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1st Issue NotedI noticed a few days ago that I've not been receiving commissions from one of my referrals who is still a premium member.Please don't ask me how I know. I don't have many premium referrals, needless to say, it's very easy to know how much you will perceive each month. And for two months, I've not received any commission on this member that signed up using my affiliate link, and who happens to be a premium member as I write. The commissions used to come throught, but then out of a
Online Business Rocks And WA Offers Just The Right Tools!When I was pursuing my Financial Career (for 10 years), every morinig I felt like I was trapped in a cage, plus each time I gazed into the future, all I saw, was more frutration.I had great financial ambitions, and deep down I knew that my career wasint' going to help me accomplish them.Relatively I was earning quite much, but I do not usually compare my success with others. I compete with my goals, and ambitions.So one day I put pen to p
You Might Want To Consider Deactivating Them And See What HappensWhen SiteSupport switched the servers of my website, my speed scores improved significantly. However, SiteSupport recommended that I remove any currently installed Cache plugins, but I didn't because everything was ok.I checked in today to verify my speed one more time, and all my mobile scores had gone down hill one more time.So I considered deactivating my Cache plugin (WP Fastest Cache), and as soon as I had this plugin deacti
IMMEDIATE INDEXING. NEVER SEEN THIS SPEED BEFORE.I had been working on that article today. When it was ready, I published it. That was about 30 minutes ago.I headed over to submit my URL with Google Search Console. And this is what happened. Check it out below:The indexing was immediate!! WOW!!Just a quick note to say that the training works. I guess many of you are already so used to that beautiful sight.It's the first time I've seen my article indexed instantly just minutes after publishing.
WA IS INDEED A GOLDMINE, NEW & STUNNING WEBMAIL INTERFACE, UPDATES EVERY NOW AND THEN==>THIS IS JUST AMAZINGI've been noticing some wonderful changes taking place here at WA almost on a daily basis. The first one I noticed just yesterday, was the newly added bar to our dashboard, making it possbile to reach out to our sponsors with only one click.That's not all. The added menu also recommends training resources, and the list is updated everytime you click around.What an excellent idea!!!
It Was A Great Idea Requesting FeedbackAbout a week ago, I decided to drop my website link for some feedback, and I really got some amazing responses.I've been working on implementing each and every one of time, and taking my time as well. I'm not yet through with the process but I've started seeing results!!I actually got my first WA referral from my new landing page. I'm excited to know that my landing page is working.I'm pretty sure by the time I'm done, the results would improve as well.GIV
TRAFFIC SPIKEBut First, A Brief History:Some of you are aware of the fact that I recently submited my website for review, and I really got some amazing ideas. Thanks to each and everyone who stopped by. The implementation is still in progress.I've been working on it since 2017. In the beginning I was quite dumb, and when I look at the progress I've made so far, I can only be grateful to this community and the training here, because I see a stark difference.However, the steep learning curve is f
I Noticed Something Quite Disturbing TodayI was doing my research online as usual, and then I came across a well written article by one of the members here at Wealthy Affiliate, RANKING ON PAGE 1 POSTION ONE IN GOOGLE.In fact it occupied the famous position ZEROSo What's The Problem?You know, when you rank in that position, Google features a snippet from your website. That was exactly the case with the article I saw, but there was something different and annoying.The snippet featured was taking
SOME MAJOR GOOGLE UPDATES ARE IN THE MAKINGDid You Notice?A few months back in March, many sites reportedly noticed a massive drop in rankings, as a result of several pages disappearing from Google's index.I don't know if any of you noticed this, but I did notice some decline in traffic.What's Happening Now?Now it's becoming more evident that Google is in the middle of something very big. I mean literally ''HUGE''. You can read the full story here.Google Updates Always Make Me NervousI'm no fan
At Long Last: The 'Edit Update' Button Has Finally Been Added To Your LinkedIn Company PostsFor the first time since the launching of LinkedIn, the possibility of edting your company posts after publishing has finally been added!!!! YAAAAAAYY!!!!!!!This used to be one of the major complaints, and a major disdavantage for that matter. You had to be prettey accurate when publishing your post for the first time, and once it was published, no turnining back, as the ONLY ALTERNATIVE would be to del