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The person created a comment on your post and you did not like. No matter the reason.You got a comment from elsewhere in the world (with a distant IP) that you can edit and insert as many links and keywords as you want.I mean, if the guy doesn't care, does not have the ability or knowledge, and writes anything that does not fit to your article, will he be bothered if you edit his stuff?Why disaprove that? Why lose the opportunity?
I discovered something interesting. Inside the WP text editor, Grammarly erases the Amazon Ad widget when you go into its correction mode. That also happens with Youtube embedded videos.Be careful if you use Grammarly on Chrome; Put your widgets AFTER you corrected with it.Cheers!
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April 27, 2016
One of the things I see a lot here (In fact, something I also used to do when I started in WA) is people giving Feedback on Comments.Comments are not for feedback. They are supposed to give us, WAs, an opportunity to discuss a subject and improve ranking. So comments should discuss the topic of the article and give the opportunity for the writer to reply in some sort of Google-Rank improving way (like generating more keywords and links).Feedbacks are for analysis and that is why they do not app
I have been struggling with an issue that involves graphics symbols and google search/jaaxy.For example, take the Portuguese word, SELEÇÃO.Jaaxy returns SELEO (suppressing the Ç and the Ã.Sometimes you need to use that word in a Portuguese written blog, otherwise it would be bad spelling .At the same time, we, lusophones, know that the keyword typed in Google will be SELECAO, without the graphic language symbols. And that it also returns great numbers for a given key
February 26, 2016
I just woke up and, when I opened my blog, found out i had had what seems to be my first "out-of-WA" comment. Feels like a goodie.
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February 10, 2016
I just wanted to say that, even though i had a couple of years experience with blogging and SEO, WA has already thaught me so much with less than a week of joinning and about 2 days of Premium.