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Let me tell you a story... March 2015 -- I started a blog. That blog failed (miserably). The blog failed so badly that Google "de-indexed" the entire site. Then I quit blogging. May 2016 -- Benji's Mom and I found out we were going to have our first child. Met with the realization that I needed to get 'serious' about earning a 2nd income, i hit the internet again looking for ways to 'make money online'. I tried surveys...I tried micro-jobs...I tried youtube... I tried test, fail, f
Haha... this is funny...So a very "popular blog training" on YouTube recently released a video and came to what they called a very 'surprising' revelation. I don't want to call them out by name, but let's just say that the name of the company rhymes with "Sincome Spool." So let me give you a little background. It is no secret that the trick to growing your blog is to find low-hanging fruit keywords using Jaaxy and writing blogs that are at least 1000 words or more. That is essentially what WA
Like most people blogging... I struggle with being consistency. There have been plenty of times that I have started a blog and then after 2 or 3 articles, i end up working on something else...But one of the BEST ways that I have found to combat this and get things done is to create time in my schedule and to hold myself accountable. So I will count on YOU. I am starting yet another small niche blog (that hopefully will turn into an authority site), but I will hold myself accountable to work on
You are being controlled....But don't worry... it's just marketing. Before we get started, GREETINGS FROM THE CARIBEAN! While writing this post, I am sitting on a Carnival "FUN"ship heading back to "reality" after a week long, much needed vacay! Taking some time off from blogging and worrying about business stuff and just enjoying family, good food, many libations, and just relaxing has totally been the recharge me and the family needed. Anyway, I have a good story for you (and ignore the numbe
If you are not working toward building your business with Wealthy Affiliate's training, you are missing out on THE opportunity of a lifetime. In 2015, I was in substantial credit card debt, I was not able to make ends meet financially, my family was growing and I had no way to take care of them because what I was doing to earn money just wasn't enough. When Benji's Mom and I decided to have her quit her job so we could take care of our new son properly, every bit of pressure that I already had
November 29, 2019
OK, Let’s see…Wake up -- CheckWrite Blog Post -- CheckFinish YouTube Script -- CheckRENEW WA BLACK FRIDAY -- CheckThere is one expense to grow my business that I have not given up in years... and will not give up soon. That is the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Annual Membership. I have spent thousands on other trainings to satisfy my curiosity and afterwards only one thing stands out.There is no other place like WA that is as consistent and provides the value that is here for the
So check it out... A common problem that occurs with affiliate marketing is programs (1) not paying high enough commissions and (2) not having control of the product. The biggest culprit is Amazon. Amazon, in my opinion, is the GREATEST place to get started with affiliate marketing because of how easy it is to earn money from it. But over the years, the Amazon Associates program has constantly been changing. Sometimes for the good... sometimes for the bad... and sometimes just to be annoying. I
You're in Hawaii... laying on the sandy beach, with the sand between your toes, the 90-degree weather, but a cool breeze from the oceans makes it a perfect balance between hot and cold, sipping on a sweet coconut with a taste so fresh it blows your mind! Then you you hear the faint sound of a phone ringing... it's very faint at first and you just ignore it... it gets louder and louder. You close your eyes for just a split second, and when you open your eyes, your cell phone is on the floor in f
Have you ever said those words? It's a problem that everyone seems to have... To clarify, here is the story: So last night, an old family friend came to town and spent the night by my in-laws house. They got in a little late, around 8pm, so by the time friends and family had arrived, it was well after 9pm. We all caught up and reminisced about old times for a couple of hours. Then as 11pm loomed, everyone started acting really weird. Like REALLY weird... It was like everyone caught some type of
Do you remember Thomas Edison? The guy that perfected the light bulb? Something very interesting about that.. When he finally declared, "yes, I have invented the light bulb" he didn't necessarily get it on his first try. In fact, he said specifically that he, "failed ten thousand times" before he finally had a finished product.He was met with a thing that is called “temporary defeat”. Temporary defeat is failing... losing… being unsuccessful... But one thing Edison did not do