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Hi Everyone! I'm Julie...

After owning my own brick and mortar company for 12 years I decided it was time to close old doors and open new one's, and that in short is what has brought me to this community. I decided to start an Online Marketing & Business Development Company...mind you, with absolutely no experience and no clue of how or where to begin, after much research I found myself here at WA, unfortunately I put it on the back burner...HOWEVER, I am now back and am 100% determined and committed to my new venture. I am very confident that with the ground work (foundation) that Kyle & Carson have done and the platform they have created for ALL new Internet Marketers...that success is sure to follow and that is why as of today's writing 2/20/13 I am beginning a Journal of "My Journey to $10,000.00 a Month". How long will it take me?, will I survive?, am I really committed?...Time will tell.

On a more personal level, I love reading, my latest read is "The Purpose Driven Life" (I recommend it, it's a great read), running, business and Boogie (My Dog). I recently started playing piano a childhood dream and I absolutely LOVE IT! and I don't mean to toot my own horn but...I think I"m actually pretty good, at least that's what my teacher tells me...your a natural! :)

Much Success Friends!

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winsuccess Premium
Hello Julie, thanks for the follow and welcome to WA! I believe you will be able to find your way in the WA community.
Rick Jantz Premium
Hi and thanks for the follow. Great goal...i like it and will use this as my challenge to do the same! Thanks
The Crazy Guru Premium
Great!...we could cheer one another on.
Labman Premium Plus
Welcome back. This is a nice target goal. I think many of us have that as a target as well. Let me know if I can help with anything.
The Crazy Guru Premium
Thanks! Im very confident that if we follow what is laid out here at WA...we will get there sooner than we think.
WA4LA Premium
Hello Julie. Thanks for following. I like your purpose of $10.000 a month. Actually, that's my objective too. I've been around but just starting to take this seriously. Much success to your journey!
The Crazy Guru Premium
Thanks Francisco, much success to you. This platform is the perfect place for achieving our goal.
The Crazy Guru Premium