Are You A Writer?

Last Update: Nov 25, 2016


Are you a writer? Are you an author? Yes, you are! The definition of a writer is:
A person who has written a particular text.
A person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job all regular occupation growth works.
Person writes in a specified way.
Composer a musical work.
The definition of an author is as follows:
A writer of a book, article, or report.
Be the author of (a book or piece of writing).
So, yes, you are in fact a writer and author. But, you say 'I'm not a writer. I'm not an author.'
Do you write for a living? Yes. Do you write content for your website? Yes. You do? Then, you are, in fact, a writer and an author. This is one of your many titles when you own and run your own website.
Another title is Researcher. Whether you write books for living or write your own content for your website you still have to do research. A lot of research.

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I freelance write for a side-income. I also write content for my website and participate in other people's blogs.


Hi Brenda, thank you for that great encouraging post. We tend to not give ourselves enough credit. All the best.

You're welcome!

Thank you very much for this encouragement!
How's the Dragon coming along, is it saving you time?
Have a great evening,

I truly enjoy Dragon! I use the 'Notepad' that came with my computer for dictating. Then I copy & paste, put the 'work' where I need it, then proofread and edit. I only use it for writing. It's fun! I got a Kindle book on how to set it up for writing.
Note: I don't recommend the Mac version. I use the Windows version.

Hey-thanks for the info!!!

You're welcome!

Nice Brendie!

It was always one of my write!

Yes! Being a writer is so much more than just writing books. There are a lot of areas.

Thanks, and yes we are.

You're welcome!

Hi Brendie,
That's a unique way of putting it. I didn't consider myself a writer, I just like to write. Thanks for the insight. Have a great day.

You're welcome!

I'm a blogger :)


Brendie, thank you for clarifying that great information. There are people who are writers but don't take the credit for it.

True! And, you're welcome!

I am way more a writer than a talker, I often say the dumbest things or just can find the right words in time, and on paper, I can think things over, re-write, delete, write again etc.

I call that 'lack of communication between the brain and mouth.' Or brain stall. It stops while I'm trying to find the right word or words. Frustrating. Then, I usually have to describe what it is I am trying to find the word for. Downright irritating at times!
But, I am practicing. The look on other peoples' face while you stand there trying to find words is not encouraging.

Haha, no indeed, that look...

Also if you proofread and correct your writing Brendie, that makes you an editor as well!

I knew something was missing! True! Thank you for your comment!

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