I Achieved The 1K Subscribers Milestone On Youtube !

Last Update: Feb 2, 2018


Hey guys !

I'm a bit late but first of all...

May 2018 bring you much happiness, love, fun, success and a very good health

Then I'd like to share with you one of my biggest accomplishments : the 1k milestone subscribers on youtube! 1000 subscribers might not sound like a big deal but it was for me lol.. it took me a year of hard relentless work and much doubt and self-consciousness lol =)

So if you are considering creating a youtube channel for your business here are a few things I have learned over the last 12 months :

- do not use "sub4sub" platforms. It doesn't work and it makes no sense. Sub4sub gives you fake subscribers, mostly people who will never be active on your channel and only want YOU to subscribe to their channel. In the end you are both using one another but not getting anything good in return. Plus youtube will penalize you for that. All your inactive subscribers will be removed after a while so don't waste your time (or worse, money) on it !

- connect with your audience, encourage them to leave comments, ask them questions, offer giveaways, accept requests, get back to them... I mean you have probably heard Kyle tell you how crucial it is that you connect with your audience on your website, right ! Well, it works the same on a youtube channel. People don't want to watch someone they feel they don't really know or someone who doesn't care about them. They want to connect with you, somehow. Even if you are going to be a completely imaginery character on your channel, really mean what you do and make friends with people who are watching you !

- be yourself. Maybe not everybody will like you, but at least the right people will ! =)

- create quality content (duh!)... I know it's not easy having a good and expensive camera or great light when you get started but nowadays phones can do pretty descent videos... and all you need is a softbox set (it costs about 30 dollars on amazon). Try and have a nice background or setting. It does matter. If you and someone else make the same kind of content, there's a good change they'll pick the one with the nicest setting or light or video quality

- brand yourself... have a name that sounds like a brand, get a logo, find your style and stick to it

- create beautiful and attractive thumbnail ! so so so important. Go to youtube, type in something and see where you instinctively want to click. The best thumbnail. Yup.

- use instagram! best social platform ever ! lol At least it's helped me connect with hundreds of people in my niche and the community is very active and supportive !

- be patient... building an audience on youtube can take time (depending on your niche of course) but even the most famous youtubers took years to have a significant channel. So don't give up, keep creating until one of your videos go viral.

- use the training youtube offers, it is pretty good and helpful

- do collabs on youtube. It's really nice to meet other youtubers and collaborate on projects. It helps get support, for starter but it also brings you traffic from their channel and vice versa ! And it doesn't cost anything!

That's all I can think of for now but I will probably update this post at a later stage !

Hoping this helps you now or in the future

Have a wonderful day

Sarah =) <3

Recent Comments


That's really great! Congrats. It is definitely an achievement.

So are you now monetizing on YouTube as well? Links to the products you discuss or the locations you are visiting? I actually think it's something good to offer your visitors, as it makes it easy for them to duplicate whatever you just shared with them.

Hello thanks for connecting with me! Yes I do monetize my channel with products. I put a products list in the video description, I am also partner with some brands that give me products for free for me to use in my videos, which is really awesome ! and I have my website, which is connected to the channel where people can find even more products like costumes, best sales, new products and so on

Congratulations stawhu


I am one of your subscribers and have seen the great work that you do. It's clear that you work hard and love what you do. I think you will be very successful, if you aren't already.

And, thanks for this very informative post.

thank you so much for the support! I'm happy to connect with you because it's hard to know who actually watches your stuff on youtube ! lol
And thank you, I hope I can help someone out there who's starting their own youtube adventure =)

Thanks for the great tips. I haven't ventured into the world of You Tube yet but it is definitely something I plan on doing.

well, the best of luck if you do and thank you very much for reading the post !
Have a lovely day

I check out your site regularly Sarah. Your variety and quality of images are second to none!

aaw that is so nice of you to say... it makes me blush with pride and happiness ! thank you, your support means a lot to me

That's awesome Sarah! Your channel is absolutely amazing. I can see the amount of hard work you have put in. I hope it's all working towards helping you achieve your goals. Keep up the great work!! :)

Thank you so so much Kevin, it means the woooorld to me ! I will keep painting myself until my hands shake and I'm too wrinkled =)

Wow! That’s great! Congrats!

heck yes! lol thanks ! =)

Your Welcome!

Thank you for sharing the lesson you've learn, do's and dont's on creating youtube channel. Congrats on achieving your 1k subscriber. Keep up the good work and I wish best of luck on your journey ahead!

You are most welcome ! And thank you =)

That's really cool...keep it up.

thank you =)

You're more than welcome :)


This is awesome! Congrats and - thanks for the encouragement!

of course ! =) thanks and best wishes

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