A Brand New Blog Experience at WA Marks the Beginning.

Last Update: Mar 8, 2018

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Hey Everyone,

Today I'm writing you within the brand NEW Blog Editing Platform here at WA! This is the first of a series of updates that are going to be taking the whole WA experience to a new level. I'm really excited to tell you all about what we have planned in the weeks and months ahead.

Millions of Images Available for Posts at WA!

We've expanded on the SiteComments Images platform and made the features available to the WA blog editor. I'm so excited about this project because it's something that is used by so many of us to share our stories, document our journeys, and get help and coaching from the incredible community of folks in WA.

Telling your story, engaging with readers, and communicating effectively is enhanced by the use of relevant imagery. SiteContent brought Millions of CC0 (royalty free) images to the Wealthy Affiliate platform for folks to use when creating content for websites. Now Millions of images are available for posting at WA.

We've included a new "Cover Image" platform so that we can make our content pop and look amazing within the WA platform. Cover images are optional but as we move foward, they are going to get our content more exposure and reach within the community. Adding a cover image is suggested but of course not required :)

Adding images to Posts here within WA have never been so fun and easy.

Other tools included within the new blog editor include the spelling and grammar checker, live word counts, improved auto-saving, improved draft management, along with the formatting tool set that you're used to in SiteContent!

Cover Images... Beautiful, but There's So Much MORE!

A picture can say 1000 words...not only cover images for posts in WA, not only the imagery within content, but within the information that you consume and interact with. You will notice on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, to Twitter, to Popular News Sites...they all have something in common. Beautiful imagery and the ability to interact with the content.

Notice anything in the image directly above?

This is the Beginning of BIG Things to Come!

This is where I get to hint at something we're hard at work at in the background of WA. Kyle and I have both been alluding to something BIG coming to WA in 2018 and although we are constantly improving the WA platform with new features and updates, we've got something special planned for the near future.

...and I want to give you a heads up of what we've been working on...

I'm going to tease everyone with these few screenshots and in the coming weeks I'm going to be showcasing what exactly we've been working on, the timeline for a release, and what we can expect from our brand new WA PLATAFORM!

This is beyond exciting - this is the accumulation of our knowledge, member feedback, and ability to truly deliver a platform that is worthy of the outstanding reputation that WE as a community, have all worked so hard to build at WA.

Everything has been built from the ground up, and we've got new platforms in all elements of this streamlined, well-organised, and fun user experience.

  • Profiles
  • Dashboard
  • Live Events
  • Help Center
  • Training
  • Activity Feed
  • The list goes on

Today we released the new WA Blog editor which is going to give blogs here within WA a powerful visual presence! We've also given you some insight into our biggest update EVER, our band new WA user UI/UX which is going to allow us to carry out our exciting vision for WA through 2018/2019 (which we already have slated out).

In the coming weeks leading up to the release, I am going to be blogging about new features coming to WA so that we can all be ready for them when they arrive. We do not have a set date for the release, but we are moving into the final stages of testing now.

We would love to hear your feedback about the new WA blog editing platform - let us know how you enjoy using it...and remember it's part of the bigger picture!


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Recent Comments


WOW, Carson! It IS a brand new blog experience! I have just created a blog using the upgraded writing platform and absolutely LOVE it! The new tools make the process less time consuming and more efficient--the the photos to connecting from SiteContent are so useful.

I am so excited for what is to come! Great work and thanks for always masterminding all you do! See you around again!

The time goes by so quickly and it seems I've just gotten started. I look forward to getting mine off the ground if I could just figure out the training, some things are different then in the videos and it makes it a bit more confusing on what wigets to click etc, so please if things are updated please update the video as well as its confusing enough for people like me who have no clue!! Thank you for this opportunity!! I'm so excited!!!

HI, Carson. I tried the new WA posting experience just a couple of minutes ago. I really like the cover photo option. My question is, how do we add more images in the text of the post? I didn't see any way to select images other than for the cover image. Thanks.

Great question. Along the row of icons (beginning with H1) the image icon is next to last. You have to click on that and it will ask if you want to upload an image at that point.

Happy blogging!


Thanks Yvette. I just overlooked it. I must be getting old. :-)

Wealthy Affiliate just keeps reaching new heights and this new blog editing platform looks absolutely amazing!! Once again, I have to give thanks to Kyle, Carson, and the entire WA team for making this an even better place to be at for a thriving community geared to the success of its members for successful online businesses!

Hey Brian, thanks for the support! We're really excited about the new Blogging experience and can't wait to deliver an absolutely outstanding update to the look and feel of WA. The fun is just beginning :)

I’m so excited to know how to use these beautiful images to help attract more readers to my blog. I thank our leaders for the untiring thinking and action to improve more the level of professionalism of its members in the community to help deliver to our readers the best helpful information that they need.

Imagery can make a huge difference in how your content is perceived and consumed. We understand this and will continue to move in a direction that gives us the best possible experience while learning to build our online businesses :)

That's really cool Carson. I was wondering if the blog section had the same images option as the SiteContent one... It would make it easier to create blog posts. I will definitely try it.

Does the "link" function is going to be there too? Just like they can show anywhere else inside WA?

Sorry... I just saw that it already have all that stuff! I really like it.

Hi Guy,

Linking images is not something that we will be implementing within the WA blogging platform simply because there is no benefit to linking images here within the community. We have man updates coming to how links are displayed when linking to content within the WA community - that'll come very soon :)

Sounds amazing! Im so proud to associated with this community! When I was thinking of what to promote it was a no brained that my main focus will be WA... I’m a newbie and as each day passes my belief in what you guys are building here only grows stronger. I really feel like you guys truly care about your community here truly want those who do their part to find financial freedom and live a life of contribution and significance! Thank you!

Gotta love images!

Once again, Kyle and Carson, these improvements keep me here. This is the longest monthly membership product I've been involved with. And, you and your team deserve all the credit.

One question since I can't seem to remember:
If we send someone over to someone else's WA blog post via an affiliate link, do I, or that person who wrote the blog, get the credit for a sign up?

Thanks for all the killer improvements!


Hi Charles,

When you send the affiliate link, that you get from clicking the affiliate button on the top right of every post, to someone - you get the credit for clicks.

Whern you link your own content (questions, WA blogs, tutorials etc), you will anyway get the credit - even when you use the direct link to the content without the affiliate part of the URL.

Similarly, when you link content made by others and forget the affiliateID part of the URL, you will not get the credit, but the person who created the content.


Hey Steven:

Thanks for the reply.

When you say I get the "credit for clicks," you mean I get the credit if that person signs up?


Great news! This will save me from popping over to pixabay.com when I want to add an image to my WA blog.

It looks like the only way to ask a question soon will be through the box at the top of the page. I've found it quite frustrating that people were using the pen icon instead of the search box to ask questions that have been asked and answered soooo many times before and didn't include images because that feature was only available through the search box.

Wow, this is good news! :)

Now that our blogs here will have cover images, Facebook and other social media sites will have beautiful images to scrape for featuring in our social media posts (aside from our enlarged/stretched WA profile photos featured inappropriately in social media posts)! lol

Thumbs up! :)

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