Does Wealthy Affiliate Pay You?

Last Update: January 01, 2018

Hello, Waers!

Does Wealthy Affiliate pay you? I think this is a good topic for all members here in this amazing platform.

I have been asked many times the recurring question, are you making money from Wealthy Affiliate? My quick answer is always, I love what I am doing and of course the money follows.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate May 20, 2016, and I consider myself very lucky due to the fact I was on vacation for a month. I took the premium membership I think two days after joining because I found in Wealthy Affiliate what I was looking for in a long time. Then Jaaxy Pro as soon as I discovered its usefulness. I love Jaaxy.

I wanted to have a website for a long time, so I can share my hobby which is modifying electric guitars. Monetizing a website was not the point, at that time. Then I found out it was too costly and too complicated before WordPress.

Years passed by and a lot of developments happened. Then I met this cool guy which I consider my mentor, Vince OMWV, thru his website. He explained everything I need and my questions were answered thru the website, and here I am, sold to Wealthy Affiliate.

I hit the training hard and missed some parties and some drinks on that vacation, but I did love what I was doing which is Wealthy Affiliate. I could not remember that I ever worked harder in my life. I was even checking emails in the middle of the night. Working on my laptop while everybody is sleeping when there is an action required from that email.

After that vacation, I was a little sad because my job will prevent me from working on my websites full time. I did manage some time, but I am not as active when I was on vacation.

So going back to the question, well this is what happened to me with Wealthy Affiliate during my eight months, as a member.

  1. I made my first sale on June 15, 2016, just 25 days after joining.
  2. Kyle upgraded my status to " Active Affiliate Status." for having a minimum of five sales on July 9, 2016, which is about 70 days from joining.
  3. I love the first day of the month Wealthy Affiliate payday.
  4. The biggest pay day I have from Wealthy Affiliate is this January 1, 2017, because some of my referrals turned yearly availing the Black Friday offer.
  5. My eBay commissions paid up my Wealthy Affiliate subscriptions up to June 20, 2018 ( due to Black Friday Sale offer), plus the premium tools and premium theme on my websites.
  6. I still find promoting Wealthy Affiliate pays more than the other affiliate programs I am enrolled.
  7. My Local Social Media Promotion boosted rentals on my venue for rent business, which of course I learned from Wealthy Affiliate.
  8. JamPlay is giving me good commissions now, thank you, Kyle and Carson, for the idea.
  9. I am starting my email marketing campaign using Sumome Pro and Aweber. Those plug ins are expensive but worth it. Combining those will cost more than what I paid to Wealthy Affiliate. Anyways, I do believe when they say the money is in the list.
  10. I have 6100 followers!

I would like to thank Vince OMWV for introducing me to Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you, Kyle and Carson, for creating such a wonderful community. I would also like to thank the ambassadors, the guys who are always on chat ready for any help and all the members of Wealthy Affiliate who are always willing to step in for any help.

To the newbies who just joined. You are very lucky to find Wealthy Affiliate. This awesome community is the real deal. The only missing component for success is in yourself. Just follow the training and apply what you learned and you are in business!

To all our success,


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drjec Premium
You are doing very well. This post will be a great inspiration to new WAers.
Belden Premium
Thank you and you are most welcome.
WilliamBH Premium
Great, great result Belden .. thank you for sharing it .. very inspiring. Cheers, William.
Belden Premium
Thank you and welcome as well!
KMeyer Premium
Thanks for sharing
Belden Premium
Welcome !
JMupanguri Premium
Thank you for sharing. I am sure this will motivate all of us here at WA
Belden Premium
Gerlinde Premium
Very encouraging! Well done...
Thanks for sharing your success with us!
Belden Premium
Thank you so much, Gerlinde. Welcome as well.