Paying for MINDSET Training? WTF!!!

Last Update: April 01, 2014

Do people really buy into this idea? Please don't fall for this bogus nonsense. I'm a huge advocate of "Getting Your Mind Right"...if it needs it, but charging people $100 a month to do so is ridiculous.

That is what Empower Network is charging for One of their products. This is complete nonsense. So my mission is to really make a huge push for WA and the amazing community here that Kyle and Carson could apparently charge out the ying yang for.

Here's some FREE Mindset training for you. Get involved with WA and surround yourself with likeminded individuals, read Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, Listen to Earl Nightingale's Strangest Secret for free on Youtube everyday, and put your goals all over the place at your house, and never lose site of what you want out of life.

Total Cost to you $0!

Mindset training...B.S.

I train a young man part time who is an undefeated fighter in the UFC and he is the most motivated, un-college educated, self educated, and successful guys i, he trains his own mind for FREE, and surrounds himself with successful people.

Thank you to Kyle and Carson for your transparency and honesty.

OH, and this 100% commission nonsense is just that...NONSENSE! I couldn't find any information on their website but let me guess how this works. You get 100% commission on your first referral but nothing on the 2nd, then 100% on the 3rd, then nothing for the 4th. Soooooooo...isn't that 50% commissions?

Wow! just wow!

Sorry, this was a VENTING Blog Post!


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masirois Premium
Great attitude and outlook. Ever think of using mindset training as part of your offer (not at that price of course). Maybe it's part of your bonus offer to new sign-ups....? Just a thought.
Karyskis Premium
Great post!
Greggs92 Premium
Good advice! I love listening to strangest secret by Earl Nightingale. Btw I don't know any successful people in real life so its hard to surround myself around them, only on WA, I guess i should keep surrounding myself with people on here.
Blas-Antonio Premium
that's a good start, but remember that success can be defined in many ways...I surround myself with people who have ambition and a positive zest for life.
bazboy247 Premium
Rule 1 stay away from the empower network
Blas-Antonio Premium
Oh of course. I was planning on doing a review and doing some research and I'm finding plenty to write about. I also see people posting 100% commission blah blah blah...and it get annoying because they are so blind.
petey 123 Premium
Hey, just goes to show how good wealthy affiliate is!