Anybody else having issues with Pending November WA COMMISSIONS?

Last Update: Nov 1, 2019

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1st Issue Noted

I noticed a few days ago that I've not been receiving commissions from one of my referrals who is still a premium member.

Please don't ask me how I know. I don't have many premium referrals, needless to say, it's very easy to know how much you will perceive each month. And for two months, I've not received any commission on this member that signed up using my affiliate link, and who happens to be a premium member as I write. The commissions used to come throught, but then out of a sudden, it stopped two months ago.

I've asked support, and support forwarded query to Carson. No response from Carson yet

2nd Issue Noted

I've not been paid my November wa commissions. This is a screenshot:

No payment yet. Issue reported to SiteSupport, which was escalated to Carson. No response yet.

Anybody else having such issues?


My commissions finally arrived in PayPal. Thanks Y'all for reassuring me.

Hmmmmm. This can only mean that there's a huge number of members who are taking advantage of the affiliate program here. It seems the number has tripled. I used to cash in at 8am. Now it's 10pm.

Waers are hustlers.

But no clarification yet about the missing commissions.

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Hi Stunning,

re: 1st Issue Noted
In some cases, pending commissions are related to that WA member having payment issues where their credit card is declined or there is some sort of chargeback.

re: 2nd Issue Noted
In my 12 Years as a WA member, they have never been late on commission payouts. Every single month on the 1st, they have always paid on time.
The only variable would be the time of day that it happens and this could be due to the sheer volume of payouts (i.e. the amount of affiliates being paid).

Jay (magistudios)
WA Live Training Coach

I really appreciate your intervention, Jay. Really much appreciated.

1st Issue:
Payment issues that last for 2 months without the member's account being canceled?

2nd Issue:
I'm still hopeful and anticipating that big check.

I will wait and see what happens.

Thank you very much.

Glad it all turned out ok. Jim

Just a thought ... perhaps the individual is no longer paying monthly and you received a lump sum payment when the switched to six months or a year subscription! Or, as someone mentioned they are having payment processing issues.
I am sure there is a good explanation ...

That amount is not a lump sum payment. It's an accumulation of small commissions including my $167 commission I received a few months back.

I also hope there's a good explanation. Carson has been informed 2 days earlier, and 2 more reminders sent to him

No news from them.

I received my commissions to Paypal earlier today and have on the 1st of every month for over 4 years now my friend.

I'm sure that it will get sorted out for you very soon.


Thank you very much, Tony. I'm also looking forward to that payment.

Surprisingly it's coming in very late this time around.

I just a few minutes ago also received my Jaaxy commissions.

Good for you Tony. Thanks for the confirmation. Still waiting.

Wealthy Affiliate pays on the 1st of each month but there is no specific time - it can be any time up until 23:59:59 GMT-7.

Also regarding the commissions that you claim to be missing, are you absolutely certain the member is still an active Premium member? When a member cancels they do not lose their Premium badge, they simply lose access at the end of their term.

That's an interesting point!


Yes I agree. This time I haven't received anything yet.

Concerning mission affiliate commissions, yes the member's status is still ''premium'' but I haven't be credited with commissions for 2 months now.

I don't have many premium signups, so I have been able to track this particular member's commissions.

It used to come in, and then it suddenly stopped.

I've had other premium members who just disappeared from the platform when they did not renew.

So having a premium badge does not necessarily mean that the member is still active?

As I say, the members "status" may well be Premium - but are they actually active within Wealthy Affiliate & still paying their membership fees? Do you know that with 100% certainty? It sounds to me like they simply cancelled their membership.

I don't know.

With others whose accounts have been canceled, I often see a status, ''Not Live''.

Other accounts simply disappear without any trace, even when they paid the first month.

So I cannot say with certainty

Just been paid my a few minutes ago - give it time to process.

Ok I will wait and see.

Never had a problem in years. WA is on west coast time. It usually hits around the middle of the day floor me on the East coast.

Mine used to come early morning hours. It's already evening

no problem here.
I just checked my pay-pal account and it is there

hopefully you got yours by now as well :)

Good for you. Thanks for confirming my doubts.

I would wait until the end of the day, it's only 10 am Pacific time where Wealthy Affiliate is located...I never had an issue with commissions being late from WA

The last time I received a payment from wa, it was before 9:am GMT. Now it's already 18:00PM GMT

Sorry, haven't had a problem. Sure they will get it sorted out soon.

That would be helpful. Black Friday is around the corner plus many other events. I don't respond the last time Kyle or Carson responded to queries.

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