We Are Not Prepared To Do This

Last Update: November 08, 2018

When I saw this it reminded me, that

We Are Not Prepared To Build A Business On The Internet.

Most of us when we first get on the Internet we do not know how to build a business on here. Even if we have had successful businesses before there are things to learn.

Yes, some of the same successful principles, techniques, disciplines etc. still work but the ins and outs of running an online business need to be learned.

Just like the image above says school does not prepare students to live life.

Getting a computer and learning how to work it does not teach you how to build a successful business on the Internet.

People often ask why they are not succeeding

The Answer: It takes learning and action

You Have To Learn To Earn

That is why something like Wealthy Affiliate is so important.

It teaches you the in and outs, the what it takes, the do this and do that to succeed.

Each of us has to learn it and each of us then have to use it.

Otherwise, no money!

Real simple, learn what you need to succeed and then go do it.

That is why I support Wealthy Affiliate,

What is taught here works.

Okay time to stop rambling on and move on.

I just saw the top image on Facebook and it made me think of what wealthy affiliate does for people.

Onward and Upward.

P.S. I know you can do this. It just takes learning how to do it.

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Karin13 Premium
Great message! Love Wealthy Affiliate's training and am so grateful that I found it!

Best wishes,
Karin :)
botipton Premium
Same to you Karin
Karim78 Premium
Sure , i agree
botipton Premium
Thanks for reading the post.
Tirolith Premium
Some children when they leave schooling think their learning days are over.
NO they are just starting.
I am 77 years of age and still have 23 years of learning to go.
botipton Premium
You have me beat by a few years but I am also still learning.
CandP Premium
We totally agree with that statement at the top about "Life". The kids need to learn all that, just like we did. These are essential skills.
We have to take our time here to learn, there is no other way.
Then, take that knowledge and turn it into action, as you say.
Great post and thanks for reminding us all of the necessary groundwork needed and good old fashioned hard work!
Colette and Philip
botipton Premium
Got to do the work just learning is not enough
JamesJB Premium
Fingers crossed, Bo...
botipton Premium
Keep them crossed because it will happen
JamesJB Premium
Thanks, Bo...