What To Blog About?

Last Update: April 26, 2018

Have you ever wondered what to write a post about?

Wondered what people would be interested in?

Have you felt lost when you set down at the computer. You know you need to write but do not know about what.

Let me tell you a little secret.

It is tried and true and I have used it many times.

All you do is ask a question.

You can do it on your blog. You can do it here on Wealthy Affiliate. Just ask a question.

Look at these questions and see if you can get a blog post out of them.




If you look at these questions you will find that there is more than one blog post in the answers. Usually I will get several blog post out of one idea.

If you are saying, "I do not know what question to ask." than ask people, "What question would you like answered about _______?"

You can do this here at Wealthy Affiliate, you can do it on you blog, you can do it on Facebook, anywhere people can see it and respond.

If you are in a particular niche than ask a question about something pertaining to your niche.

Like, "What dog food do you think is best and why." (Good Facebook Question) or "What dog food do you recommend new dog owners feed their dog and why."

Maybe, "What hair product is your favorite one to help you hair _______." Another one, "What hair product would you recommend to some with ______ hair." The list goes on.

There you are a secret to getting content to write about

Onward and Upward

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codevonish Premium
Good source of inspiration. Thanks
botipton Premium
Your welcome and good to see you on here on my post. I always like reading your post from the island as I call them.
codevonish Premium
Have you ever heard of Anguilla?
frex6 Premium
Nice tip Bo, thanks.
botipton Premium
glad to help
CKone Premium
This is a great idea, thank you for sharing.
botipton Premium
Your welcome
MaryCameron Premium
That is a fantastic tip, sometimes we just don't think outside of the box. This is something I will definitely be trying :)
botipton Premium
I am glad you liked it
Bald Eagle Premium Plus
Pretty simple really - but we often need reminders not to overthink things, thanks Bo
botipton Premium
Your welcome my friend