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November 29, 2019
OK, Let’s see…Wake up -- CheckWrite Blog Post -- CheckFinish YouTube Script -- CheckRENEW WA BLACK FRIDAY -- CheckThere is one expense to grow my business that I have not given up in years... and will not give up soon. That is the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Annual Membership. I have spent thousands on other trainings to satisfy my curiosity and afterwards only one thing stands out.There is no other place like WA that is as consistent and provides the value that is here for the
So check it out... A common problem that occurs with affiliate marketing is programs (1) not paying high enough commissions and (2) not having control of the product. The biggest culprit is Amazon. Amazon, in my opinion, is the GREATEST place to get started with affiliate marketing because of how easy it is to earn money from it. But over the years, the Amazon Associates program has constantly been changing. Sometimes for the good... sometimes for the bad... and sometimes just to be annoying. I
You're in Hawaii... laying on the sandy beach, with the sand between your toes, the 90-degree weather, but a cool breeze from the oceans makes it a perfect balance between hot and cold, sipping on a sweet coconut with a taste so fresh it blows your mind! Then you you hear the faint sound of a phone ringing... it's very faint at first and you just ignore it... it gets louder and louder. You close your eyes for just a split second, and when you open your eyes, your cell phone is on the floor in f
Have you ever said those words? It's a problem that everyone seems to have... To clarify, here is the story: So last night, an old family friend came to town and spent the night by my in-laws house. They got in a little late, around 8pm, so by the time friends and family had arrived, it was well after 9pm. We all caught up and reminisced about old times for a couple of hours. Then as 11pm loomed, everyone started acting really weird. Like REALLY weird... It was like everyone caught some type of
Do you remember Thomas Edison? The guy that perfected the light bulb? Something very interesting about that.. When he finally declared, "yes, I have invented the light bulb" he didn't necessarily get it on his first try. In fact, he said specifically that he, "failed ten thousand times" before he finally had a finished product.He was met with a thing that is called “temporary defeat”. Temporary defeat is failing... losing… being unsuccessful... But one thing Edison did not do
Have you ever heard that before?A blog a day keeps the employer away? I am sure you are familiar with the "apple a day keeps the doctor away"But we ain't talking APPLES! We are trying to build a significant income so that we can fire your boss!So how can a "blog a day keep the employer away ?"Easy... CREATING CONTENT AND DELIVERING VALUE.Right now... you are reading this blog post. Next you may check another email. Next you may check Instagram, or Facebook. Next you watch YouTube or watch TV, o
This may come as a shock to some of you, but I have been working a contract job for the last few years. I did so because it was an easy gig that paid benefits. But is just been getting in the way of scaling my business further. Over a year ago, my side-hustle income officially started out-pacing my 9-5 income. It officially became a "waste of time" to go to work. (that is funny to think about...)But since it was a contract gig, I was contracturally obligated to finish out the contract or I'd ge
This won't be a long post, but just wanted you to see the power of recurring income. WA is an absolutely amazing platform and because it is so great, people tend to stick around once joining. That is GREAT because many people are building their businesses and having success with it. I get great pride in knowing that I am helping people: "I want to thank you for introducing this platform.""Thank you for inspiring me to start this""Thank you. I just joined as a starter and like what I see so far.
BenjisMom can attest to this but I've always been a risk taker. So let's turn this house upside-down... I'm launching a new bog and I will fly solo WITHOUT an SEO Plugin. No 'All In One', no Yoast... NOTHING.I won't lie... my palms are sweaty... knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on my sweater already.. mom's spaghetti, I'm nervous. (if you understood this reference, drop me a, "Lose yourself" in the comments.)But if you only learn one thing from this entire article, learn this... IT IS
Have you ever seen this before? Or This?They call these "People Also Ask" or PAA. MOZ did a study recently where nightly, they analyze what appears on 10,000 Google Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs (SERPs are what appear when you perform a Google search) and what they found was amazing. Of the 10,000 searches conducted, 86% of them had a "Related Questions" (or PAA) section.To a blogger, from the surface, that can seem like a scary thought. #1. The more Google SERP features that continue to