Hello WA! Remember Me? I Have Been MIA

Last Update: Jun 25, 2022

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It almost feels like an eternity since I was last active on here. My WA Rank is certainly a reminder of that. LOL

I went from my highest rank of 3 (Ambassador) just under Kyle and Carson, to just above 25 and then gladly left the top 25.

Gladly? Yes. The responsibility of being so helpful and active within the community, was putting a monkey wrench in my earnings.

I needed to focus on making money with affiliate marketing strategies online and stop being so active here. Make that money!


I have been a happy member of WA since August 2013. WOW! Almost 9 years ago! I have no plans of leaving anytime soon.

A lot has happened to me since I sort of went off the WA radar a little more than a year ago. I even went MIA (to a point) on social media.

As some of you may know, my main job is being an N-EMT. What is that you ask? It's like being an EMT but way more active.

I am certified in the same training as an EMT but I do not handle "Emergency" calls. I do all "Non-Emergency" transports.

I am sure you have seen those Medical Vans with the wheelchair lifts. Most of those are N-EMT transports for Non-Emergency patients.

Where an EMT sits around and waits for a call, an N-EMT is always on the go. We make up 80% of ALL medical transports.

This means that when the country was shutdown due to Covid, I was still working and in the Covid hot spot of New Jersey.

I never once tested positive for Covid despite being within 6 feet of people who had it. Thank God for PPE, a niche worth getting into.

In fact, I did get into that niche, partially, meaning I did so without a website. More about this in an upcoming blog.


During my absence WA has continued to change. I am noticing new features that I look forward to trying in the coming months.

The fact that Kyle, Carson and those behind the scenes are always improving on the WA experience, is why I will never leave.

I think about all of you here at WA who I have interacted with over the years, almost every day since going MIA.

One change I was SHOCKED to see was when I logged in on April 1st. NO April Fools blog from Kyle? WTF KYLE!?!

Change is inevitable. One change I must do is update some of my WA tutorials, especially the What is a Profitable Niche tutorial.

I want to add information about a couple of new profitable niche ideas like the PPE niche I have mentioned above.

ANYWHOOO...I just wanted to check in and let you all know I am still alive and kicking. I am making money, which is important. Right?

I look forward to being a little more active here at WA in the near future. For now, I will remain in the background making changes.

Recent Comments


Yeaaa! Wonderful to see you back on WA, Rob and happy to see you are still kicking and alive 🎉!

I have missed you! It's been a while... I know you have been doing non-emergency transports and I figured you've been very busy doing the necessary work during COVID. Thank God, you are doing all the medical transports allowing the EMRs to do their work too.

Yes, PPE is a perfect niche. I spent some time working in the oil patch and with construction companies doing safety work and wearing the proper PPE has always been one of the top hot topics.

Thank God, you didn't get COVID... hope you never do.

I look forward to reading your helpful tutorials.

Have a blessed Sunday, Rob and thank you for letting us know what's been going on in your life 👍!


You are welcome Monica. Even though it was because of Covid that made the acronym PPE more mainstream, it is a niche that is used by so many more industries than just healthcare and first responders. I will be checking into WA every week to 10 days, so you will see me around.

Yeeaaaaa... 🙏 Thank you! I look forward to seeing you around.

Are you kidding? Of course, I remember you. You've been so helpful and created some great training here at WA. Welcome back, Rob! Hope to see you around more.

I've been less active as well since I don't have a lot of time to work on my site(s). It's good to focus on the point of all this, creating a successful affiliate income, at least at times. Thanks for checking in. :)


My pleasure Paula. We all have a life outside of WA and opportunities for making money. I will be checking back in again soon.

Oh, that's ok Boomer. I tried to warn a few as well about spending too much time, etc. at their own expense, but.. people will do what they do. I've also been MIA, but for a variety of personal reasons. I, too, will be in the background from time to time.... Nice hearing from you - See you around!

Thank you Toni. The WA experience can be quite addictive. I certainly got caught up in it at first, but then realized I needed to focus elsewhere. For now I will pop back into WA every week or two. Enjoy what's left of your 4th of July.weekend.

So good to hear from you again & glad you popped in to say you're okay. Totally understand why you've been gone so long. Glad to hear you didn't get Covid especially when you were so close to others who had it. Looking forward to you being a bit more active here. A lot of us have missed you & of course your tutorials.

Thank you Darlene. Most of my time is devoted to my regular job first, which actually gives me opportunities to make money in my new PPE niche.

That niche and others is where I spend most of the spare time I have. As you can see it has been 9 days since you commented and I am just getting back now. LOL

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