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November 26, 2016
Reasons I use Dragon:Cuts down on muscle cramps in the hands. I only use it for writing. That's it!Helps with speaking correctly. Helps with the *ahem* lack of communication between the brain and the mouth.Helps with brain stalls. You know what they are. Those moments when you can't find the word, the mind goes blank. Quits! *blank stare*I don't have to look at the computer the whole time. My poor eyes!It's fun!And, the pup likes to get in my way when I am on the computer. See below. Fun times!
November 25, 2016
Are you a writer? Are you an author? Yes, you are! The definition of a writer is:A person who has written a particular text.A person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job all regular occupation growth works.Person writes in a specified way.Composer a musical work.The definition of an author is as follows:A writer of a book, article, or report.Be the author of (a book or piece of writing).So, yes, you are in fact a writer and author. But, you say 'I'm not a writer. I'm not an author.'D
November 20, 2016
It was Free Turkey Box day here in Kingman, AZ at my parents' church. I had signed up for a free turkey box because I am poor. But, with the phone call to make sure I remembered to pick up my free turkey box, I was asked if I wanted to help give these away to families that were on the list because I had done this before. I said yes. Not a problem. It was fun. Met new people, talked to friends.About halfway through the four hours, I realized I wasn't getting my Free Turkey Box for free. I had ea
November 19, 2016
Yes, I got a Dragon! The type of Dragon I am referring to is Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance. I just got it yesterday. Actually, I am currently using it. The reason I bought this was because my hands have the tendency to cramp up. And I type slower than I speak. A lot slower. Because of this, I would forget what I was typing, forget to put in ideas that had occurred to me while I was typing, and other various things.For me, this is actually a lot easier than typing. I got the Premium versi
How odd! I was on Firefox Mozilla search engine. I typed in I was redirected to at least three different sites that didn't have anything to do with Wealthy Affiliate.One site had to do with Western wear. Another site had to do wih how to earn almost $3000 in a single day blah blah blah. I forgot what the third site was about.After the first time that happened, I decided to watch the URL. I realized I was typing in the correct URL. But then, after typing in the correct URL,
November 09, 2016
After being busy the last few days, I finally logged into WA earlier. What a nice surprise! I really do like the new Profile Pages. We now have Badges! This most certainly will give some people a goal to work for, along with working on our sites. Sorry, this post is short. I forgot to mention on my earlier post.
November 09, 2016
Yay! Got my fifth wheel trailer moved on Monday! Lucky number 7! Just waiting for the fence and gate to be put back...going through my stuff again & putting it away.Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is working hard today! The WIFI in my new spot is awesome! No more excuses! Time to work! Writing content can be a pain but then again, the feeling of accomplishment once a post is written is unbelievable! So, do your research! Fine tune your notes! Write your post! Edit your post! Then publish it!
November 04, 2016
Yes, this is a continuation of yesterday. This morning I found out exactly which Spot/Space I am going to. Just waiting for the OKAY! Yes, it is fenced! There was two or three available. Sweet!Opportunities are great! But, only if you jump on them in time. If you pass it up, later you just might regret your decision. If you didn't realize the opportunity was there until later, well, that happens and it sucks. Sometimes, you need a few minutes or days (if possible) to think through the choices.D
November 03, 2016
Yes, another post! Earlier this week I found out that I was offered to move in another spot. A better one with a fence! The rules where I live are changing. No more monthlies inside the park. Unless you are a snow bird. Then you can stay for about five months.So, next week, I may be in a new spot on the outside of the park. Yup, next to the street! No more 5 mph! Just pull into my spot. No more people walking their dogs through my spot when I park the car on the other side. Sweet! No more watch
Seriously, are you held accountable for your actions at WA? What does this mean? This simply means:'to consider someone responsible for something; to blame something on someone.' courtesy of The Free DictionarySo, are you held accountable for your actions at WA? Yes!No!Yay!Nay!Always!Never!errr...what was the question again?Are you held accountable for your actions at WA? The correct answer is....yes, you are.We should all take responsibility of our own actions here at WA. Why? It wasn't my fau