A First For Me

Last Update: February 15, 2020

Ranked and Sales Within Minutes

I've never had the opportunity to put any success posts up but what just happened to me is freakish.

First of all the time right now, here in New Zealand is 11.25 pm.

At about 10.45 pm (guessing as I didn't actually make a note of the time) I notified google and Bing of my latest post and requested indexing.

At 11.14 I called it a day and as the last item for the night I checked my Amazon stats.

I have 4 sales off the new page!

Now wide awake I checked with Jaaxy and lo and behold I am eranked #1 and #4 on Yahoo and Bing respectively.

Freakish although I don't have any idea if it will hold that rank.

Where Am I on Google?

Interested to see where I was on Google (I only have Jaaxy lite before you ask) I did an incognito search and found the post in postiion #22.

There's alot to be said for low-hanging fruit keywords and the training you get here.

Not a big sale in commission terms - is it ever with Google? But money in the piggy bank and I am thrilled.

Now off to sleep.

G'nite you all.

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LatinNomad Premium
Terrific Lawrence. Motivational. Well done.
Bald Eagle Premium
Jules73 Premium
This is fantastic Lawrence delighted for you. The article reads very well and you are clearly very knowledgable on the subject of backdrops...

Based on the WA training its no surprise that it will be a successful and profitable post for you, delighted it ranked and profited so quickly for you, adds great momentum for future posts! Jules
Bald Eagle Premium
Thanks Jules - I appreciate your kind words.
I'm going to go check if you left me a comment.
Hope so.
All the best
Dave07 Premium
Hi Lawrence

Congratulations on your sales and thanks for sharing this post. It's always motivating to see others have success!

Bald Eagle Premium
Thanks mate
Stanleycmng Premium
What a success! Thanks for sharing.
DouglasPlumb Premium
So awesome to hear keep up the hard work.