What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online? 2 Yrs at WA

Last Update: August 06, 2015

Can you answer this question? What is the best ways to make money online? Well for starters you need the knowledge in how to make money online. Absolutely everything in life requires us to learn how to do it. We had to learn to walk, drive a car, and so many other things too much to mention here.

But one answer to the question would be to say, becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate. How many of you have either gone to college or a technical school? Do you remember how much it cost? And if you didn’t go to college and you have kids who did, do you remember how much it cost?


Now think about the training here at Wealthy Affiliate and how much you have learned. You have gained much knowledge in the best ways to make money online by using your own website. I will bet you that before joining or right after you joined, you were a bit uncertain about how you would be able to build your own website, especially since you are not a programmer.

Well as we all know, YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW PROGRAMMING TO BUILD A WEBSITE HERE AT WA! One of the biggest hurdles that prevent people from outside of WA to begin their online careers, is that they believe that they need to know programming to build a great website. As we all know, that is sooo NOT true!

So spending only $47 per month for all of this knowledge, website and business building resources at our finger tips, is really not that much money, in comparison to paying for a college course that is supposed to teach you WordPress website design or internet marketing.


Today is August 5, 2015 and it is my 2 year WAnniversary here and I can definitely say that I am ahead of the curve as far as making money online. Am I rich yet? No, but I am a lot better off than many. My online role model is Jeff Bezos, the Billionaire Founder & CEO of Amazon. It took him 2 years to make enough money just to break even with his expenses. I am well past the break-even mark thanks to WA.

So now I look forward to another 2 years here with my online family at Wealthy Affiliate. There will be changes coming up but one of them will NOT be me leaving this great community. So for any of you reading this that are not yet a member of WA, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online? One of the main ways is with your website built and hosted here at Wealthy Affiliate. Once you have a WA Premium membership, the sky is truly the limit. NOTE: I know that "What is" in my keyword title is not grammatically correct. There was a reason I chose to use "is" instead of "are" and the reason is below in the comments area, should you choose to know why. :)

Now I am getting back to working on my new website. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know which one I am talking about. But before I do I am going to watch one of my favorite YouTube videos that has some really AWESOME views of the snow covered mountains of Alaska set to music (remake of Sun is Shining by Bob Marley) in a way I bet you have never seen them before. That portion of the video starts after the 1:30 introduction, should you wish to view it.



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LLiu Premium
Great video and love the music...My dad and brother were pilots in the Air Force. Happy anniversary, and many more Robert here at WA.
Martstervt Premium
Thanks for perspective.$550 a year for tuition and the ability to start earning money is great,Coming from a Dad that had 4 kids go the traditional route.
jvranjes Premium
It was good so far for you, and I wish you success on the road ahead. Best luck. Jovo
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Jovo!
EKautz Premium
Happy WAnniversary Robert - cool video!

boomergp08 Premium
Ever since the invention of the GoPro HD cameras that so many are using now, it has provided amazing views of places and events as never seen before.
FHagstrom Premium
Happy Wanniversary Robert and many many more. Good luck with the new site
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Forrest!