My Network Climbs But So To Does My Ranking.The Wrong Way

Last Update: June 19, 2019

My Network has climbed to 2000 but unfortunately, my randking have climebed from 300 to 6052. Not that this bothers me much as I am concentration on my sites so my time on the WA helpers platforms has decreased.

Not that I don't want to help, but I have to do what needs to be done on my sites. Now that I am looking after client sites, my time is becoming rather limited.

I try and spend some time on the helpers platform when I can but please excuse my absence.

Wishing you all the greatest succes


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traceyj55 Premium
I had the same problem
bryanb007 Premium
I think we tend to learn that it is OK as long as we are doing what brings the bacon in. :-)
SaraPoyner Premium
Ranking is for the ego, I have enjoyed the fun for a week. My ego has loved it, urging me to work harder, get higher!

However the tough lesson is, when time is limited my website has suffered!

If we are chasing a souls desire of freedom, we sometimes need to hush the ego for a while 🤣
bryanb007 Premium
Too True
marchanna Premium
Rank is only for three things:

a) having fun getting higher on the list. That I do ;)

b) thinking oneself is important for ranking high on the list. I don't.

c) the one useful reason -- if you are selling WA it makes sense to be in the top 100 or higher demonstrating commitment. I'm not actively selling WA as an affiliate but if I were I would be trying harder to stay higher on the list.

So you don't need to excuse yourself as far as I'm concerned :) cheers Marc
bryanb007 Premium
Hi Marc, Thanks and I agree with your 3 reasons. I am working on another page so ranking is not an issue right now.
firstlearn Premium
You have your priorities right Bryan.

bryanb007 Premium
Thanks Derek, It took a while to realise what should come first.
MelWaller Premium Plus
Usually our business should be our #1 priority so yes, focus on your business first and foremost.

Then you can come back with your success stories!

bryanb007 Premium
Thanks Mel, I would sure like to post some great success stories.