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Hi everyone I'm somewhere between a computer newbie, and intermediate. I love spending time on the computer, and am trying to learn something new everyday. A bit about me:
1 I'm 40ish
2 I've been widowed since 2007
3 I was a childcare worker for 20 years.
4 I've had been off work for 1/12 years due to a shoulder injury, but have just started my own house cleaning and errands service.
5 I live in Victoria BC and have been in BC all my life.
6 I'm a big fitness nut, I work out most days for 1/2 hour to1 hour, then go for a walk most evenings.
7 I'm a book worm
8 I'm a neat freak, am thinking of doing house cleaning part time for a living.
9 I love music bingo and karaoke
10 I have IBS, which kind of dictates my life.I'm seriously thinking of using that as my niche.
11 I love doing surveys and am on way too many sites,need to cut down if I'm going to do this and have a job and a life of some sort.
12 I still haven't figured out how to hop link affiliate ads, so if you know how to, I'd love a helping hand.
I guess that's it for today, Feeling a little overwhelmed by everything.
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lisawells Premium
I think there is great value here at WA. There are so many scams out there - almost every "shiny" thing I've looked at has been a disappointment. This is the real thing at WA and persisting is my goal - I hope you will too. It's slow progress for me and I know you've struggled, but I keep coming back here and realizing what value is given here. And what a fun and great community. I'm only on day 5, Linda, having been distracted by many life issues, but keeping on plugging along nevertheless. Just starting my first article - I think that may be something I'll be good at (I hope). Keep me updated on how you're getting along!
suem Premium
Personally I think it's too early to be considering throwing in the towel! There is a lot to learn and takes a while to get your head around where you can see yourself slotting in and carving out something that will work for you! Have you watched any of the wabinars? I found them really helpful to pull all the pieces together. The best ones I think for starters are the quick start parts 1 -4 (July & Aug 2011) and the affiliate walkthrough parts 1 & 2 (Dec 2010 & Jan 2011) - after that you can just go with what interests you! Hope you can work through this doubting patch :)
lisawells Premium
Linda, you did it! I'm so excited for you - just got back from three days away (again) and came to your page to see how you're doing. Tell me this, if you can, how do you add to your blog posts? I couldn't see a way to do a new post, so I just edited my first post to add. You seem to have figured the blog part out, too!
Kyle Premium Plus
Sounds like you have a lot of experiences and knowledge to share. Your stories and experiences can prove to be very valuable when choosing a niche and creating content for your campaigns.
Linda Fedun Premium
Hi I would love to have more people come to my profile page, I need all the help I can get. How do I invite people over. If you know how to set up a web site, come show me how. I've been on WA for 2 days, and haven't made it through the first days tasks. Come join this newbie and give me a helping hand. I'll help you too, if I can....Thanks
Linda Fedun Premium
I'm up to day 5 training now and feel I'm moving at a snails pace, and wondering if I've made a bad decision on joining WA. I'll keep plodding along and see what happens after 2 months. If I'm still spinning my wheels then, I'll know it's not for me.
jpnetco Premium
Two months isn't long enough, give yourself at least 6, please commit to that much. Have you ever watched Nascar, when a driver really gives it the gas pulling out of the pit and wheels are spinning and the tires are smokin and suddenly theirs traction and the car speeds forward with one goal in mind, to win the race. So keep spinning your wheels, keep it between the lines, eyes forward (ever notice Nascars don't have rear view mirrors?), slow down on the curves and pedal to the medal on the straightaways, and most importantly....
Stay the course.