7 DAY Challenge with SMART Goals

Last Update: September 15, 2016

I was reading a couple of new blog post today on WA and came across this post from Marlene W about Goal Setting


We have been taught that our goals NEED to meet the Acrostic “SMART which stands for

S – Specific and Significant

M – Measurable and Meaningful

A – Attainable and Action-Oriented

R – Relevant and Rewarding

T – Time-bound and Track-able

I’d like to lay down a challenge to everyone on my list that reads this blog.

What are you going to do THIS WEEK that will move your business forward?

Please think about this before you make a commitment.

The idea is to do something or a group of things that is within your skills but PUSH YOU.

My commitment is

2 Post this week to ChooseSuccess.ca

Publish 1 Post to BarrWorld.com and have 3 more to be published on successive Tuesdays

Complete another set of courses.

Comment on 5 blogs per day with comments of substance.

What Can You Do In 7 Days?

After you complete you challenge report back.

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Mdh46 Premium
It is always good to have a set of goals to accomplish it is like a road map to success in business life and life in general.
barrp Premium

Come join in the journey. Share with us the plans for this week.
LouisaB Premium
Hello Barrp,
Thanks for sharing your goal sharing commitment.
I for one enjoy setting daily and weekly goals as to obtain them more efficiently. I like Marlene motto

Continued Success!

barrp Premium
Your welcome. Could you share with us what you are planning to do this week?

Come join in the challenge
LouisaB Premium

My coming week looks like this:))

1. I must read at least 10 emalis and answer them daily.

2. Write one blog per day.

3. Review boot camp ( lesson 1 )

4. Do some site maintenance.

5. Write one review.

6. Ask 1 question per day

7. Help two of my members per day.
MKearns Premium
Already accomplishing much of it.
barrp Premium
Micheal, so share with us what you are doing this week to make your dreams come true?
MKearns Premium
researching content and honing writing ability.
Kate48 Premium
Percy, thanks for the reminder about SMART goals. It's good to have something to work towards instead of wandering around as if in the dark. Good luck!
lbcounts1 Premium
Kate - Lol!! Thats me - wandering around in the dark.
Kate48 Premium
Me too most of the time. Then I remember I have goals and need direction. So I squirm around a bit more, stub my toe and then remember again. It's hard to get started with goals sometimes. :)
StepChook Premium
That's quite a challenge you've set for yourself, Percy. But I think it's definitely true to say that if you've got a SMART goal down on paper, then you've set yourself up for success.

I like the idea of planning a blog/post schedule, particularly since content is so critical in generating traffic.
barrp Premium
Thanks Steve

So what are you going to do in the next 7 days to generate more traffic?
StepChook Premium
Well, I've already done the following:

1) switched SEO to Yoast
2) refactored ALL of my posts and pages (19 in total) so that they are fully optimized.
3) used Google Webmaster to re-index, update sitemaps, apply data highlighting

To do in the next 7 days:
1) create more content (add at least two new posts)
2) work on my social media presence

Let's hope it all pays off!
Sdaviscs1250 Premium
I see StepChook you are doing the switched SEO to Yoast, refactored ALL,,,,,

Can you please tell me where I can get the instructions to do such?

Thanks in advance,
StepChook Premium
Hi Sharon,

It's really simple. All I did was:
1) log into your site if you haven't already done so.
2) on the left hand side, find Plugins and click Add New
3) in the search box, type "Yoast"
4) from the result set, pick "Yoast SEO" (the one with the traffic light)
5) click Install Now, then Activate
6) then simply follow instructions from there

DO NOT deactivate All In One SEO before fully installing Yoast! Yoast will prompt you when ready to deactivate All In One SEO.

I would also suggest backing up your site before you do anything. I use Filezilla: If you have any issues, just ask.
StepChook Premium

I encourage you to watch Jim-bo's video on Yoast: It's really handy.