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um...yea, I'm the one on the right... :)

This picture was taken in Vegas after the Blue Man Group show - which was awesome!

Hello. I'm Toni, and I currently reside in Massachusetts. After many years of trial and error and watching technology just change so dramatically over the years, I would very much like to build a "work-from-home" business.

Although, at the time of this writing, I worked in Real Estate and Insurance, I have dabbled in online businesses and storefronts since the beginning of the web. However, my past efforts went by the wayside because I did not keep up with technology or the whole social media "thing" from its inception (Facebook and Twitter). I was just too busy and just kept putting it off. Now, however, it seems that no matter how many profiles you have and forums you join, technology just keeps things coming - along with all the "guru"s out there who claim to help you build wealth with whatever software or system their selling... So, I hope that by joining this site, the members and discussion boards will help to weed things out that may not work, stop wasting time and money, and will truly help one another build a long-term worth-while business.

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Money Goals
1) $3,000-$5,000 per month..
2) Over $8,000 per month (Six Figures / yr)
3) Min 10 and up to 30 Hrs per week.
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Dec 19, 2016
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MsMoneyHoney Premium
1) $3,000-$5,000 per month..
2) Over $8,000 per month (Six Figures / yr)
3) Min 10 and up to 30 Hrs per week.
Larry_T Premium
Looks like great goals but I bet you will be putting in more than 30 hours a week if you really get into website building. Good luck with your site.
Nik12 Premium
Awesome goals, Toni! With your input and the great help of our WA-family you can´t but succeed. keep to your goals and never give up!
Kyle Premium Plus
Your goals are totally realistic and when you achieve the first one, it will be just a matter of scaling to reach the second one. The Internet works wonderful when you have your formula for success down which you are going to be getting from the training here at WA.

Once you get this formula down the sky is truly the limit Toni! I look forward to working with you and seeing you make your goals a reality. :)
WMisback Premium
First off, welcome to WA! This is an amazing community full of caring people, so if you have questions feel free to ask me or anyone else. You have great goals, and with hard work you will achieve them.
All the Best,
alcampbell09 Premium
best of luck. I like your hours per week
MsMoneyHoney Premium
Ok, Kyle - I've had online sales, but, as mentioned, I haven't kept up and technology keeps changing. (e.g. Gogle's algorithms, SEO, etc.) That's why I'm skeptical. But I see the value of an online forum that allows people to keep up with the ongoing changes and help one another. I have worked hard to be successful, and it's high time that I achieve what I want to achieve. In short, you're on - Kyle!
MsMoneyHoney Premium
I have a bunch of web-sites. I've had online stores, and I have some affiliate sites up now, but I don't have regular cash flow or a "proven formula" of getting traffic... That's where I have fallen short and/or have wasted time and money on other methods or even hit or miss. So, I am intrigued by a set of planned out steps to take with an ongoing forum. I'm hoping that since this forum provides ongoing info, it can help avoid pitfalls, keep up with algorithm changes, and identify new resources to explore. So, before I shell out more money, especially monthly, I'm here reading success stories and waiting to realize some success from my efforts - first. If I do, then you won't be able to get rid of me. :) I'm all about making money... not bass, nor treble... it's all about the money and helping others ...
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booklover2 Premium
Hey Toni, nice to meet you and welcome to WA! Thanks for the follow and I'll follow you back!
ajmmdm1983 Premium
Hi Toni, Thank you for being my follower.
KatieMac Premium
Thank you for the follow wish you every success
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
Hi there and thanks very much for the follow .. hope you are doing ok :)

Vince OMWV Premium
Hey Toni!

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