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Hey there, WAers. Jimbo here.

How I Use Yoast SEO for My On-Page SEO and Why I Like it!

This video shows you how I use Yoast SEO for my on-page SEO. You will see why I like Yoast so much and why I use it over All in One SEO.


If you're like some people in the comments below and are wanting to switch from all in one SEO to Yoast SEO, follow these steps, or you'll lose settings. I've copied a reply from a member (thanks buddy) and here it is...

"If you keep both plugins active WordPress will prompt you to switch your All-in-One SEO settings over to Yoast. I think that it is a really handy tool. Then of course once you do that then you can delete All in One"

So, to make it clear, don't deactivate all in one.

Install Yoast so that you have both plugins active at the same time.

WordPress will ask you if you want to copy the settings across from all in one to Yoast SEO.

Click YES.

Then, when settings have been copied, you can go ahead and deactivate all in one SEO and then uninstall it. You should be left with just Yoast and there is no need to worry too much about setting it up as all the previous settings from all in one have transferred.


The Yoast SEO system is simple, you have a red light so you know something is not right. You have to get the lights to turn green. Simple!

I created a demo post and I show you what to do to optimize your post using Yoast.

PS. This video is meant to serve two purposes.

If any pros watching spot a big boo boo in this video where I've done something incorrectly I'd appreciate you letting me know so I can fix it and alter the video. I don't want to be teaching bad practices here at WA as all of our businesses depend on good ones. We don't want the blind leading the blind here, do we?

Live long and On-Page SEO your websites!

What do you think? Please go ahead and comment and Like...

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CathH1 Premium
All 11 green lights and a post completed in 10 minutes. This is such a time saver and really takes some of the guess work out of it!
Happy bunny now tyvm :-)

Although now I feel compelled to go back through everything I have done so far and edit to get the green lights :-(
DaleOdom Premium
Hey Jim-Bo, I thought this was a great training video. It helps me to understand Yoast a lot better than I did. I added Yoast to my dummy test site and I have been playing around with it.

So you have just help me to better understand the way it all works.

Thank You!
Marcus1978 Premium
I must admit, it does look very useful to have those prompts to make sure you get all the main bit os on-page SEO in place. Are you using the free version of Yoast in this video?

By the way, I thought it your distorted a little bit at the beginning. Other than that this is a good video so definitely keep making them :-)
BushiAntz Premium
Hey, Marcus I recently moved over & I think he is just using the free version.

Not sure if I would say that pro is worth it. You do get things like extra focus keywords, but as you know Google will rank you under other keywords anyway.
Marcus1978 Premium
I think I know about all the things it prompts you to include anyway. But it looks good for those who might need prompting.
BushiAntz Premium
Yeah, it's pretty simple, it's a good guide to go on whilst writing. I don't focus too much on it until the editing part & even then I just do basic on-page SEO stuff.
Jim-Bo Premium
sorry didn't notice this until just now, Marcusoidus...

yes it's the free version...
GomMagtibay Premium
It was my first SEO plugin, until some friends here swayed me to shift to All in One SEO. Then, after I noticed that AIO SEO performing not smooth with social media sharing (you always have to debug with Facebook so they will be able to scrape the proper featured image), I decided to shift back to Yoast.

I am following this discussion to see what the AIO-die hards will say here...
Jim-Bo Premium
Yeah, it's in the training. But what i did was install all in one, struggled with it, then later installed yoast and copied the settings from all in one, then deactivated all in one.
bjdluna Premium
Really good tutorial! I just started using Yoast in a website. The one problem I have is where to place the google analytics tracking code because Yoast does not give you a place to put the google analytics tracking code. So I thought I would just install the yoast google analytics plugin on that site and it would have everything it needs--as long as it isn't too slow.
Jim-Bo Premium
Thanks Barbara