Done With Course 2-Yay!

Last Update: December 07, 2017

I just got done with Course 2 Certification, which I am very excited about.

It was somewhere during Lesson 9 that I decided I was going to write a blog post documenting my progress and journey so far. Wouldn't you know it, that's exactly what the assignment for Lesson 10 was. Go figure!

My niche is anything dog-related (is that too broad?). Most of you know I am a huge dog lover and have had dogs my whole life, so I feel I can always come up with content to write about.

My site is Feel free to comment and/or give any sort of feedback regarding site layout, content.....anything really.

I have had lots of questions, and I searched frequently for previous post/questions regarding the information I was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised to find most of the time there was a wealth of information on the very topic I needed, usually accompanied by an excellent tutorial by Kyle or some other awesome person.

The few times I couldn't find what I needed, I posted the question myself. And my wonderful followers were quick to project their knowledge and expertise onto me, for which I will always be grateful.

I am excited to start Course 3, which I believe has to do with monetizing your website. What's to not be exciting about that?!?!

While I was doing Course 1 and deciding whether or not to become a Premium WA member, I saw that there was of course the regular Course Certification, but also the Affiliate Bootcamp. I did Course 1 for both of those, but stopped after that for the Bootcamp. I haven't started Phase 2 for the Bootcamp. I have been putting all my time and effort into my main website.

I did, however, get a domain and make a very basic website as part of the Phase 1 Bootcamp. So I guess my question is this---should I work on the continuing the certification for my main website while getting the website for the WA Affiliate Program at the same time, or should I just focus on getting my main website up and going, then worry about Bootcamp stuff once I am done with the certification courses?

My journey here at WA is only just getting started. I am excited to continue with my training and certification.

As always, any help or guidance is appreciated. Wish you all the best <3


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Memorylaneuk Premium
Congratulations on finishing course 2.
I originally did the certification and applied it to three websites. I just thought I would get bored writing about one subject. I then did Bootcamp and realised that, it was all about my my make money online website. Still at least I was ahead of the game when I got there so to speak.
If I am honest 3 was, is too many. I would stick to your niche one until you get to the end of the certification and then do bootcamp and build your make money online one.
I often got sidelined by having three and it meant applying everything three times. Too much and I don't recommend it.
With Grace and Gratitude
bmatson12 Premium
Thanks for the advice Karen. I will stick to my niche site.
Karlito76 Premium
Well done, you are progressing through the training nicely. I recommend completing the training for your main website. Once you feel you have a handle on it, you can continue on with the WA bootcamp. That is my plan anyway. As far as your site goes, I will leave you a PM with my feedback.
BradB18 Premium
I looked at your website and you have done niches within dog related matters. If you were writing about dogs in general then that would be too broad but you are not. Can dogs eat cinnamon, for example, is a great niche for dog lovers wanting to know about food for dogs. Your blogs are not broad they are very good in my opinion.
bmatson12 Premium
Thanks for the compliment Brad
BradB18 Premium
Your welcome Betty
JLennon Premium
Congratulations on completing level 2! The prevailing wisdom here, and I agree, is to finish the certification course first. This is especially important if you're are relatively new to affiliate marketing.

WA Ambassador Boomergp08 has a training, take a look and decide for yourself.
bmatson12 Premium
Thanks for that!
GinaGo Premium
I love your domain name too! Great find. You can refine your niche over time and you can market WA membership with your niche site. Keep working on that. You can always build another site later if you want. There is no benefit trying to do both now. Keep your focus! ~Gina
bmatson12 Premium
Thanks Gina. I will do just that!