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Last Update: June 30, 2012
One of the subjects that often comes up in the Live Chat is writing articles for Street Articles (SA). Some people find it quite easy, but equally there are a number of people who find it really challenging and find it difficult to find things to write about. I'm very fortunate - I sit in the easy camp and never run out of things to say.

As a Confidence Coach with a large Coaching site as my main niche I have no problem in finding topics to interest my readers. I schedule topics for 3 months at a time and as well as writing a minimum of 20 articles and blogs a week, I also write an additional 4 or 5 articles that are inspired by the news of the day or articles or books I'm reading and conversations that I hear. An hour in a hospital waiting room is always great. - it only has to be one tiny thing I hear to spark an idea in my head

WA is also fertile ground for me. I get so many ideas from in here. Please don't think I write about all of you and use people's names because I don't. but people write blogs, or hold conversations that leave me thinking about related topics. This is what happened with this post.

Last week, One member of WA wrote a couple of sentences on their blog space with a link - suggesting there was something controversial that people might like to read. I had some moments to spare so I did. The link led to a blog where there was a lively debate about something Kyle was reported to have said regarding PLR (Private Label Right) articles and many of the people who had commented were outraged at what he said. Not knowing what Kyle had originally written, this wasn't of interest to me. But what sparked my interest was something not directly related to the topic that was being discussed and that was people's views of success.

Some of the people who had commented on the blog were complaining that they had tried WA and thought it was a con because they hadn't achieved the success they had expected. Well there's nothing new in that!. It's a comment you hear from WA members and it's a comment oft repeated by people in other contexts.

Even though most of us would acknowledge( if asked) that success won't just fall in our laps - that is so easily forgotten. Lots of people look for someone to blame when they don't get the success they believe they deserve. The fact is success is not something that is guaranteed and success is something that actually comes from our own efforts and learning from our failures.

So whether you have just joined WA or you are a longer standing member who is disappointed where you are right now. Don't look outwards - look inwards and take responsibility for the part that you play in your own success. If you're struggling to understand something have you asked for help? If you're struggling to make money from your website - have you asked someone to review it? Have you set yourself any goals and if you have are you following them? There are lots of questions you should ask yourself first if you're not getting the success you want.

The fact is the road to success is not a straight one and there will be many distractions, failures and frustrations on the way. The amount of success you gain in WA or elsewhere will be dependent on your ability to weather the bad times as well as maximise the good ones.

Good luck

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Shawn Martin Premium
So well said Beverly. Thanks for the inspiration!
BIS Premium
Thanks Shawn. Glad you enjoyed it.
jatdebeaune Premium
What Beverley, it's your birthday? You need to celebrate every chance you get. Don't miss even the smallest reason for celebration. Birthdays are big reasons. We'll have a virtual party for you right here on WA. I know you are across the pond, and wonder if you are having meteor showers like us. Our showers start tonight. Great way to kick off or finish up a birthday.

I love this blog. You are so right. IM is an entirely new way of thinking for many people and they get frustrated. I've fallen into that camp myself. I like a good fight, however. Must say I think WA is a Godsend.
BIS Premium
Thanks Jean. I'm glad you liked the blog.

It's my 50th but I'm not hot on celebrating.Rather glad tomorrow I can forget about it. Onegood thing that has come out of it is that my oldest friend reached that milestone a year ago and when we were having a little moan this week about feeling washed up and useless - I had a brainwave for a new site for 'late bloomers' which we are going to run together. So that will be fun! We will make a success of it and that will be something to celebrate.
Linda Fedun Premium
Your so very right, some days it feels like it would be easier to just give it all up.Your constant support keeps me motivated. Enjoy your birthday.
BIS Premium
Thanks Linda. Glad I can help
The Crazy Guru Premium
BIS Premium
Hi Welcome to WA

To get to your control panel

1. Click on Build Websites (in left hand margin - under premium websites)
2. Click on Domain (middle tab of three at top middle of page)
3. Click on Control Panel (over to the right hand side of screen)
4. Log in using e.g. (replacing with your domain name)
5. Fill in password (normally password that you used to sign up to WA)
6. Click Ok
7. You are now in your control panel and you can set up your email (if you're just starting out - unless you are familiar with the control panel you won't want to do anything but email at this stage)

Let me know if you need further clarification or ask in the Live Chat

Best wishes

TJ Books Premium
Dead on, Birthday Girl!
BIS Premium
Thanks Jon. A bit sad still writing on my birthday - but hey you have to do what you enjoy and it beats celebrating!