Cyber Monday - 559 ordered items

Last Update: November 30, 2016

Depending on your niche, Cyber Monday can be an awesome day for sales.

Here's a screenshot of how my primary site did:

559 is up from an average of 100-150 ordered items/day which is a pretty huge jump! Now, if more than ~200 things /day would ship, that would be great!

Keep in mind that this is the same site I mentioned back in June 2015

How was your Cyber Monday? I hope it was productive, if nothing else!

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Brooks5280 Premium
Wow! That is amazing congrats!!! I hope mine will be as successful next year. I did make my 1st sale on Black Friday and 6 more since then. My site is only 3 weeks old so won't complain.

herinnelson Premium
So fab!
Sophie5391 Premium
This is great, your doing something right.. you mentioned you have had this site since 2015, how long did it take till you saw consistent earnings from it?...

congrats on the success
Lilika84 Premium
This is awesome! Thanks :)

mybiz4u Premium
Great Branton, congrats. very little bit helps! ANY way you slice it!
littlemama Premium
Wow! This is so awesome! I have heard that old URLs can pick up traffic faster than new ones and I have one waiting for me that's really old (like 8 years old) to turbo it with WA training.. but like you said in your last post, one site at a time. :)
TheBuilder Premium
Thank you for the encouragement my dear friend and thanks for the follow too.
jhar32 Premium
Thank you for your posts. I had 7 orders from Amazon and reading this made me realize that the progress can be slow and steady but can expand to something like you have shown here. So this definitely helps me to keep pushing. Thanks, and looking forward to more of your updates.
Steve1958 Premium
You should be very proud of yourself!
I understand how much hard work you have done to be able to report such great success!
May it continue for a long time!
Teri28 Premium
Congrats to you! Thanks for informing us of the importance of following the training here as it's taught.
Josh From Oz Premium
Wow that's incredible!
JudeP Premium
Wow, well done :)
Kyle Premium
Gotta love the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, but not just that, the Christmas shopping season (in particular if you are selling a product/service that is purchased at a higher rate over the Christmas season).

Love it!
TonyHamilton Premium
Awesome Branton!

Nice results my Friend!

2017 is going to be an awesome year and it's all starting now!

bthiel Premium