color, and size etc. which I think kind of defeats the purpose of Site Content I think. So a few more editing options would be very beneficial I think. Otherwise, I like it, it is definitely faster than WP editor which always seems to lag way behind for me when I am typing in content and trying to check grammar and spelling.

Hi Carl,

I'm sure that over time the formatting toolset will evolve, but we've chosen this "limited" set of tools for a reason. One thing that we want to really promote here with SiteContent is readability, and consistency with your content. You ABSOLUTELY want to allow your WordPress theme to control the font size and colors. If you start introducing different font sizes and colors for text, the site can become inconsistent, and that can impact readability in a negative way. So - Font Sizes, and Colors may not make their way into the formatting options, but that's not a NO either ;)

There are all kinds of plugins that you can install in WordPress that will allow you to make font different colors, but ideally you want to stick to being consistent so that your content is familiar from post to post, or page to page. The purpose of SiteContent was not at all to offer a fancy formatting toolbar. It was created as a writing platform that allows for better efficiency, organization, and insight into the content you are creating.

As you mentioned, if you want to change colors or introduce font-sizes that are not native to your theme, you can do so with many different plugins. After publishing content to Wordpress from SiteContent, there is a link to "Edit in WordPress" which will log you into the site and bring up the WordPress editor. Tweaks to the content could be made from there with ease.

Great feedback - we love to hear what folks love, but we also like to hear what may be missing. We're never close minded and we have no ego when it comes to feedback - it's what helps us really move forward and produce platforms that work for real life scenarios.

Thanks again :)

Thanks for the reply Carson, I really appreciate. The only reason I need color is that I make my linked text a different color so that it stands out from the rest of the text besides just and underline. Other than that I do not really use the color much elsewhere, lol, maybe on a heading 3 here and there sometimes too just to bring attention to it. :) If this is a bad practice to use colors like this then please let me know and I can change it in my posts and pages.

I already use WP Edit plugin for editing features right now. I just know some people like to change the font size so that is why I was asking for it, was no for me personally as I do not change font size. I let the theme dictate the font style and size.

So when u publish to your site the font style and size will change to whatever the default is for the theme? If so that is cool!

Hey Carl,

Yes, if you set, for example, an H3 in SiteContent, it'll be published on the website and take the styling of how you theme styles an H3 tag!

One thing you could do to make your life easier is to add a little bit of custom styling to your theme to change links so ALL links are how you want them to look...the font and color you want. Then you no longer have to spend the time to change all links manually.

If you send me a PM, I could likely help you with that this week.


Thank you so much Carson! You and Kyle have done a sterling job here and I've jumped in with both feet and created a Quick Step Text Format training for those who can't wait! :-)

Thanks for the early training, Edu - it's a great help to get started.


You're welcome Jude!

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