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November 30, 2014
I know I haven't been around a lot in the past few weeks. I had a huge project that needed my full attention and since I'm. . . shall we say well over the age of consent, some things just take longer these days. That project is completed and, because of it, I needed to seriously update my old writing website. The Old Site Most of you know I'm a writer. I had a writing website that I paid way too much for a few years ago. I decided I needed a new "look," plus I had to morph it into the way I do
For those of you following my technology troubles of late, I have some good news to report! It's Alive!!! My well-loved MS Surface Pro 2 is alive once more! I was getting more and more frustrated with Microsoft's customer service, so my long-suffering hubby took over. He got on a service chat with them and the tablet and, after about an hour or so. . . it works! The Problem From what I understand, it had something to do with not getting updates to certain drivers because. . . I had powered
November 11, 2014
I still haven't solved the tablet and printer problem. Well, that's not exactly true. I bought a new printer because I had to have one. And then. . . The Laptop Yesterday, the laptop started acting up. Nothing would run exactly right. Little things were missing from screens. Cold starts didn't do much. Every time it came up, it would sorta kinda run, but not quite right. Shut Down And then it started shutting itself down. I attempted to run scans. They wouldn't run. They would shut the machine
November 09, 2014
Well, we got to Best Buy today with the damaged equipment I wrote about in a prior blog, tablet and my printer, both much less than a year old and both not functional. So What Happened? In the words of one of New Jersey's best-known goodfellows, Tony Soprano. . . When I buy things from Best Buy, I always ask about the guarantee. They always tell me it's 90 days replacement and then a one-year period of service. If you buy the Best Buy extended warranty, you get many more years of techno
November 08, 2014
Well, yesterday bit the big one in the technology department. My very expensive tablet wouldn't turn on. Yes, it was fully charged. Then my not-so-old printer blew a gasket. And then, to top it off. . . I signed in to last night's webinar and bingo-bango-boingo. . . my laptop goes buns up! I tried signing in on the old desktop I use for transcription, but it wouldn't handle the Go To Webinar site. Arghhhh After a few feeble attempts to fix things, I did what every technology warrior does.
I realized I hadn't written a writing tip for a while, so. . . here we go with a quick one! Disclaimer These definitions are for AMERICAN ENGLISH. I'm not sure of the correct spellings for these two words in British English or anywhere else in the world. Thought I'd say that up front before y'all jump on me about how I'm not speaking for everyone. :) Advice Advice is a noun. You give advice. You take advice. Well, at least some of you do. Merriam-Webster Online defines advice as: recomme
November 01, 2014
I guess you could say that joining WA was stepping outside my box as I never, in a million years, thought I would be able to build a website and monetize it. However, this blog doesn't refer to that. The Box Most of you know that I'm a non-fiction author and editor, non-fiction as in mainly textbooks and legal documents. A friend of mine asked me if I would edit her new book. It's fiction. Fiction? Me? Outside The Box I don't know what made me say yes, but . . . we came to an agreement. I know
This one is going to be sorta kinda hard to explain without using complicated grammar texts that even I don’t fully understand. However, since I've been seeing a lot of this, both at WA and many other places, here goes. I have went to the store. Have the letters went out yet? It's Gone, Not Went I have gone to the store. Have the letters gone out yet? I’m really not sure where the confusion comes in on this one, but there is a lot of it out there. Easy (I Hope) Explanation Both went and go
October 23, 2014
I wrote the other day about difficult unsubscribe procedures ticking me off. Today, as I went through my mountain of emails, I decided there was something else that ticks me off, too. Sign Up For This, That And The Other Thing Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I tend to look at lots of different marketing techniques and tools, plus other systems being offered, to see how things stack up. So occasionally, I sign up for a free report, a free course or a free eBook. The free report comes after
Style It's something many work-at-home folks may not think too much about. And, no, I don't mean that you have to have jeans with someone's name scrawled across your butt. Coming From The Corporate World I worked in the corporate world for quite some time and I taught. Keep in mind this was a long time ago when you were expected to dress. When I first came home to work, in 1993, I was thrilled! No more playing dress-up and slapping on Mommy's makeup every single day. I could just be me. Wrong-