Why dissaprove a comment when you can edit it?

Last Update: July 12, 2016

The person created a comment on your post and you did not like. No matter the reason.

You got a comment from elsewhere in the world (with a distant IP) that you can edit and insert as many links and keywords as you want.

I mean, if the guy doesn't care, does not have the ability or knowledge, and writes anything that does not fit to your article, will he be bothered if you edit his stuff?

Why disaprove that? Why lose the opportunity?

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PaulBoudreau Premium
What a c r . . y idea Caio! ... if I'm going to edit comments to my liking, why don't I write my OWN comments AND write lots of them! ... comments are an important social skill to learn ... when I first started commenting I was disapproved a few times and reasons were given on ways to improve my comments. Skills are learned through study and practice ... Why lose the opportunity?
Zarina Premium
I did that before and it took a lot of my time - so I think some people just don't want to waste their time especially if there's a lot to edit :)
caitoj Premium
Any useful comment is good for ranking. I would approve an "X" and edit it for all I care.

I don't mind if people change mine to suit their needs. As long as it is kept civil, no harm done.

Let's exaggerate it a bit:

My website is about coffee. The guy comments about bananas.

Disapproving would be a waste. I'd edit it (and insert keywords and links) to suit my website.

If one doesn't want to be content-edited, make an effort to content-comment accordingly.

I never feel I need to content-edit or disapprove a good content-comment.

By the way, I always send the person a message when I see the person is somehow misguided and may need help.
JudeP Premium
To me that takes away the point of having a comment. For sure, I would edit bad grammar or a typo, but certainly not change the content.
Marcus1978 Premium
This is a very good question, and is something I used to do. The reason I decided to disapprove comments is to try to teach them a lesson.

But it's a good point, if someone gives you a badly written comment, you may as well just use it as an opportunity to create the kind of comment you want. I might start doing that again.