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Last Update: Jun 3, 2018

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As many of you here in the Wealthy Affiliate online affiliate marketing training community already know, I do not have a problem finding niche ideas. I have created many tutorials on this subject alone, see links at the end of this post. But in this post, I want to focus on the Military Affiliate Program niche market.


When many go to choose a niche, they sometimes draw a blank in terms of finding a niche they can promote. You just have to understand that a niche can be practically anything. All you need to remember is that if a bunch of people have an interest in something, that something is a niche.

Seeing how there are tons of people who have an interest in military history, clothing, boots, helmets, knives, surplus and many other things, the military niche is a huge market. It doesn’t matter which country you are from, the interest in the military is worldwide.

This interest can be promoted by anyone, you do not need to be a veteran or still in the military. However if you are still in the military, a website connected with companies that have a military affiliate program can earn you extra income on the side.

There are so many sub niches within the broad military niche market. And this niche can also be of interest in the camping niche. How? Well there are many pieces of equipment that a camper will use that was either first created by or have been used by those in the military for quite some time.


Like I said above, anyone regardless of the country you live in or whether you have or do serve in the military, can make money online in this niche. So what are some of the sub niches you could promote? Below is a brief list.

  • Clothing = Casual, Uniforms, Div. Unit specific t-shirts, and others for either men, women or kids
  • Headgear = Hats, Caps, Military Berets, Bandanas, Helmets, Knit Face Masks, Boonie Hats
  • Footwear = Military & Tactical Boots, Steel Toe, Training Sneakers, Rock Climbing Shoes
  • Accessories = Gun Holsters, Leg Holsters, Nightsticks, Defensive Pepper Spray, Handcuffs
  • Outdoor Living = Military Cots & Hammocks, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Hydration, Portable Stove
  • Survival Gear = Military Bayonets, Hunting Knives, Binoculars, Flashlights, First Aid Kit, MREs
  • Flags = State, National, Military, Specific Military Branch/Unit/Div Ex., U.S. Army 101st Airborne
  • Bags & Packs = Backpacks, Duffel Bags, Aviator Flyer Bags, Ammo Pouches, Combat Field Packs
  • Insignia = Specific Unit Patches, Rank Insignia, Medal and Badge Holders, Emblem Coins
  • Military History = DVD Videos, Books, Authentic Military Surplus, Reenactments, Battle Guides

Now you may have noticed that several of the above items can be promoted in other niches as well. Like I said above, many pieces of equipment that a camper will use, originally came from the military. This means that keywords pertaining to hiking or camping could be used to access a military niche site.

This is great because if you create content in some of your posts that may have a cross-connection between something military and something like hiking, you could selectively use keywords pertaining to hiking and attract that audience too.


OK, well almost anyone can do this niche. If you are someone who likes history, perhaps the military niche would be good for you. How? Well the events of military conflicts all over the world have shaped the history books. Most times when a great historical event has occurred, the military wasn’t far away.

You could make your niche website about Pearl Harbor and talk about many of the events of that day and many that were to follow. You could promote many of the items I listed above from both the American and Japanese perspectives.

Perhaps you have a son or daughter serving in the military, you could create a military niche website to represent and honor the branch, unit and division they are serving with. The cool thing about creating a website like this is that you could use authentic photos that your son or daughter can provide for you.

And if you are veteran you can take your vast knowledge of the military and come up with a niche website. Those of you who are still serving in the military, YOU TOO CAN GET IN ON THIS! It does not take any techie experience to have your own website and then join a military affiliate program.


With all of the advanced website building techniques exclusively at Wealthy Affiliate (WA), getting a website up and running is a snap and can be completed within a few minutes. And these are not cheap websites. You will get to build 2 WordPress websites and for free as a Starter Member of WA.

No matter what kind of niche you choose your first website to be about, most affiliate marketers have several different niche websites, WA can teach you, direct you, help you, support you and recommend you to other optional outside services, to get your affiliate marketing website business operating.

This community has many members who have been there and done that and are willing to help. I give back by way of training tutorials and answering questions when I can. My tutorials center around my strong points; use of keywords, finding a niche, finding royalty free images, and using social media.


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If you have any questions or comments about what I have written above, please leave them below. It does not matter what country you live in or your gender or age, you too can create a website having to do with products you can find with a good military affiliate program.

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Recent Comments


Interesting Robert, sometimes the niche is right under your nose, but you cannot see it because of its perception. Good blog.

Thank you. I agree that some times a niche can be right under our noses but because of how it is perceived, many will just overlook it.

Thanks for sharing, Robert. I work at Ft. Detrick.

You are welcome Roger. A website could be made about the history of Ft. Detrick and its role in biological weapons. Then the products promoted on the website that are relevant could be protective gear like, gas masks, gloves, hazmat suits, goggles, air and water purifiers,...

Thank you. This is a fantastic post.

You are welcome. Happy you liked it.

Another great post! I'm trying to reach out to the military as well to join WA. Thanks for the tips.

My pleasure. I think those in the military can benefit from WA just like any other group of people.

Hey this is great idea I've been thinking of this for my self as I'm a vet and want to start a surplus store yeah thankyou take care speak soon.

Kind regards

You are welcome Nick.

First off, thank you for your service in the military. Secondly, the military niche can take many paths and can conjure up memories and stories that can enhance your content.

I just found your post and wanted to express my thanks, I am going to enjoy building this niche. I served in the 60's and 70's
so it has been a little while since being involved with this type of activity.
Have a great day.

You are welcome and thank you for your service to country.

There are many angles one could take with this niche but someone like you who has served, should be able to find one.

In doing so you will probably remember certain things and stories you may want to tell through your niche content. Lots of possibilities.

Fascinating. I gotta say, I never thought of that! If anything is universal, it's war.

Yes, war is universal and this is why practically every country has a military. Those who serve and have served in that military will most likely have an interest in it. The military and its role help to shape history.

Hi Robert, thanks for sharing your idea on military as a niche. It is indeed refreshing and I guess you're right - there is definitely a market out there for this.

You are welcome. Yes, there is definitely a market out there for military and military-styled products. This niche is perfect for those who are still serving and for veterans alike. Plus it doesn't matter what country you are from. Practically every country has a military.

That's so true. Still, it never amazes me whenever someone brings up a niche that has never crossed my mind. It's a vast market out there for everyone.

Yes it is

Thanks Robert for sharing your Ideals. You always have great information.


Thank you Jean. I always try to help people realize just how many things can be niches.

Thanks for sharing Robert, very good training, Best Alan

You are welcome Alan. I am happy you enjoyed it.

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