How Odd! Wealthy Affiliate Redirect?

Last Update: Nov 19, 2016


How odd! I was on Firefox Mozilla search engine. I typed in I was redirected to at least three different sites that didn't have anything to do with Wealthy Affiliate.

One site had to do with Western wear. Another site had to do wih how to earn almost $3000 in a single day blah blah blah. I forgot what the third site was about.

After the first time that happened, I decided to watch the URL. I realized I was typing in the correct URL. But then, after typing in the correct URL, I then noticed that the 'www' would switch to 'ww1'. Then it would redirect to another site that had nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate.

I believe this needs to be looked into. We may lose a lot of potential people if this is not corrected.

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Thanks for reporting this Brenda

You're welcome!

That's one of the reasons I always use Chrome :)

I downloaded Chrome to test it. I have four browsers:

Avast SafeZone
Microsoft Edge (IE)
Firefox Mozilla

Oddly enough, it happened with Firefox and Chrome but not with Avast SafeZone and Microsoft Edge.

I did a Boot Scan, Quick Scan, Full Scan and a few other scans on my computer. All came back clean. Including the Add On Browser Scan.

Thank you for alerting. It must be corrected urgently.

I agree.

Glad you caught this. I seem to recall, however, that Kyle has said he and Carson have decided not to use www in the address. Maybe this has caused the issue. its not needed.

I forgot to mention this part, I didn't type in www. Just The www. part showed up then switched to ww1.
It was just too weird.

Yeah. it sounds like some kind of a widget that redirects.

It happened on two of my browsers. I have four.

Thanks for sharing, Brendie. I hope I get $3000 in a day sometime.

It can happen with hard work and perseverance! I hope you reach that goal!

Very weird Brendie. I use Chrome and it hasn't happened.

Either a scam or technical glitch. Needs investigating!

Yes, it does! Kyle or Carson should be notified.

I haven't used Firefox. I just use chrome, and the WA site works fine.

I did a boot scan on my computer. It came back clean. So it's not that. Trying to figure it out. May need to uninstall and reinstall Firefox again.

Thanks, for sharing.

You're welcome!

Is this only happening with firefox?
Going to try it on chrome, I've only got that.
Just to make sure.....

Everything fine on chrome, I get the sign-up page......

I didn't check Chrome. I don't have it. I use Firefox, Avast Secure Browser, and Microsoft Edge.

I just realized if I did the regular search it doesn't do that.

Maybe there was some mix-up with an open tab?
Happens to me often......:-)

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