PAGE 1 – What is a niche and how you can make money from it

PAGE 2 – How to break down a niche and find sub niches

PAGE 3 – Examples of popular niche markets

PAGE 4 – Finding different niches you are already involved with

There is no doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is the premeire online business building and training resource for those selecting a niche and becoming affiliates of companies that supply that niche. However too often I see many new members struggle to find a niche, always asking, what is a niche?


So what exactly is a niche? We are all involved in many different niches every single day but for some reason people cannot grasp that simple fact. Perhaps they just do not know the meaning of the word niche. Though there are a few definitions of the word, let me give you the one that pertains to affiliate marketing.

A niche is an area of a market specializing in one type of product or service. On the upcoming pages of this tutorial I will be giving you examples of some popular niches and how you can break them down into a more focused or specialized sub niche.

When you decide on what that sub niche will be from that more broad niche market, you can then effectively begin to make money within that specific market. And even though the niche market may have several products associated with it, you always want to start out focused and grow broader.


Obviously in order to make money in a niche you first have to select a niche and then focus it down to a specific sub niche of the broader niche market. Before I continue let me give you the definition of what is niche marketing and then how affiliate marketing ties into it.

Niche Marketing – Creating and concentrating all of your online marketing efforts on a small specific and well defined segment of the population. A niche can be created by identifying the needs, the wants, and requirements that are either being poorly supplied or not at all by other people or companies.

For example, a popular niche market is the cosmetics market for African American women. Naturally face makeup is going to need to be different for women with various shades of darker skin than those with lighter skin. Choosing this niche has been proving to be quite profitable.

In order to make money in this particular niche, as is with all other niche markets, you will then have to become an AFFILIATE of various cosmetic companies or retail outlets like Amazon that sell this kind of makeup online. These companies and retail outlets will be paying you for your marketing efforts.

By creating content that promotes your niche and directs your website visitors to these companies via affiliate ads/links, you are now engaging in affiliate marketing. Basically you are promoting other people’s products and directing them to the places that sell these products. In return you get paid a commission.

NEXT UP = How to break down various different niches into sub niches

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BLonglois1 Premium
one of the biggest downfalls for many marketers is trying to get that perfect niche where you can lasso the whole market .if there is a lot of competition in your specific niche alot of times just means there is plenty of potential customers in your area so theres plenty of buyers for a lot of other competitors.i myself have gone searching and digging deeper and deeper into sub niches to find the perfect niche only to find that after all my diligent work and being really targeted that now there wasnt enough customers needing answers and products to support my competitors . myself so more often than not your better off using a little broader sub niches that can support the wants and needs of your specific market.
in other words sometimes competition is good and you can get good at other parts of attracting customers
boomergp08 Premium
Yes this is true for some niches and it is why I always say to start out as narrow as possible but to always grow your niche broader. Some niche markets you can stay narrow and do quite well, but then there are others that you will ultimately have to grow broader to garner more potential sales.
AnnPC Premium
Your trainings are helping me so much! Also love the Star Trek items in the picture. Are you a fan? I certainly am and have a number of collectables myself. Very excited about the new series in Sept.

I'm new to this and am still trying to create my website. I bought a domain, and thought I would try to focus on a particular type each week e.g. emergency tools for the car, pet drinking fountains, charging stations etc. I have four different tools for getting out of the car in an emergency so could review each of them. I'm assuming I would then put a link (as an affiliate) to say, Amazon, REI, and so on.
Do you think this sounds OK? I'm having a hard time choosing a theme for the site, too many to choose from for me! :)
I'd value any thoughts you may have on the stuff I've talked about.
Thanks again, you are a goldmine of information.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Ann. I am happy my training tutorials are helping you to better understand the various aspects of building a successful affiliate marketing website.

I think your niche idea for helpful gadgets is a good niche and you will want to separate that niche into sub niches. Have a page for Car Gadgets, another for Pet Gadgets, and so on.

Make these pages as Parent Pages and create a drop down menu from them to include other relevant pages within that group. This way it will be easier for people should they want to only view gadgets in that particular category.

As for a theme, choose what you like. But remember, the more simplistic the better it will look on a smaller screen of a smartphone or tablet, which is the way a majority of people surf the internet now.

Yes I am a Star Trek fan and if I had time I would create an affiliate website in the Star Trek niche. The Star Trek Store has a great affiliate program and can be quite profitable for anyone wanting to get into this niche.

I even created a blog post about this niche and provided information on what payment details The Star Trek Store offers to those who become their affiliates. You can read my blog below. Check out the video it contains. Every Star Trek fan will love it.
tasmich Premium
Hello Robert,

Great article, thanks for that

On a website like the one mentioned above by Ann, what would be your approach regarding sub-niches growth? Would you work on all sub-niches at the same time or work on each individual one till you run out of things to write and then move to the next one?
boomergp08 Premium
I would work on one sub niche at a time but would start work on the next sub niche before ending with the previous. This way they overlap and you have a constant flow of content creation.
DavidMG1 Premium
hi bloomergp08,
whoa, ive been banging my head trying to understand the meaning of a niche, and its 00:45 in the morning and i just read your article. and its finally hit me. you have explained it in such a simple way, even a thicko like me can understand it lol. not only have i understood it. i even did an example ie. i drew a simple house shape and with arrows going out 1 was named bedroom another named lounge etc etc last was garage. the i took each example ie the kitchen then i named all the sub niches in the kitchen, ie fridge,cooker etc etc. i settled for something in that house as my niche. my acheing head is now cured thanks to you.

ps I'm so following you now.
thanks again
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome David and you did a really good job at discovering the sub niches of the home/house niche.

You just need to take the broad niche and break it down into the smaller sub niches that are associated with it. And if possible break the sub niche down again.

Not all sub niches can be broken down. But here is a broad niche that can be broken down many times. The Automobile niche.

Sub Niches...

Muscle Cars -> Chevrolet -> Corvette -> Classic Corvette -> After-Market Chrome Products

The After-Market Chrome Products for classic Corvettes would be my final focused down niche dealing with products like bumpers, bumper guards, wheels, mirrors, shift knobs,...
JohnWest1 Premium
Your "house" example is perfect.

Anyone can understand the concept.

Great post!
HPearson Premium
Hi Boomer, I have a very broad "caring for a senior dog" niche. On my website can I create small focused "niches" instead of having to create new websites?

For example - dog beds for small dogs as a niche will have a category and a page. The same can be done with another niche such as wheat free canned senior dog food.

Thanks very much.
boomergp08 Premium
If these small focused niches all pertain to senior dog care, then yes you can do that. Not a problem.
NWTDennis Premium
Very comprehensive niche training Robert. But the EOD the challenge of being viewed as an "expert" in a any micro niche comes back to generating a steady stream of relevant posts.

For example ... I've become fairly decent using my desktop computer, but I don't consider myself a "Computer Geek". So how would I compete with the Geek competition in say the "Computer" micro niche you listed ... USB flash drives?
boomergp08 Premium
You do not need to be a computer geek to compete. You just need to provide the information that people are seeking in your respective niche.

Though you may never out-perform the computer geek, does not really matter. You do not need to out-perform but rather provide enough information to share in the revenue stream for that particular niche market.
JohnV Premium
Someone once told me to remember, that if you know 5% more than I do about a subject, you are as good as an expert
boomergp08 Premium
That sounds about right.