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Do you know that feeling you have when you feel that you have been so blessed! I want to tell you how I first met Daisy and was it love at first sight - well hardly!


I will not beat around the bush here, I knew I was after something!

How, shall I say it tactfully, I was after something just a bit lighter and again, trying to be a little diplomatic something a little easier on the eye!

Daisy is one of those girls that we would refer to as a diamond in the rough or a rough diamond, I'm not up to speed on complimentary quotes today but she does the job wink wink! She fits the bill and does as she is told and if I was doing a product review on her, it's compliments all round.

Being totally honest with you though, she isn't my dream girl because 'Slimmer and Lighter' were always top of my priority list, but as the saying goes beggars can't be choosers.

I really think she will suit me for the time being, she already has a place in my heart and as it happens we are actually getting along quite nicely.



She is a full-on silver top, well she's more of a "silver fox" you could say, all in the eye of the beholder remember. She could have easily had a blue rinse or even a read head but silver is racey enough for me at my time in life. A rolling stone gathers no moss....what do these words mean for heaven’s sake!


STUFF ABOUT EX GIRLFRIENDS - And what Daisy has over all of them

Daisy does remind me of an old girl friend I had many year ago but with different color hair. I am not sure if there is any relevance here for talking about Ex's or indeed my personal life in this post but "I went out with a RED HEAD year's ago she had no hair just a RED HEAD", quite an unusual story but they had similarities.

The RED HEAD is not to be confused with JUAN-EATER (Pronounced ONE-EATER) she was from Spain, Spanish, another EX girlfriend, very beautiful! I believe JUAN-EATER in English means ONE-EATER. I asked her if her name had any definition or intriguing meaning or significance, she opened her mouth and smiled, she had one tooth sitting there in the middle of her mouth - ONE-EATER. Yes, I will never forget her.

Back to Daisy, Daisy has "teeth like stars - THEY COME OUT AT NIGHT". She has lips like "PEACHES - football pitches." Daisy as you can imagine is quite a catch for the boy's. Although, she looks more like a Gladys's?




Did I get your attention from any of my EX's AND what the hell has Daisy got to do with reviewing products! I am very pleased that you asked that question because I would like to reveal the REAL DAISY and below you will see, she really is THE REAL DEAL!

So Daisy is my new computer and Gladys's, is the beautiful lady above, yes lips like peaches, silver fox and the star style teeth.

SHE'S A BIT OF A BABE - Coffee Cup - AN EXTRA - Daisy, not Gladys's, keep up!


What is HER ACTUAL STORY, See below - If you can keep your eyes open, not interesting to read specs for us all!

In short, the reviews I read about Daisy (my computer) were very ranging and if I have confused the hell out of this post already, Daisy is the name I have given to my new LapTop, I often give everything a name, call it one of my weakness's but there it's something I tend to do - The Nicknamer!


SHE, Daisy, is the ASUS VivoBook S510U - ONE HELL OF A SEXY SPEC?

CPU: 2.9GHz Intel Core i5-8250U (dual-core, 4MB cache, up to 3.5GHz)Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620RAM: 4GB DDR4Screen: 15.6-inch FHD (1,920 x 1,080) with 178-degree wide-angle viewingStorage: 1TB hard drive; 128GB SSD (SATA 3)Ports: 1 x USB 3.1 USB-C, 1 x USB 3.1, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x audio combo jack, 1 x HDMI, 1 x SD card readerConnectivity: 2 x 2 dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 4.2Camera: VGA (640 x 480) webcamWeight: 3.3 pounds (1.5kg)Size: 14.23 x 9.59 x 0.7 inches (36.14 x 24.35 x 1.78cm; W x D x H).

For those of us that do not want to be bored about the intricacies of Daisy and all her gubbings, it's your lucky day! This is a look at REVIEWS! All the technical stuff is contained above.

Oh and don't even get me started on her peripherals and for those of you that are not too much into computers or tend to spend too much time in the kitchen - PERIPHERALS Are "NOT THE SAME PROFITEROLS!" I like profiteroles, I must admit!

NOT PERIPHERALS - (Auxiliary Devices)

So if you would like to know her ins and out's and perhaps jump straight into her 4GB DDR4 RAM and get your teeth into her 1TB SATA HDD or just enjoy the GeForce of her GT 940MX DDR5 NIVIDIA graphics and her touch pad subtleties - We can do that in another post!

From this point on I will be talking about her reviews - ONLY.



When I began to read the reviews about Daisy, I began to feel severely bewildered and slightly frustrated because what I wanted and what I was reviewing were feeling like two different things. I hope not a blasphemous word but I was:


WHAT WAS I LOOKING FOR - Of course a laptop.

  • I knew I needed a computer within budget that suited my needs and whenever I start reviewing anything - things become complicated.
  • I needed to know the + and minus's of the computers I was viewing
  • I needed to know what Daisy could do for me
  • Quality is important, as a personal preference the apple brand is my computer of choice but it just doesn't suit my budget presently
  • I do read the reviews and experiences of others but they are often subjective and can be unhelpful at times. I do my own due diligence.

ESSENTIALLY WHAT I WANTED TO KNOW IS, IF MYSELF AND DAISY ARE GOING TO GET ALONG - Will Daisy support me during my Wealthy Affiliate experience?

WRITING A REVIEW ON DAISY - OR ASUS S510U - We are still in our Honeymood Phase

I could write pages or posts or blogs on my new baby because I did so much research on her. I like to read reviews on significant cost items before purchasing, although not always helful as I said - why - because it makes so much sense - this buyer likes to be aware! Perhaps a little on the cautious side?

A good point on reviews, it's very important to be accurate about the product.

Did I say why I called her Daisy? It's simply because she looks 'Racey' and it takes me back all those years ago to the Dukes of Hazard! Nothing Hazardous about this honey though!

NO IT'S NOT THE GENERAL LEE - We can't have everything - or can we?

TIME TO GET NAKED - Nudity REVIEW - Stripped down.

As you can see from the cover image above the first thing I did was strip her down, she's not going to thank me for this kind of talk. Essentially, she needed some hotting up, so I dropped an SSD into her slot - "hey, this is computer talk and not 'Buffetearns Talk'", they say it will provide a more 'Racier' performance, the guarantee of speed and reliability.

WHY I NEARLY never bought her and we Nearly went our separate ways!

The truth is, she nearly got swept under the carpet, for dare I say it, a much Weightier Model!

When you consider hooking up with someone like Daisy, there a few things you notice. Please look at some reviews I read:

Perhaps I am a little shallow at times but the first thing I noticed about her REVIEWS was the way they reviewed her under carriage. I am referring to the 'Back of my Computer' and this is all acceptable terminology which is used when a laptop is being reviewed, they refer to her structure as her chassis.

It goes a bit like this:

  • Daisy has got edges that are slender? Yes, we are still talking laptops, I think you could find yourself, without even noticing talking about her down the pub and complementing "her slender lid."
  • Some reviewed her structure as flimsy - I thought I was buying a bowl of jelly at one stage but no, I am still talking computers!
  • They went on to elaborate more, not only that, her bottom curves outwards just to add that extra chunk but the review said that this isn't an issue on Daisy. Personally, I was actually just sold on the curvature of her bottom! I hate myself for buying a computer that's got a 'wobbly bottom' - sorry curvy bottom!
  • Apparently, she will slip into your sleeves without any complaint! Let us face it that has got to be a main selling feature for us!

From reading these initial reviews I may have been under the impression I was being hooked up with six foot six blonde called Suzie, chasing a Salt Truck Down Highway 11 in Ontario Canada (Jaxsie post). Needless to say I felt I was really on to a sure thing!


The various reviews referred to Daisy as being a little spaced out and something about her Chiclet Style keys being well sized, it sounded a little personal, so I didn' press on her key issues too much.

What was interesting, they went on to talk about her flexing in the center and her deep travel but this was contributing to comfort levels and that I wasn't likely to suffer from any finger fatigue.

I could go well into the night with her because she was fully lit up at nighttime and you can take through the three stages of brightness level, in cycles they refer to her as.

HER BEZEL - OMG - Where will this story go!

Actually, all quite innocent, there is nothing wrong in the terminology about Bezel but if they would only explain the term. I initially thought they were referring to her big hooter (nose) but to those who know her, she's actually got a narrow bezel, measuring 7.8mm but some were not impressed.

For those still not clear about BEZEL it is the minimal amount of edge around the screen "NanoEdge in Daisy's case.


  • Honesty, now I am not saying any reviews about Daisy were dishonest because I think the way she was described was quite sexy and modern.
  • Some descriptions were a little in accurate because I couldn't tell whether I was buying a helicopter or even a bowl of jelly in some aspects - keep it real.
  • There's negative and positives in everything we review, it's about balance - like in everything in life. We are aiming for POSITIVE and HONESTY!
  • Stick to the facts - what the product does; will it do what I want it to do; why other people bought it - popular features; the main benefits and how customers have enjoyed them; practicality in terms of pricing compared with other manufacturer's and similar specs; guarantees - international was important for me.


She had a mixed bag of reviews, poor sound and quality sound, metal structure and plastic structure, the verdict 3 stars and five stars - quite a difference between reviews, why buy and why not to buy. The list is long.

If I had walked away from Daisy, I would have ended up with 'MONA' for sure, a far less sophisticated model and more expensive and let's face it - I didn't want a MONA in the family!


When building your Product Review do your appraisal of all the alternatives and then Create your own Product Review in your own words, accurately and honestly!

If I had bought a computer without physically seeing it, I probably would have not bought ASUS (Daisy) due to the things like plastic lids, flimsy structures and springy keyboards that were described in the Product Reviews. I do not see the same as the reviews in the real device.

Try to do a review from an actual product, wherever possible! Not always possible in reality.

REMEMBER - Some connection I think?

We are trying to be as helful to our audiences as we can, keep this in mind.



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ContentBySue Premium
You believe in a little shock and awe, don't you Wayne! Of course you can't help but read further after a headline like that. LOL!

There's a lot of excitement to setting up a brand new computer. Everything is new and fresh. A blank slate. Smart move to replace the hard drive with an SSD.

Congratulations on the new computer. May you have many years together. ;)

All the best,
(Peggy) Sue
buffetearns Premium
Peggy you just spooked me! I wasn’t anticipating a lifetime with the old girl but I’ll do the right thing by her - I will feed her blogs everyday!

Thank you for your read!

Have an amazing day!

CarolMeador Premium
Hi, Wayne. You did it again...kept me laughing most of the way through your post. Just when I started to calm down, you'd hit my funny bone again! Tee Hee!

Great review, very creative. But what else can I expect from my bard, Mr. Ambassador!? And, of course, if you ever get tired of being Buffetearns, you can always switch to The Nicknamer!

What do you name your cars? Mine is Hunter. Hmmm! Perhaps I just came up with a new idea for a post...thanks, Wayne!

Have a great day, and keep on writin'. I wait with baited breath (whatever that's supposed to mean!) for your next pearls of wisdom!

buffetearns Premium
You are wonderful as ever! Thanks Carol!

Car names....I have had in excess of 50 but owned nothing for 5 years. As far as names and before I started owning respectable cars, the cars I owned were very old and unreliable, so they all began with the word YOU:

You swine...you let me down again
You horrible piece of junk...you let me down again
You piece of crap...you let me down again
You nasty piece of work...you let me down again

I will try and aim for shorter posts, that was a bit longer than I wished.

Thank you for your reads again, I really appreciate it!

Have a Fantastic one there!

CarolMeador Premium
Thanks, Wayne. Mine that I can remember are The Cranberry, Jett, Julie, Judd, (a bit of alliteration there!), Destiny, and Hunter.

Of your "You"...s, which was your favorite?

Later, Gator. (That's theFL equivalent of "Cheers"!)

buffetearns Premium

I used to go through the Arabian dessert, good memories, camping with a few other off-roader's, good memories. Getting stuck in sand was not so much fun in 50 degree + temperatures.

I don't have to many pictures on Daisy just yet to show you. If i come across some I will share.

Wonderful Day!!

CarolMeador Premium
Sounds like fun, and I would enjoy seeing a pic of it when Daisy can manage it. I really meant which name was your fav, but I guess I didn't say so!

When we were RVing in the dunes near the AZ/CA state line, it was fun to watch all the dune buggies running all over up and down the dunes. Looked like it would be a hoot!

buffetearns Premium
I used to call one “the learner driver”, an old Renault 5, a Long story.....

Never did I call a Car Daisy though?

Being involved with desert dunning was fun!

Well just finished lunch and back to Google!! Lol
CarolMeador Premium
Spent a LOT of time writing the post I mentioned, but my computer started doing all kinds of strange things, wouldn't let me post images, seemed to get stuck on the spell checker, and wouldn't let me hand correct the grammar "errors" the computer thought it caught.

Just really frustrated right now! Was having so much fun writing about all my cars and their names that I haven't gone to bed yet...and it's 9AM!

Was going to have a nice CTA and have other people share their cars' names. Don't know if it acted up because it didn't want me to write something that wasn't about my niche or progress, but it felt like that!

I'm probably just being paranoid because of Loes's post!
OK rant over! Haven't been to bed yet. Was too busy having fun with this stupid computer.

Think I need to give the old witch a name! Oh-oh. Now I've done it! Beulah's gonna be out to get me for sure now!
buffetearns Premium
It just wasn’t the right time for us to enjoy your creative script yet!

Well I hope I am writing this and you are sleeping now!

That’s what I love about my freedom these days, the sleeping hours! Lol

Good morning when you see this!

CarolMeador Premium
"Good Morning", Wayne. It's now 6:23PM...but I've been up since about 1:30. Had a painter come to give me an estimate this afternoon, so had to get up. Think I had about 5 hours. I, too, enjoy the freedom of not having a 9-5 rut or schedule. I'm somewhat of a night owl anyway, but when I'm on a roll writing, I lose track of time and sometimes work all night. (as I did last night.) And I like living alone with no one to nag me to go to bed if I'm not ready.

Have you ever had trouble with the post platform acting up like that? I'm wondering if any of it was because I was using a lot of images of my various cars, and it got overloaded or something. I really like the changes they made to make it so much easier to use images on our posts, but I'm wondering if the revisions had anything to do with my problem.

Think I'll give it a day or two to get itself straightened out and maybe try again then. At one point I'd written about 1200 words, then the next time I checked it, it was showing 175! Weird! If it's still acting up when I try it again, guess I'll have to contact Site Support. That's not my favorite thing to do, since I'm so low tech, and they're not!

Take care.

buffetearns Premium
I have had problems that but many say it’s a sophisticated tool but I say it’s got many glitches, similar to what you describe.

What I would do is save your images and copy your content to a new template an put your images back in. Do not align images left or tight because that’s when the fun and games start - sometimes.

I thought site content was the best way but I think many are using alternative methods of preparing blogs.

Have fun!

CarolMeador Premium
After I wrote to you, I went back to the blog platform and redid what didn't work last night. Left all the images and text aligned on the left, and it worked OK.

I did notice a few errors that I missed when I proof read it, but I think I was just so relieved that all of my work from last night wasn't wasted that I was more careless than usual in my proofreading. I left the word "not" out of one sentence! Oops! Me thinks my readers are smart enough to figure out what I was saying from the context. Hope so.

I think the next post I write will be done in SiteContent and then cut and pasted onto a post. But I'm not sure that will work with the images. Sometimes when I'm trying to highlight an image to copy an article, the cursor won't scroll down, or it won't copy the content. GRRR!

Glad I was able to get it finished, though. I did leave one of the images out because it was still acting squirrley about showing me the images I'd used. The lines wouldn't advance, so I couldn't see all of the saved images I used last night. I was afraid it was going to go crazy again, so I just posted it without the pic of one of my cars.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow. I REALLY, REALLY (sorry for yelling, but I don't know how to bold something on this platform!

Cranky Carol
Internetgranny Premium
Enjoy working with your Daisy.

I have an ancient Dell laptop - still has Windows XP on it - and will really really need a new one soon. Your review has made me look up your Daisy (I have an old Asus notebook) and will seriously consider getting one. You clearly did a lot of research before you got yours...

Thanks for sharing.
buffetearns Premium
There's nothing wrong with XP but it doesn't get any support anymore, so even your virus checker may not cover it properly.

I bought a windows 7 disc (only $3) a few months ago for a friend that was using XP, it did the job and the spam and virus software supported it.

I didn't want a computer to carry around whilst traveling around but I can't do WA from an iPhone constantly.

Dell is a good old workhorse, number one for the work place many years ago.

This is my first ASUS and before I used ACER without problems and Toshiba before that. Acer Swift 3, I was comparing Daisy with but I originally started looking at ASUS Zen book, wonderfully slim and 1.2kg so ideal for travelling!

Have a fantastic day, enjoy!

Internetgranny Premium
Thanks very much for your insights - will consider them.

~ Isabella
PinkCreative Premium
I love it! It's original, catches the reader's eye, by the original & fun topic, plus captured me, & drew me in to read the entireto read the entire article. I think it's just our human nature when it when it comes to know what is going on!

Thank you

funny, refreshing, informative, what more can you ask for?
Creative and a catchy idea! Congratulations I think hit this one out of the Ball Park and scored a homerun.
buffetearns Premium
I have never had a compliment for anything in my life like that, is thank you enough?

You have really perked up my day, I really appreciate you taking your time out! What a fantastic review, thank you again!

Have a fantastic day!

Steven-A Premium
Great new computer and good story, Wayne.

LOL Much more inventive then when Bo wrote "I got a new computer."

May it help you write many articles with the easy of a beautiful woman's smile and create websites that convert with the ferocity of a tremendous windstorm.
But remember, it's no Apple and you know what they say about that apple. Be well ....
buffetearns Premium
Cheers Steven

Thanks for taking time out for your comments. My words may be more successful if it could write blogs without me! Lol

Much appreciated Steven!

Steven-A Premium
copy that