Is the Black Friday Deal Worth It? Yearly Results +$17,000 With Two More Months!

Last Update: Nov 23, 2018

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By now most of you have probably heard about the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal. If not it's a yearly membership for $299 and I encourage you to read Kyle's post about the deal and great bonuses here:

In honor of the Black Friday yearly deal, I've decided to put together a post to show you how much things can change in a year when it comes to your online business.

My Yearly Results

First a bit of back story. I joined WA in November 2013 and started my main site Full-Time Job From Home in December of 2013. The first few years I made a bit of money each month but was treating this online business thing as a part-time hobby that I did when I had free time and felt like it (most of the time I could find something better to do.)

I can't find exact numbers but I think in 2015 up to the Black Friday deal I'd made around $600 that year (made a little over $1,000 in 2015.) So I finally decided to take advantage of the Black Friday deal in November of 2015 and devote more time to my online business. Here're the results.

2016 Yearly Income: $29,872.24 (Turns out if you go from not really working on a site that's making money to putting more time in you can see great results)

2017 Yearly Income: $53,798.80 (Continued to work on my site and saw a $23,926.56 increase)

2018 Income Through October 31st: $70,857.42 ($17,058.62 Increase with November & December To Go!)

As you can see a lot can change when it comes to your online business's income year to year. I have to admit that the first years change has a lot to do with my lack of effort before 2016 but once I was locked in for a year and new that it worked, I was able to see a great increase from a little over $1,000 in 2015.

In 2017 & 2018 I've just kept at it, working hard on creating new content and continuing to do what's working for me.

Again, the 2018 income is just through October and the last few years have seen some of my biggest months in November and December! Hoping to see the end of the year number around $85,000!

Invest, Work Hard, and See Results

I'm proof that what WA teaches really works. Once you have the knowledge it's really about putting in the time and hard work to make it happen. If you do you will see results!

Depending on your current membership you can save a ton taking advantage of the Black Friday deal, here's a breakdown:

Normal Monthly Membership Yearly cost: $49 x 12 months= $588

Normal Yearly Membership Cost: $359 (Over $200 in savings)

Black Friday Yearly Cost: $299 (Almost $300 in savings)

No matter where you are in your online business journey a year can make a huge difference. Whether it's going from a $0 income to $1,000 or a $70,000 income to $100,000, either can be achieved in a year and the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal can help you achieve it!

Thanks for reading!


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Awesome increasing! Congratulations Brok! 💐🥂

Fantastic Brok, well done!
Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post.
Rich 😃

Thanks for sharing, Brok! I remember your post about joining the 10K club and looks like things been going upwards, contrast!! (And thanks for sharing).

I have a question, is it from WA site only? Or you have multiple sites/Amazon sites?

How often do you publish your posts, and is it just you or you outsource? Curious to find out :)

Thank you!

Wow, this shows if you put in the work then you can harvest a nice monthly income.
Thanks for sharing
Have a great day

You're proof that WA works if you put in the time and effort--thanks for a great post!


Thank-you for sharing,inspires anyone to continue.I'm conflicted, not sure if I just want to sell a networking health product exclusively which would not, I believe, recquire affiliate marketing since I'd be selling just the products from a particular networking Company.Need to make a decision fast if I want the black Friday deal,best wishes to your wealth

Yes, that are the numbers I like! :)

Awesome testimonial. I am ready to at least try it out for the next year and see the success come as I put in the effort.

Thanks for sharing. This really helps.

Excellent breakdown!!
Congratulations on your increases!

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