1 Month Old Site - First Commissions

Last Update: January 27, 2017

*edit* this is from June 2015

Well, I threw together a new site on a domain I've had kicking around for a couple of years, and wow, I should have started this site two years ago!!

At just under 1 month old, the site has already converted some commissions, albeit small ones, it proves the system I have implemented on this specific site should continue to work moving forward.

I have zero SM interaction, and the vast majority of the traffic is organic. I haven't even started any PPC on this site yet! Just regular-ish content and proper-ish optimization.

It might only be $10, but it's the quickest $10 I've made on a brand new site using pure organic traffic and no PPC, and it's all happened within the past week of operations!

Just goes to show you that if you do what you're told and you don't blaze your own trail, the WA system will work for you. My other site which converts sales took 7 months to make the first one... 7 months of trial, and error... but more error than anything.. and it was entirely due to the fact that I had learned about SEO @ uni, but what I learned there didn't work anymore... however, the WA system of SEO works well, if you implement it correctly.

If you don't implement WAs system correctly.. you will fail and be left wondering why... then you'll assume you've been scammed or ripped off.. and no one needs that stress.

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CherylK Premium
Good post. Thank you for making that point. I know very little about SEO, etc. and I'm taking WA lessons one at a time so that I don't make any fatal mistakes!
DroGodina Premium Plus
Good work; keep it up.
Larry_T Premium
Very good.
Strap Premium
Well done - keep it going
Leese Premium
Wow, congratulations! Great results and definitely very promising going forward with the website.

Definitely gives hope to those of us just starting out :)