Why Every Newbie Bloggers Should Embrace Medium’s Platform

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Hi WAers,

Medium is an ideal platform for new bloggers looking to kickstart to gain more audience and outreach. While your website is in the "Google Sandbox," you can grab the opportunity to expand your reach and attract traffic for SEO purposes. With its user-friendly interface and a large community of readers,

Medium offers:

  • This is a unique opportunity for bloggers to share their content with the world.
  • It is designed for writers, thinkers, and storytellers.
  • Medium's sleek design and user-friendly interface make it easy for any blogger (new or seasoned) to showcase their expertise to a broader audience.

Many of our fellow WA members have written helpful training content on how to use Medium effectively. You can access this valuable information by searching "Medium training" in the magnifying glass icon.

This post will explain why every newbie blogger should embrace Medium's platform and tips to create a successful article.

Why Should New Bloggers Embrace Medium's Platform?

Many bloggers constantly seek fresh platforms to widen their reach and engage with a larger audience. Medium has become a popular choice due to its distinctive features. That likelihood does increase the number of users, making it a valuable addition for any blogger (new or seasoned).

While some seasoned bloggers still utilize the platform, your main objective should be to generate substantial content on your website. Although social media can benefit this endeavor, publishing on Medium early can also provide a significant boost. This is why newcomers should consider the advantages of incorporating Medium into their blogging strategy.

  • Increase Traffic to Your Blogs and Audience Engagement: You can reach a vast audience of readers actively seeking quality content with Medium's built-in distribution channels and algorithmic recommendations.
  • Increase Number of Loyal Followers: Creating a loyal following that eagerly anticipates your next article or blog post on Medium is easy as more readers discover your work.
  • Tap into a Built-In Network of Readers: On Medium, millions of users are explicitly looking for articles in various niches that engage them. When you comment thoughtfully on other writers' posts, you can gain even more followers for your blog or website by establishing yourself as an authority figure.
  • Enjoy Simplicity in Design and Ease of Use: Bloggers like you can create beautiful posts without technical hassle by using Medium's intuitive editing interface because it is a writer-focused platform.

Utilize Medium's full potential by creating unique posts that offer valuable insights and captivating narratives tailored to your target audience. This will not only attract more traffic to your blog, thanks to the platform's vast user base and strong SEO presence. In addition, Medium serves as a valuable networking tool, enabling you to connect with other bloggers and specific readership groups.

Tips for Creating Successful Posts on Medium

Writing on Medium is similar to writing a blog post.

Choose a captivating title: The headline of your post captures their attention and encourages the first thing readers see, so make sure it lets them click.

Write Compelling Content: Be informative and entertaining, and provide value to your articles. Make your writing relatable by using storytelling techniques or personal anecdotes.

Provide Value: Make sure your post offers something of value to your readers, whether it's through helpful tips, actionable advice, or thought-provoking insights.

Incorporate visuals: Adding high-quality images or videos to your post can help break up text and make it more visually appealing. It can also help illustrate your points and keep readers interested.

Utilize Medium's Formatting Options: To structure your content effectively and highlight important information, use headings, bullet points, bolding, and italicizing.

Keep it concise: Medium is known for long-form content, but you can go on for a short time. Make sure your message is conveyed effectively without rambling or including unnecessary information.

Write in a conversational tone: Write in a friendly and approachable style to connect with your audience on Medium.

Include personal anecdotes: To make your post more relatable, consider sharing relevant experiences or stories.

Engage with the community: Building connections within Medium can help you gain exposure and attract more readers by commenting thoughtfully on other writers' posts.

Earn followers organically: Consistently produce high-quality content rather than obsessing over follower counts.

Provide Value: Provide your readers with helpful tips, actionable advice, or thought-provoking insights in your posts.

Earn followers organically: Produce high-quality content consistently rather than obsessing over follower counts.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, many bloggers constantly seek new platforms to expand their reach and engage with more people online. I am working on drafting a couple of articles in Medium. It is essential to read their rules and follow them. You can click the search button on your WA dashboard using the magnifying glass for more resources

Medium offers bloggers (new or seasoned) a unique platform for showcasing their work, connecting with like-minded individuals, and growing their online presence. Medium allows you to repost your blog content from your website on their platform if you are waiting for indexing or if your articles never got indexed (and if you own the rights to them).


PS: Has anyone of you posted articles on Medium? Please do share and comment on your experience with the platform. Did it benefit and help you with SEO?

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Recent Comments


i just checked medium's website. So they have a free account and paid options. What is the benefit of us posting articles there? How will a medium reader reading your posts end up viewing you website? I saw in another post here that they are very strict if they think you are spamming. So how would we gain monetarily by posting on medium?

Hi there. Yes, they do have a free and paid membership. I use the free version. Yes, you have to read their rules and terms of service.

The best way is to study what kind of articles people write there. We should never spam if we do they can kick you off their platform.

It is better to spend time on the Medium platform to get idea what people write about in your niche.

The benefit is to get more eyes on the blog post that you wrote on your website simple as that. It helps with SEO for backlinks to your site according to Jay.

If you want the training you can find it in the search bar the magnifying icon that should help you to find what others members here wrote about using Medium.

Hi Mark,
Medium allows you to add a link to your profile. You can also include a link to your website in your content on Medium.
For example: If you are writing something on Medium, you can add a link to related content on your website or even an affiliate link.
If you want to repost something from your website to Medium, you can do that.
I have heard that Medium is big enough and Google understands what happens there, and will not downgrade your blog article as duplicate content.
Speaking of what happens after publishing, there’s something else Medium offers you for the Amazing price of zero dollars and zero cents:

The chance to be featured in front of their 60+ million readers.

You can earn money from your writing on Medium also.
There are some requirements, such as having at least 100 followers, and living in a country that accepts payments from Stripe. Medium also has an affiliate link, where if someone signs up on your link you receive a payment.
You must also be a paid up member, ($5.00 mth. or $50/yr).

The best thing about Medium is that it is easy to use and free, you don't need to pay unless you want to.
Also, if you ever have writers block just go to Medium, there will be something there to spur you into action.

Like all social platforms they have their rules. They are not jumping on the AI bandwagon.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, Michael, for adding the information for Mark and for all of us, of course. I appreciate it! 😀

I occasionally write on Medium Brenda. I don't do it to promote myself, I just write short stories, and on rare occasions an opinion piece.
There are mlmer's who post in both Medium and LinkedIn which is a bit of a turn off, but I do follow some interesting people who are regular posters.


Hi Michael,

Awesome. Thanks for sharing what you write in Medium. Yes, I have seen MLM articles there, too, and affiliate marketing as well. I'm glad to hear it's positive for you. It will be my first time writing on Medium. I’ve avoided using social media for years. The recent Google updates have led many marketers to use social media. It's where people hang out. Medium is a bit different; it reminds me of the old website called E-zine articles. I remember that site.

Think I recall E-zines too Brenda.
Anyway, below is a Google trends graph of WordPress and Medium.
We know how popular WordPress is but look at the growth of Medium (blue).

Hi Michael, yes, both are trending on similar lines. However, you used older data. I put in the last 30 days and focused only on the USA region, and my screenshot shows this. Blue is Medium, and Red is Wordpress so yes, Medium is experiencing exponential growth!

Yes, it just happened to be on an article I was updating Brenda.

Cool, I have eyes for details, Michael; current data is what I look for. I am glad you shared your experience with Medium. I don't use the paid membership, but some articles I want to read there are for paid members only. Not now, when I have grown my online business, and it's affordable at 50 a year, I would go for it—just paid for WA Premium Plus this year and other Pro plugins, GP Premium, and Grammarly, which are due this month. All are paid until next year. Will you think about monetizing with them? I read about that.

Hey Brenda,

Medium used to be my favourite traffic source.

I have been banned severally.

Planning to start another one and crush my completion.

Have a great week ahead!

How did that happen? Yes, it is part of their rules; they can ban people for no reason. All platform have their terms of services. That is why it is essential to follow their terms of service. Even if you did follow all the rules, if anyone complains about your content, such as marked for spam, they can ban you from the platform.

Most of the time we just join platforms without reading their rules.

I had to go through the rules so that my next account doesn't get banned.

I'll see you on medium.(I have a new account there)

Please don't follow me there. You already follow me here. I have a strict rule no Wa members are to follow me in any social media platform. Because every member here are in different niches. My niche won't be same as yours so why follow me? My readers are the ones who are passionate about my niche so don't follow me. It's a rule I stuck by for almost 5 years. If any WA member tries to follow me in SM, I will not accept. It doesn't make sense because we all in different niches. So our focus is on our target audience not WA members.

we are also consumers. What if one of us are truly interested in what you have to offer?

I’m a newbie. Have not heard of Medium. Will check it out. Thanks for the awesome tips.

Now Dee, this is a good way for you to get started on this Medium platform. Sure you are welcome.

Excellent post, Brenda, for newbies and veteran bloggers alike!

I’ve had it on my to-do list for a while now. 😎

Frank 🎸

Yes that what I said for both. Yes it's what im doing now.

Hadn't heard a lot about Medium before the last weekend begun Brenda, but a lot of positives have sprung up since then saying this is a great platform to use!!

After reading this my curious side can not hold back any further!!

I'll let you know how it goes my friend and I sincerely hope that all is well with you! :-)))

Hi Nick, all is fine. I am taking advantage of all the platforms I can get because Google isn't giving me the love since the updates. It's taking longer to index and I do not understand it. I am going to where people hang out.

Great idea to do so Brenda, I am taking a similar approach...

It pleases me to hear that you are doing ok though my friend, take care ok!

Love this article Brenda, thanks for sharing it!
I started a storytelling blog and was pondering methods to attract an audience as it's not the typical affiliate type blog where you build an article around key words and add affiliate links to products and services.
I was aware of Medium previously and follow a couple authors there but didn't make the connection to use it for SEO of my own blog and to build an audience. I will check out the WA training regarding Medium promptly!


Hi James, that's great. Yes you can and I encourage you to give that platform a try. Write an article there. Also be sure to follow their rules and terms of service first.

Will do Brenda, thanks again

Sure, you are welcome!

Thank you, Brenda, for the information; I had not heard of Medium. You did a great job illustrating while explaining the platform very concisely.
I will be checking it out soon.

Hi Ginele, sure, you are welcome. Thanks, I did my best to do the research and how it can help us bloggers to get more readers' attention to our content. It's a great idea to check it out.

A great platform. You can also earn income on Medium depending on your readership levels.

🌟 Nellya

Yes with their partner program. I am aware of it. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for highlighting Medium, Brenda. I had not been aware of it. I'll check it out today.

Hi Valerie, sure, you are welcome. I only learned about Medium from Jay's training. He mentioned that and I recalled seeing you there when he talked about it. I know his classes discuss a lot of content, which can sometimes be overwhelming. When discussing his iFilmThings content, he would show how to get into Google Search Console to get the index for a new blog post. He said he would write in Medium to get a boost as it helps with SEO, the same as the one he did for the Facebook business page.

Oh, thanks for the information Brenda. I don't recall either of those from Jay.
Although I join many of Jay's trainings as I can, I don't always get to the end of each one. Annoyingly I can get interrupted by staff or a resident and there's nothing I can do about it! I'm grateful to you, Brenda, for keeping me updated. Just as an add-on, I've been extremely unwell for the past week or more and leading into Black Friday has given me much food for thought. I definitely don't want to leave WA but can't afford to sign up for what I can't use. I considered going Premium rather than PP although definitely not my choice. Hopefully within the next few days I'll feel confident that I can make good use of PP. Greatly appreciate your kindness, Brenda :)

Absolutely. Valerie, I too, live in a care home (assisted living). I do get interrupted by staff, more so by them but not the residents. I have my own apt. I do not hang out with residents at all. We have COVID-19 here every once in a while, we get shut down when cases pop up. These residents do not follow hygiene rules. Besides, I get meals in my room. I can make my own meals, too. I have to put a sign on my door that will say, "Do Not Bother Me." my facility is a Deaf facility and also a facility for special needs.

We have all kinds of people with special needs here. Some have dual disabilities. Some have serious mental health issues, some have physical disabilities, and we do have some older Down syndrome residents living here. Boy, they are sweet. One is younger, but because he is a Downs, he has early onset of dementia. Eventually, he will be moved to the "Memory Care" unit.

Now, about you going Premium. I honestly do understand. I support your choices. I am aware that you have not been well. Thanks for sharing that.

We live in similar situations, Brenda.
I have my meals in my room; constantly being pressured to go to the Dining Room for meals!! It's not my thing!
We had Covid during last month. Thank goodness I wasn't affected by that.
Anyway, I remind myself to be thankful for what I have, and just get on with the best I can do.

Thanks for your support about going Premium. Much appreciated.

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