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January 29, 2015
Just wanted to let some of my WA pals know that i'm not dead and i'm still working my Wealthy Affiliate knowledge. At this time I'm just using what I'm learning to grow my online business. If it weren't for WA my internet marketing would really be suffering. I know my rank fell drastically but i'm not too concerned with that right now. I'm still here and can help in any way. So please don't be a stranger. Peace, Blas
So I have noticed that if I share link, that doesn't violate a communities guidelines or Google's Guidelines, directly from Wealthy Affiliate that I get a message almost immediately saying that I have been in violation of guidelines. Is this because I posted twice in two different "relevant" communities? If so then is it better to just repurpose the information on our blog and share from our blog? I know it's always better to get traffic directly to our website, but sometimes I just like link
April 23, 2014
Hello to all my raving fans! LOL! (that's a joke) I know I have created a little network within WA of people I like, follow, and ask questions to, but I wanted to let you all know why you haven't seen me active recently on WA. I know there are many of you that can't sleep at night because you are wondering..."when is Blas Anthony going to rant and give us his witty and charming blog posts for us to read?" Andy...I know you miss me. Well, truth be's crunch time and I'm needing to ded
Don't Keep Your Old Articles Locked in a Prison As I was perusing through Google+ posts this morning I came across a great post by Peg Fitzpatrick (originally written by Kevan Lee). At some point while creating pages and posts for our website we all experience a rut. Some call it writers block. I call it "The Content Black Hole". We want so badly to come up with another "new" idea to write about but the more we think the more we slip into this ever growing abyss of mental nothingness. There
I just read an interesting blog by a former WA member and I thought to myself how sad it was that this person just didn't give it time. Why hate on wealthy affiliate for your own short comings? Well, that is the trend these days. "hey we aren't successful so let's blame the ones who are!" I'm sick of it all. To say that WA is an MLM and in the same company as Empower Network couldn't be further from the truth. If that's the case then ALL affiliate marketing programs are MLMs. What a blinded
Do people really buy into this idea? Please don't fall for this bogus nonsense. I'm a huge advocate of "Getting Your Mind Right"...if it needs it, but charging people $100 a month to do so is ridiculous. That is what Empower Network is charging for One of their products. This is complete nonsense. So my mission is to really make a huge push for WA and the amazing community here that Kyle and Carson could apparently charge out the ying yang for. Here's some FREE Mindset training for you. Ge
Found some more great tips and reasons you should set up your Google Plus profile if you haven't already. These tips aren't mine, but I copy and pasted for your convenience as well as put the link to the article. Enjoy! Article Source: 10 Ways Google Plus can Improve your SEO 1. Google will treat your content like any other page on the web. Google will quickly index your content, it will gain page rank and i
Chrome Post Editor for Google This is a very cool post editor for Chrome. If you have a Google+ account and you want to edit your posts and add bold, italic, or strike throughs to your font guess what? Now you can! Very cool when it comes to making those posts a little more eye catching. Here's to a productive day! Respect, THMG
One thing I've noticed for sure while learning the ins and outs of Social Media Marketing is that there are different times that people are busy on the sites and it's going to vary from site to site. Facebook seems to be busier in the middle of the day where as LinkedIn for example is busy in the morning. Here is a picture I found on Google+ this morning. Maximize your time when posting and sharing on various Social Outlets. Don't post when nobody is watching and interacting. Facebook- 1pm -
I came across this great resource this morning on Search Engine Journal. Many times I find myself in a bind when writing content and find that I lack some direction at times. I'm really glad I found this because I think it will be a huge help in keeping on track. Hope you find it helpful. Click the link for a Full Size Image The Periodic Table of Content Marketing