I GAVE UP on blogging (the value of EXPERIENCE)

Last Update: May 24, 2019

Just a quick thought that I would like to share with you, especially those that are struggling to get started and not seeing the results you think you should see by now.

Online business has natural ups and downs. There will be times when business is booming, but there will be times when business is in the toilet.

As of now, my affiliate income, specifically with WA, is down... in the proverbial toilet.

Since May 18, 2019, have had over 120 free memberships but only 2 premium upgrades (all organic).

For you math whizzes out there, that is a conversion rate of about 1.6%.

In a word... ABYSMAL.

I remember something similar happening in November 2017. Back then, I was fighting just to get a handful of free membership referrals per week! At one time in 60 days, the blog generated over 105 free memberships... and not a single one upgraded to premium.

Have you ever fought and clawed for something SOO FREAKIN' HARD just to get zero results?

When that happened to me, in Nov and Dec 2017, I came within 1 inch of just throwing in the towel. I ALMOST GAVE UP ON OLINE BUSINESS COMPLETELY.

I think I even stopped posting for two weeks in my own little "pity party protest" (that only hurt myself, lol)

At this point, the BenjisDad brand was about 7 months old and I was generating income from past sales, but I wanted to keep adding to my pile. But being inexperienced I could not see the forest for the trees. I was just looking at the 'NOW.'

One thing I did when I felt discouraged, was I leaned on the community here at WA. Anytime I had an extra few minutes I read 'success at Wealthy Affiliate'... the THOUSANDS of success stories here at WA. They are very easy to find, you just have to look. (Here is a favorite of mine that Nathaniell posts annually: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/nathaniell/blog/2018-another-year-of-success-growth-at-wealthy-affiliate )

Reading the success of others who were farther along than I was in their journey, helped give me a boost to just keep pushing. Many people complain that I always tell them, 'just keep pushing' the reason for that is not to be the 'rah-rah' guy, not delivering any 'actionable' advice, but just a wise and spirited push from an experienced marketer.

Mindset is everything. If you are resolved not to quit until you figure it out, then no amount of discouragement will stop you from achieving your goals.

Anyways.. back to the story...

The worst-kept secret is that I did not give up. As a result, things got interesting when January and February 2018 hit.

Business... started... BOOMING....

My main blog was picking up steam in traffic AND sales.

So, what I realized happened is in Nov and Dec, nearly everyone experiences dips in traffic and conversions because it is the holidays and most people are worried with other things than rather than starting an online business.

So fast forward to present... 120 referrals, very few premium upgrades..... what could be the cause?

Holidays? Maybe...

End of the Month? Maybe...

Just how business is? MOST LIKELY...

There are so many factors that come into play to make a sale. Early on when your sales are 'hit and miss', it can seem like an eternity and nothing is working. But allow some time to pass as you keep building. Looking back, you WILL realize that it was likely one or two factors that could have caused the dip.

So what do I want you to learn from this entire thing... For me, I am not even the least bit worried about the dip, and nor should You in regards to your business.

As long as I keep doing things I have control over (such as creating and posting more content), then I KNOW IT WILL BOUNCE BACK.

It ALWAYS does.

In Nov 2017, I did not have that experience. And I panicked and almost gave up on something that in the ensuing months and years changed EVERYTHING. My life and my family's lives have been completely transformed, simply because "I kept pushing"

So where are you in your journey? Are you going through a tough time? Feel you are working non-stop and getting zero results?

I can honestly tell you, I've been there.... It gets's better.

But Only If You Keep Pushing.

Comment below with your where you are in your journey. How long have you been chipping away

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TDomena Premium Featured Comment
I've been chipping away for 15 months and I can empathize deeply for those moments when things seem silent. It's pretty lackluster, or "abysmal" as you put it, but I'm super grateful for people like you who told me to keep going when I could hear crickets. Haha.

Now, things are looking a little more exciting, so I'm much more motivated than I was. I'm starting to see what you're saying about the trends and patterns, and it's also nice when you see the cause and effect (how your actions connect to the end result).

15 months is much better than the earlier months for me. It's definitely been a compound effect, and I'm excited about the continuation of that.
BenjisDad Premium
so traffic and sales are picking pu on the blog?
Surfdude123 Premium
TDomena Premium
Yes. Things have been picking up. Now, I'm just experimenting with optimizing my posts and working on adding traffic channels. The learning curve in this business is real.
AlanJE Premium
Thanks for sharing your experience Chris, Alan
BenjisDad Premium
anytime Alan
LouiseBT Premium
Hi Chris
This blog has landed at the perfect time for me - thank you VERY much!
Like you, I have read the success stories in the community, at first they really encouraged me, now that get on my nerves (just a bit) because I am still not reaping the rewards of my labour.
Giving up is not an option though, this is my future and I have many, many plans :-) Just got to find out what I am doing wrong and correct it.
Thank you for your (always valuable) share.
TDomena Premium
Stay stubborn about your business! You'll make it.
BenjisDad Premium
dont give up.
Reymott Premium
I’m at the hit and miss stage but I know that one day soon I’ll get more hits than misses. Thanks for this very motivating post.

TDomena Premium
You'll definitely get there. I'm sure you'll find your way.
BenjisDad Premium
you are on your way Rey
BorisRoman Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing your motivational story!
Wish you great success!
BenjisDad Premium
thanks bob!
cliffstarks Premium
Great share Chris! I am just chipping away!
BenjisDad Premium
yes you are and doing well with it too cliff!