Is your website Stale?

Last Update: September 21, 2014

I'm no expert in this field of websites,ranking on google and content, but I feel that the reason my websites are losing ground on google search result pages is because it is basically becoming stale information.

In the beginning, I had no problem getting on page one in the subject niches I was promoting. Although I saw no financial gain from these results, it was gratifying to see the results of my efforts.

But now as I drop in the google rankings, I think I see why, when I look at the analytics.

Its in the return visitor pattern. Before the return visitors were around 80%. Now around 40%.

I am thinking, why should they return to read the same material over and over. Ive got to give them a reason to return. Either new content, or a blog, or a contest, or some givaway weekly. Any of those might work, but you have to get them involved in your site somehow.

I'm sure you veteran affiliates realize what I'm saying, but for the newbies,keep this in mind. When creating and developing your site, think of your site as a meeting place. A place were they can return to, and you will keep getting return traffic to you site, and that will result in conversions. Hopefully to WA.

Thanks and have a great Sunday! bingopauls Vegas

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necopam Premium
very wise comment
Loes Premium
Had to go to google translate for the word "Stale" never heard of it, and yes I think you have to be active at your website every week to keep things going, Loes
JSakanee Premium
Hey, thanks! :)
bingopauls Premium
I sure like the bright green color of your website, Julian
kholmes Premium
Yes, you have to keep that blog rolling or update content or add new pages...anything to keep it active. :))
HowardJaros Premium
Yes, I think 3 pages/posts a week is enough to keep your website fresh. I like your other ideas too!