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Hi My Name is Edwina Garcia~ home town is Chicago IL- married with 2 sons. I worked as a florist for many years, in a town not to far from Chicago named Aurora, had to eventually give up the business, and close shop due to the many gangs in the area, and it became more tragic to continue working ~ due to the constant funerals we had to complete. One after another, at times 2 or more a day. Impossible to avoid experiencing sadness and depression.

When you have to make more floral arrangements for those who are not living, than for those who are, it is time to move on, and find a happier, and brighter way to make a living that is not only successful, but offers more joy than sorrow.

So I decided to stay home, and seek a way to make money over the internet ~ wasn't sure how this would work out, however, a few offers online were interesting, but did not hold up to the details as outlined, eventually I came into contact with Steve(I've tried that) and so happy I did! What a big Blessing he turned out to be, for me and many others!
Through him, I was able to connect with WA, personally I am willing to learn what it takes to earn a decent living for myself, and family here.... to reach my goals and become successful.

WOW! What a treasure!! WA is! The energy~ for growth here~ are endless and extremely exciting, the more I log in and study, read and grow in knowledge of what WA is all about.... a master piece of work ,ready for those who desire to change their lives forever!

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, cooking and being creative~
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ECAffiliates Premium
Hi Edwina, Hope you find the joy and happiness here. I believe in the family orientated community I have found here. Best Wishes
sparkle1973 Premium
Thanks appreciate this message. I feel right at home here in WA! I wish you success too.
IveTriedThat Premium
Hi Edwina! Glad to see you made it on board! I liked the bio piece you've written. You really show the drive/passion you need to succeed online and you're definitely at the right place!
sparkle1973 Premium
Hi Steve, was beginning to wonder what happened to you. I'm glad you did approve of my about you page. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I feel very welcome at WA! I need to stop holding myself back and procrastinating and get busy with the plan. Thanks, Steve for telling me about about this fantastic program~happy to be on this journey to success.
Amy Farr Premium
Hi Sparkle!
I read your bio..how awful, creating floral arrangements for more funerals than happy events.
I agree that here at W.A. you will find nothing but uplifting content. You may hit roadblocks, but there are answers. And with patience they do come.
This is definately the place to make your dreams a reality. The thing is, it's up to you (us). That's what's so awesome about it!
I look forward to watching your progress :), and thank you so much for the uplifting comments re:my first blog post!
sparkle1973 Premium
Amy, I appreciate your reply, extremely happy to be away from that sad position. Wasn't sure I should have included this in this particular section, was afraid of receiving possible negative reactions. Well, I'm glad I'm here with WA~look forward to learning and earning a decent income, and hopefully landing a much better position.
You are welcome~ what you are going through is hard, keep your head up high and dwell on positive thoughts to help you get through this, and keep those prayers flowing daily.
rsleger Premium
Hi Sparkle, thanks for adding me to your list
sparkle1973 Premium
You are so welcome sir! Are you new to WA or been on the block long?
sparkle1973 Premium
Happy to be part of WA! The more I learn the more I love it!