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Plugin to feature blog posts on home page?

Plugin to feature blog posts on home page?

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Everything Wordpress

Does anyone know of a good plugin that you can use to feature your blog posts on the home page? I don't wish to change from static page to recent posts. I have a static page and

My theme offers that, it's called a magazine front page. See if your theme has the option for a magazine layout.

Question about jaaxy search results?

Question about jaaxy search results?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Can anyone explain why when you are doing keyword search in Jaaxy why when you include a phrase that includes 'stop words' like "for" or "on" the traffic substantially increases

Jaxxy will give you both results that are closely related to your original search term and results that have hardly anything to do with it.

For example my search for watercolor Artist also gave me Makeup Artist and Pickup Artist.

Just have to remember that in the end it's a computer program and even the best computer programs have their limitations.

Jaaxy works with Google meta tags. Meta tags are not necessarily grammatically correct. For instance, I was doing a search for "working with adults that have disabilities" and " working with adults have disabilities" had a higher traffic ranking than the search I was looking for.

You *can* still use the keywords with the extra words to make it grammatically correct. The little behind-the-scenes robots of Google look not only for the keyword that you use, but also for keywords that you may not be aware that you're using.

But I guess my question is.. are the search results correct? For instance "samsung galaxy accessories" has an average of 1187 monthly searches where as "samsung galaxy note 3 accessories" has 5881. That substantial of a jump for adding "note 3" makes me question if its valid. Also, I see that trend with just about any search term with numbers or stop words. ??

Yes, adding note 3 makes the keyword a different term so would have different results.

This does make them completely different search phrases, and ones more likely to be used according to the search numbers. That is good to know, glad you asked this question. :)

that's a good question, I'd like to know the answer to that too! I'll be following to see what the experts say :)

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Are masking affiliate links necessary?

Are masking affiliate links necessary?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Are masking affiliate links necessary? I wasn't sure if it was or if people even really pay attention to that?

I wasn't really concerned with masking because of stolen commissions. I was more concerned about it because I wasn't sure if that is something that customers were concerned about..

Only thing I have heard is some affiliate links can be long and ugly lol.
So that is why we have the training on pretty links. It shortens the link. I made a short slideshow for another member but am unable to share it here. But it doesn't walk you through the steps. This member was confused about just one part at the end.
Kyle's training on it is pretty straight forward and easy to understand but if you need help, just let me know.

Many programs do not like masking, including Wealthy Affiliate. (unless that's changed?)

Just so, there is no confusion here.
Masking hides the URL of the page the link take them too.

So for example I could have a masked link: mydomain/wealthy-affiliate

A visitor clicks the link and arrives at Wealthy Affiliate, but for all they know the site is part of mydomain because it's still in the browser address bar.

some affiliates don't allow it, like in the link above. I don't do it. Everyone has their preference.

That is so people do not steal your commissions

Sorry for being a dufus, but how can someone steal your commissions with your affiliate link?

That is a long story. Let me just say they can redirect your
buyer to their payment processor. When you mask your link
they cannot.

By changing your affiliatd number to theirs. I use tinyurl

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