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I retired early a couple of years ago when my department (Hospital Medical Transcription done from home) was discontinued. After three back surgeries, and needing more than my Social Security check provides, I decided to work at Internet Marketing. I've been having lots of fun learning and continue to learn every time I sign on to WA.

I have 6 cats and 2 dogs. I live in Portola, CA - a lovely rural town with the Feather River running through it. Rural is definitely my best environment, with amenities close by in Reno, Nevada if I need them. I love gardening and nature and wildlife and all animals.

I'm developing my gardening niche here through WA. This is an awesome community and a great place to learn everything necessary to be successful. All we have to add is the focus and effort! WA certifications are absolutely wonderful and Kyle and Carson are always working on ways to add and improve. I think it's the best learning environment and community I have found on the internet.

I may shortly be taking a few months off due to financial concerns, but will be back as soon as possible if I do have to leave.
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Linda Fedun Premium
Hi Lisa, that's great about your banner, I don't have a clue on how to add any images on my webpages. I'm sort of stuck on day 10 training right now, just started working again so now I'm exhausted and have zip motivation. What are your articles on street articles, I'd love to look at your site. If you want to see mine check out Linda 14 and the article on Trigger foods and elimination diets. Let me know what you think, and how I could add some images to my site. Thanks Linda PS I think your pulling ahead of me :)
Linda Fedun Premium
I just finished submitting my second article for Street Articles. My first one was accepted the next day, and I already have someone following me!!! My problem is I haven't had much time to add anything to my website. Thanks for showing where the link for the URL is, guess I'll have to go in and give it a better look around. It's great having you and Beverley as a support team. I think we'll get there, just have to stay positive and keep on trying. Blogging as often as you can here on your profile page is a great way to get the help and support you need. Your partner in crime. Linda
Linda Fedun Premium
Hi Lisa, I'm still trying to get my web site started. It said it was up and going, then I clicked on download FTwhatevers and it vanished into thin air. To do a new blog, click onto the my blog area, look right under your picture and you will see a big blue box, click into that and you'll be up and started. Good luck, now if you could tell me where my web site went I'd be thrilled. If not I'll do another blog. I'm pretty good at that.
teacup Premium
Hi Lisa, when you are getting started with limited income it is sometimes a good idea to use free sites that will automatically generate a domain name for you. Weebly is excellent, squidoo is good and don't forget places like blogger.

I have a blogger site that ranks well without the domain name that I purchased to point to it. It was an exact match domain name but was a dot info. Use dot com or dot net whenever you can. This is proof for me. That blogger domain is on first page of bing and yahoo and now is on second page of Google. Was on first page for a while.

You have free hosting here as well but you will need to purchase a domain name for each site.

Later on you can purchase a domain name and point it to your free site. When you can afford it try to get a hosting package of your own. I have one from Hostgator that only costs 9.95 a month and I have several websites on it.

There are always ways to work around your limitations.
Linda Fedun Premium
I'm even more lost than you are, I haven't been able to get a web site started. If you have any pointers let me know.
lisawells Premium
Oh my, it has been a struggle and so frustrating. I have actually made it to setting up my e-mail which went easily in comparison to everything preceeding. I had a website already with a domain name that I wanted to use, so I had to change the DNS addresses - it's taken hours but finally happened. Let me know your specific questions and I'll go back through my notes and see if I can help!