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November 28, 2018
A very short message wishing everyone associated with WA a fantastic journey in the foreseeable future!My membership expires today and for so many reasons, I have decided to take a break.The community is one of the main reasons that has kept me connected to WA but even this has become difficult to keep up with.The platform is excellent and the training is outstanding and exceptionally well managed!Good luck in the coming New Years and seasons greetings!All the best to each and everyone!Wayne
EXCELLENT NEWSI have just received a notification, one of those wonderful pop up's which has informed me that I have been a premium member for six months! Isn't that brilliant on all accounts, my 6 month Dedication Badge!That's a big Congratulations Wayne, I say to myself! The 6 months have gone so quickly, by the way!You may have heard me use the term "Doolally" in the past, don't worry, it's not a blasphemous word, it's my descriptive word for saying life's up in the air at the moment.DISTRAC
"I am pleased I don't go crazy horses - Steady Neddie!"DOES ANYONE GO "BARKING MAD" THROUGH THE COURSE OF THE MONTH - Like the barking mad dog!It's Crazy in Wayne's World - Only sometimes thoughSORRY WRONG BARK - It should have been a Barking Mad Dog - Dog BelowOMG - A BARKING CAT NOW - Do cat's Bark - Sitting on Bark, getting closer!THERE YOU GO - Nice Doggy - Positively BarkingRECEIPT OF SET OF BIORHYTHMS ON A DAILY BASISINSTRUCTIONS - DAILYDear Wayne, this is your Biorhythm for Sunday, April
A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT BRANDING - I THINK!NO NOT BRANDY - WHAT ARE YOU LOT LIKE..........BRANDING I SAID!!How is anyone going to notice me - who am I - how am I going to stand out in the CROWD?Hey you know me and you know my background is not in Marketing or Affiliate Marketing but I am enjoying picking up little tips as I learn, I did pick up some common sense over the years though. Did you hear the Phrase:"IT TAKES A LIFETIME TO BUILD A GOOD REPUTATION AND IT CAN TAKE A SECOND TO - DESTROY
THE FIVE MINUTE POST - FOR YOU TO READ IN SECONDS - ENJOYA Kyle inspired blog post and for those of you that have tendencies to sit and worry about things - please don't!"WORRY NOT - Worry has no useful purpose"KYLES MONTH 3 SWAGGER VIDEO - EXCELLENT!For those of you that haven't had the chance to view it just yet, no matter, it is a good one and it's focused on Social Media & Imagery Options and many other things.Facebook is topic of interest lately and Kyle offers his views on this aspect
WARNINING THIS POST MAY CAUSE INTENSE SPELLS OF SMILING - OR NOT, well I hope.THIS IS A STORY ABOUT HOW I MET THE NEW LOVE OF MY LIFE - DAISY - MY PRODUCT REVIEWDo you know that feeling you have when you feel that you have been so blessed! I want to tell you how I first met Daisy and was it love at first sight - well hardly!OMG - WHAT'S HE DOING TALKING ABOUT HIS LOVE LIFE PUBLICALLY!!!I will not beat around the bush here, I knew I was after something! How, shall I say it tactfully, I was after
Just a little of British humor in the TITLE, I love JAAXY the KEYWORD SEARCH TOOL, it is a fantastic tool for us here at Wealthy Affiliate. We used to use the terminology Jacksie, Jaxie or Jaxy years ago, I remember! It wasn't uncommon for someone to say "you'll get a kick up the Jaxy if you don't get a move on" and Jaxy is essentially, getting your "Butt Kicked!"Time to get my Jaxy into gear!It is approaching the end of the week again and I came across a story, I wanted to share with you, it'
1.0 DO NOT SHOOT ME DOWN IN FLAMES I am talking about creating change and how to be blissful about it. Stick with me and see where it leads.HERE TO HELP EACH OTHER - FLAMES NOT NECESSARYThere is no fuel being added to any fires but there has been some uneasiness on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, namely Live Chat sessions in the past, nothing to dwell on and it is perfectly normal - if not prepared that is. There is no need to share specifics because this is quite a general post and I do not kn
WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO WITNESS MAY SEEM HORIFIC TO YOUNGER READERSJust to set the scene, you can see from the cover image, it was just an ordinary day beside the lake but the situation quickly began to deteriorate. The weather was quite rainy but quite mild!Although, what I am about to disclose to you may seem shocking - like everything in life, there is often a message to be taken from our experiences.Please determine your own message.THINGS WERE SAID ON THIS PARTICULAR DAY!YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
I am today a sleepy old head, something happened in the UK yesterday that has knocked me out of my comfort zone. I was awake until 05:00 am, trying to resolve some issues, the issues aren't important but the point is that it doesn't take much to unbalance your equilibrium.There have been a number of members over the last few days that have shared the difficult times that they are experiencing, they have been quite heart wrenching to hear and all you can do is often convey sympathies - you can s